Top 180+ [FREE] UAE or Dubai Business Listing Sites List in 2024

UAE or Dubai is a fast growing country, where have large opportunity to set up successful business. Here we are going to share free business listing sites in UAE – Dubai local directories, which will help you to marketing your business in uae or dubai local area.

Business listing sites in UAE is one of the easy way to promote a business to rank in local search engine. So, read full article and use our list of UAE free business listing sites to marketing or promote your business or website, which help to rank in search engine and should increase sales of your business products.

free business listing sites in uae
UAE Business Listing Sites Dubai

Business listing sites in Dubai or UAE helps to make brand awareness and increase website traffic. If you want to establish your business in uae or dubai, then you must submit your business information in dubai business listing sites list.

What is UAE Business Listing Sites?

The United Arab Emirates or UAE is an developed country, where have huge multinational company and different types of small business. Business listing sites UAE or Dubai can help those business to get rank in online to increase sales of there products or services.

In SEO, Business listing backlinks getting first acceptance to rank any business or website in local search engine. UAE or Dubai business listing sites also very important like usa business listing sites or other country business directories to improve local search ranking.

Benefits of UAE or Dubai Business Listing

To get benefits from UAE or Dubai business listing, you must use high da business listing sites in uae 2024 and do the submission in right way to rank. There are several advantages to submit business in UAE business listing sites.

  • Improve local visibility of your business in online and rank higher in UAE or Dubai local search engine.
  • Huge amount of customer’s gather in uae business listing sites, which help to increase sales of your products or services.
  • Posting a link on dubai or uae free business listing sites will help to increase website traffic.
  • Must help to increase brand awareness.
  • Will get high quality backlinks for your business website.

Top 20 UAE [Dubai] Business Listing Directory 2024

Here are ten business listing sites in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) along with brief details about each:

  1. Yellow Pages UAE
    • Website: Yellow Pages UAE
    • Description: Yellow Pages UAE is a comprehensive business directory providing information on various businesses and services in the UAE.
  2. Dubai Business Directory
    • Website: Dubai Business Directory
    • Description: Dubai Business Directory is a platform that lists businesses operating in Dubai, offering a detailed directory for users.
  3. UAE Business Directory
    • Website: UAE Business Directory
    • Description: UAE Business Directory is an online directory showcasing a wide range of businesses across different industries in the UAE.
    • Website:
    • Description: is a local search engine and business directory, connecting users with businesses in the UAE.
  5. Dubai Yellow Pages Online
    • Website: Dubai Yellow Pages Online
    • Description: Dubai Yellow Pages Online is an extension of the Yellow Pages network, providing business information specific to Dubai.
    • Website:
    • Description: is a popular business directory in the UAE, offering information about various businesses, products, and services.
  7. ExpatWoman Business Directory
    • Website: ExpatWoman Business Directory
    • Description: ExpatWoman Business Directory is a platform catering to the expatriate community, listing businesses and services in Dubai.
    • Website:
    • Description: is a local search engine and business directory that provides information on companies, products, and services in the UAE.
  9. Business Directory UAE
    • Website: Business Directory UAE
    • Description: Business Directory UAE is an online platform featuring a range of businesses across different categories in the UAE.
  10. Dubai Chamber Directory
    • Website: Dubai Chamber Directory
    • Description: Dubai Chamber Directory is an official directory by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, offering information on businesses registered in Dubai.
  11. Gulf Business Directory
    • Website: Gulf Business Directory
    • Description: Gulf Business Directory is an online directory focusing on businesses across the Gulf region, providing a platform for businesses to showcase their services.
  12. UAE Free Zones
    • Website: UAE Free Zones
    • Description: UAE Free Zones is a specialized directory highlighting businesses operating within the various free zones in the UAE, offering valuable information for investors and entrepreneurs.
    • Website:
    • Description: is a local business directory that assists users in finding businesses, services, and products in the UAE.
  14. Visit Dubai
    • Website: Visit Dubai Business Directory
    • Description: Visit Dubai’s business directory is an official platform that showcases businesses in Dubai, providing information for tourists and residents.
  15. Abu Dhabi Business Hub
    • Website: Abu Dhabi Business Hub
    • Description: Abu Dhabi Business Hub is a directory that focuses on businesses in Abu Dhabi, offering a platform for companies to promote their services.
  16. UAE Contact
    • Website: UAE Contact
    • Description: UAE Contact is an online business directory that allows businesses to create profiles and connect with potential customers.
    • Website:
    • Description: is a platform that lists businesses in Dubai, providing a convenient way for users to find local services.
  18. DXB Connect
    • Website: DXB Connect
    • Description: DXB Connect is a business directory that focuses on connecting businesses in Dubai, providing a platform for networking and exposure.
  19. Business Link UAE
    • Website: Business Link UAE
    • Description: Business Link UAE offers a directory of businesses in the UAE, along with services related to business setup and consultation.
  20. Dubai Trade Portal
    • Website: Dubai Trade Portal
    • Description: Dubai Trade Portal, by DP World, includes a business directory showcasing companies involved in international trade and logistics.

