What Is Ezoic, and How Is It Used? Why is it called “Ezoic?”

Ezoic: What Is It?

For website publishers, the Ezoic platform is a complete end-to-end solution that utilizes AI to increase ad revenue.

In addition to connecting to existing ad networks and automating ad testing, what is Ezoic provides publishers with access to top-performing ad partners.

What Is Ezoic Purpose?

Publishers can use Ezoic to assess and improve ad placements on websites in order to raise ad revenue.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, Ezoic tests various ad formats across websites in order to optimize income and improve the user experience on desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

For publishers, the following are the most critical aspects of Ezoic:

Using Artificial Intelligence, Ezoic’s Ad Tester automatically analyses ad positions, sizes and locations on your website to figure out what combination of those parameters enhances user experience while also boosting ad revenue for publishers.

To compete with Ezoic’s own ad partners, publishers can use the Mediation App from what is Ezoic to connect all of their existing ad partners.

To put it another way, if Google Adsense is set up as a mediator, it will compete with Ezoic ad partner to win bids for ad spots and pay publishers more money than the other.

Improve your website’s performance using Ezoic’s Leap Technology, a set of tools that may help you identify the root reasons of slowness and provide automated fixes for many of the most prevalent issues.

Ezoic Is Used For What Purposes?

A website publisher can utilize Ezoic to handle numerous goals while maintaining complete control over all testing procedures.

In order to help publishers maximize their ad income, site performance, and user experience metrics, Ezoic technology was developed.

Using what is Ezoic  you can keep track of your display advertising inventory, ad placements, caching performance, optimization settings, video content, and user analytics data.

Publishers no longer have to rely on additional plugins or third-party software to manage, track and test many aspects of ad monetization, site speed and user experience by offering a complete end-to-end technology system.

This website is currently using Ezoic. What is Ezoic technology powers all of the adverts you see as you read this guide.

Site speed optimization and the tracking of critical analytics data like bounce rate, unique and total page views, average time on page, revenue and EPMV are all handled by Ezoic (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors).

However, Mediavine, another major competitor of Ezoic, gives you significantly less control over your ad placements and does not use artificial intelligence to locate the best-performing advertising for both user experience and ad income.

Mediavine, on the other hand. The full Ezoic vs. Mediavine comparison may be seen here on my blog.

What Are the Ezoic Eligibility Requirements?

To get approved by Ezoic, you must meet the following criteria:

Google’s publisher policies must be adhered to by the publisher.

As a publisher, you must abide by the terms of Google’s AdSense Program.

Website material must be creative and entertaining for users.

Website material can be any length.

The website must be written in a language that is compatible with AdSense.

Website must be instructional or content-rich (Predominantly corporate or ecommerce sites are not eligible unless it has an active blog) (Predominantly corporate or ecommerce sites are not accepted unless it has an active blog)

What is Ezoic technology does not require a minimum number of monthly pageviews or sessions to be used on your website. The Access Now Program, which requires completion of an educational course and passing a test, will be required for sites with less than 10,000 monthly visits. Sign up for Access Now with my Ezoic affiliate link here..

Using my Ezoic affiliate link here, you may get started with standard integration if your website receives at least 10,000 page visits per month. After creating an account, setup and integration can be completed in less than two days.

Ezoic has been certified by Google as a publisher

Google Certified Publishing Partner what is Ezoic was one of the first companies to be accepted. Certified Publishing Partners are identified by a badge on their website, indicating that they have been thoroughly examined by Google before being accepted as a partner.

“Not only have they passed Google’s product certification exams, but they’ve also created a strong track record of helping publishers like you succeed,” reads the explanation on Google’s Certified Publishing Partners page.

Ezoic was awarded this unique Google designation because it is a trusted business and technology that assists publishers with every step of generating ad revenue, including ad setup, optimization, and maintenance. This level of service allows you to focus on what you should be doing as a website publisher: developing amazing content, rather than on ad integration and testing.

Please use my Ezoic affiliate link to sign up and begin the integration process right away if you are interested in getting started with Ezoic right away! You can usually start monetizing your website with display advertisements within 24 to 48 hours of getting approved and set up.


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