Top 199+ [FREE] Dubai or UAE Classified Sites in 2024 {Updated}

Top free classified websites in UAE are best platform to marketing your business or products to increase local ranking and sales in Dubai or United Arab Emirates.

Hi, Are you searching best classified sites in UAE or Dubai? Here I am going to share top 199+ UAE classified websites list, that must useful to rank your business and help to get potential customers.

UAE classified sites
Classified Websites in UAE


What is UAE or Dubai Classified Ads?

UAE or Dubai classifieds are online directories, where allow users to submit their products and services details that help to promote business in online.

A classifieds site is a place where people come to buy and sell products by searching specific categories products with locations. This is one of the good SEO tool that help to rank keyword in search engine results.

UAE is the best place or location to set up profitable business. Here huge opportunity to promote your your business products to increase sales by online. Dubai free classified sites are best online platform to increase sales of your products.

Benefits of Classified Ads Posting in UAE or Dubai

In UAE or Dubai, established a brand or products is not so easy task. You must submit your products or brand in top free classified sites in UAE or Dubai to established brand and generate sales.

Here are some top benefits of classified submission..

  • Classified sites are most easy to submit ads.
  • It’s cost effective, most of classified sites in UAE are free and some are paid, but they are not so expensive.
  • Help to build your brand and increase brand awareness.
  • Bring huge amount of traffic to a website.
  • Increase sales of products.
  • Provide high quality backlinks.
  • Will get direct targeted customers.

Top 10 Classified Sites in UAE

Here are the top 10 classified sites in the UAE:

  1. Dubizzle:
    • Overview: Dubizzle is a widely used classified platform in the UAE, covering various categories such as real estate, jobs, services, and items for sale.
  2. Gulf News Classifieds:
    • Overview: Gulf News Classifieds is a popular source for classified ads in the UAE, offering sections for jobs, properties, vehicles, and services.
  3. Khaleej Times Classifieds:
    • Overview: Khaleej Times Classifieds is a reputable platform featuring ads for jobs, real estate, and various services in the UAE.
  4. Locanto UAE:
    • Overview: Locanto provides a dedicated section for the UAE, allowing users to post free ads in categories like jobs, real estate, and personals.
  5. Expatriates:
    • Overview: Expatriates caters to the expat community in the UAE, facilitating classified ads related to jobs, accommodation, and services.
  6. UAE Classifieds:
    • Overview: UAE Classifieds, a part of the Dubizzle network, focuses on local ads in the UAE, covering real estate, jobs, and services.
  7. Abentra:
    • Overview: Abentra is an online marketplace with a dedicated section for classified ads in the UAE, spanning categories like buy/sell, jobs, and services.
  8. AD4BP:
    • Overview: AD4BP is a local classifieds website in the UAE, featuring sections for jobs, real estate, services, and community-related ads.
  9. Click UAE:
    • Overview: Click UAE offers a user-friendly platform for posting free classified ads in categories such as jobs, real estate, services, and business opportunities.
  10. AE Classifieds:
    • Overview: AE Classifieds provides a platform for individuals and businesses to post free ads in the UAE, covering a wide range of categories.

How to Do UAE Classified Ads Posting

Posting classified ads in the UAE is a straightforward process. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do UAE classified ad posting:

  1. Choose a Classified Website:
    • Select a popular classified website in the UAE. Examples include Dubizzle, Gulf News Classifieds, or Khaleej Times Classifieds.
  2. Create an Account:
    • Most classified websites require you to create an account. Provide the necessary information like your email, username, and password to register.
  3. Select the Right Category:
    • Choose the appropriate category for your ad. Categories typically include real estate, jobs, services, community, and more. Ensure your ad is placed in the most relevant section.
  4. Compose Your Ad:
    • Write a clear and concise title that accurately represents your ad. In the description, provide detailed information about the product or service you’re offering. Be sure to include key details such as price, location, and contact information.
  5. Add Images:
    • Ads with images tend to attract more attention. Include high-quality images that showcase your product or service from different angles. Ensure the images are clear and accurately represent what you’re offering.
  6. Provide Contact Information:
    • Include your contact details such as a phone number or email address. This information is crucial for potential buyers or interested parties to reach out to you.
  7. Set a Price:
    • If you are selling a product, specify the price. If the price is negotiable, you can mention that in your description. For services, provide any relevant pricing details.
  8. Review and Confirm:
    • Before submitting your ad, review all the information to ensure accuracy. Check for any spelling or grammatical errors. Once satisfied, click on the “Submit” or “Post Ad” button.
  9. Follow Posting Guidelines:
    • Some classified websites may have specific guidelines regarding ad content. Make sure your ad adheres to these guidelines to avoid any issues.
  10. Monitor Your Ad:
    • After posting your ad, regularly check for responses. Respond promptly to inquiries and engage with potential buyers or interested parties.
  11. Renew or Remove:
    • Classified ads usually have a limited duration. Be aware of the expiration date, and if needed, renew your ad to keep it active. If your item is sold or your service is no longer available, remember to remove the ad.

By following these steps, you can effectively post classified ads in the UAE and increase the visibility of your products or services.

80 Best Classified Websites in UAE or Dubai

Here’s a list of 80 classified websites in UAE or Dubai:

  1. Dubizzle
  2. Gulf News Classifieds
  3. Khaleej Times Classifieds
  4. Locanto UAE
  5. Expatriates
  6. UAE Classifieds (Dubizzle)
  7. Abentra
  8. AD4BP
  9. Click UAE
  10. AE Classifieds
  11. ADsGlobe
  12. CitiBann
  13. Classifieds
  14. Emirates List
  15. UAE Classified
  16. ZaaBiz
  17. Dubaiposter
  18. Just Landed
  19. Dubaipetfood
  20. Dubaifreeclassified
  21. FreeSoog
  22. UAE Boost
  23. UAE Cars
  24. Dubaifreeclassifieds
  25. Emirati Classifieds
  26. Dubaisharetalk
  27. UAE Classifieds
  28. Dubai Bulletin Board
  29. Dubaiclassified
  30. UAE Boost
  31. Dubai Classified
  32. Yallalist
  33. UAE Ads
  34. GulfClassifieds
  35. Falcon Eye Trading Co.
  36. Dubai Classifieds
  37. Fujairah Free Classifieds
  38. Ajman Free Classifieds
  39. Dubaiclassified
  40. UAE classified
  41. Free Classifieds in UAE
  42. Dubaifreeclassified
  43. AbuDhabi Classifieds
  44. Dubaiclassified
  45. MyDubai
  46. Dubaichronicle
  47. Citybase
  48. Free Classifieds in Dubai
  49. Expatriates
  50. ExpatWoman
  51. Middle East Classifieds
  52. Advertise for Free
  53. United Arab Emirates Classifieds
  54. Dubaifreeclassified
  55. Classifieds VIP
  56. Deal 92
  57. AbuDhabi Classifieds
  58. Dubai Poster
  59. Dubaiclassified
  60. AbuDhabi Classifieds
  61. Classifieds UAE
  62. Dubai Chronicle
  63. Locanto UAE
  64. Ads4ae
  65. Free Ads Time
  66. Adwadi
  67. Dubaiclassified
  68. Emirates List
  69. Dubaifreeclassified
  70. UAE Classifieds
  71. ZaaBiz
  72. Dubaiposter
  73. Just Landed
  74. Dubaipetfood
  75. Dubaifreeclassifieds
  76. FreeSoog
  77. UAE Boost
  78. UAE Cars
  79. Dubaifreeclassifieds
  80. Emirati Classifieds

Things Must Follow to Do UAE Classified Ads Posting

Creating Classified ads posting in right way, is most important to get maximum SEO benefits. Follow important points to do UAE classified ads posting.

  • Don’t use low quality classified sites to submit your ads.
  • Write high quality content or product description that help peoples to know exact information about the products.
  • Optimize focus keyword in title and description.
  • Choose right category that match with your product.
  • Provide accurate location, where you want to promote business or sales product.
  • Should give your website or product links, where have opportunity to provide url or link.

100 Free UAE or Dubai Classified Sites (High DA PA)

No. UAE or Dubai Classified Sites DA PA
1. 87 58
2. 85 38
3. 63 54
4. 76 59
5. 59 35
6. 61 45
7. 38 50
8. 33 43
9. 45 49
10. 32 47
11. 32 51
12. 36 52
13. 54 57
14. 39 51
15. 32 40
16. 25 46
17. 60 50
18. 26 50
19. 22 41
20. 19 46
21. 25 27
22. 19 47
23. 21 31
24. 26 35
25. 23 44
26. 23 43
27. 25 45
28. 20 40
29. 19 19
30. 44 54
31. 17 37
32. 12 37
33. 6 13
34. 13 27
35. 15 46
36. 29 47
37. 22 45
38. 22 37
39. 21 43
40. 15 35
41. 13 42
42. 13 31
43. 12 18
44. 11 40
45. 10 27
46. 8 24
47. 7 36
48. 7 35
49. 15 47
50. 24 44
51. 17 31
52. 51 46
53. 10 41
54. 15 34
55. 32 39


FAQS (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q. What is a UAE classified website?

A UAE classified website is an online platform where individuals and businesses can post and browse advertisements related to various categories such as jobs, real estate, services, and more.

Q. How do I post an ad on a UAE classified website?

To post an ad, create an account on the classified website, choose the relevant category, provide details about your ad, including images if applicable, and submit the ad for review.

Q. Are there fees for posting ads on UAE classified websites?

Many UAE classified websites offer free ad posting, while some may charge for premium features or enhanced visibility. Check the website’s pricing or terms for specific details.

Q. What categories are available on UAE classified websites?

Common categories include real estate, jobs, services, vehicles, community, and items for sale. Some websites may have specialized categories catering to specific needs.

Q. How can I search for ads on UAE classified websites?

Use the search bar on the website to enter keywords related to what you’re looking for. You can also browse categories and apply filters to narrow down your search.

Q. Can I edit or remove my ad after posting it?

Yes, most classified websites allow users to edit or remove their ads. Log in to your account, find the ad in your dashboard, and follow the website’s instructions for editing or deleting.

Q. How long do ads stay active on UAE classified websites?

The duration of ad visibility varies. Some websites offer free ads for a limited time, while others may have options to extend the ad’s duration or promote it for a fee. Check the website’s terms for specific details.

Final Words

UAE or Dubai classified ads posting sites can help you to increase online products sales and targeted customers. So, start today and use above list of classified sites in UAE or Dubai to get your business in next level.

Be careful that you are submitting your business products in top classified sites in UAE by follow above classified submission guide. Your business should get targeted traffic and ranking.

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