How to Do UAE or Dubai Business Listing in Right Way?

I have already said that, you must submit business in proper techniques to get benefit from them. Here I am providing step by step process to do business listing in uae or dubai.

Step 1 : Pick a high authority UAE or Dubai business listing site from our list.

Step 2 : Then register and login with your username, email and password.

Step 3 : Now click on “add a business” or “submit business“, then select proper category.

Step 4 : Then fill form with your business information like : business name, logo, description, phone number, website address etc. (don’t use fake or wrong information)

Step 5 : Finally click on “submit” to finished listing.

Latest 50 FREE Dubai Business Listing Sites in UAE

Here is a list of 50 business listing sites in the UAE along with their URLs:

  1. Yellow Pages
  2. Dubai Business
  3. ExpatWoman Business
  4. UAE Business
  5. Dubai Internet City
  6. Dubai Chamber of Commerce
  7. Yalwa
  9. GoDubai Business
  10. Dubai Yellow Pages
  11. Dubai Companies
  12. Zaabeel Business
  13. Dubai Knowledge Park
  14. UAE Free Business
  15. Dubai Business
  16. JLT Online
  17. UAE Contact
  18. Dubai Marina Business
  20. Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority
  21. Arabian Business
  22. Dubai Media City
  23. UAE Local Business
  24. Dubai South Business Park
  25. Dubai Business
  26. UAE Business
  27. Dubai Production City
  28. DCCI Business
  29. UAE Free Zone
  30. Dubai Design District
  31. UAE Business
  32. Dubai Maritime City Business
  33. Business Pages
  34. Dubai Studio City
  35. MyUAE Guide Business
  36. Dubai Investments Park
  37. Dubai Business
  38. Jebel Ali Free Zone
  39. UAE Business
  40. Dubai Healthcare City
  41. Dubai Business Hub
  42. UAE Business
  43. Dubai World Trade Centre
  44. Dubai Investment Park Business
  45. Business Setup Dubai
  46. Ajman Free Zone
  47. Dubai South Free Zone Business
  48. Sharjah Business
  49. Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
  50. UAE Business Information

Free UAE or Dubai Business Listing Sites (High DA PA) 2024

No. UAE or Dubai Business Listing Sites DA PA
1. 100 80
2. 63 40
3. 96 79
4. 41 51
5. 99 74
6. 51 57
7. 66 46
8. 75 40
9. 46 57
10. 47 46
11. 30 43
12. 81 55
13. 77 54
14. 85 51
15. 27 40
16. 34 50
17. 35 50
18. 62 39
19. 58 45
20. 23 40
21. 23 47
22. 22 41
23. 22 37
24. 34 42
25. 46 40
26. 37 40
27. 40 38
28. 33 36
29. 29 44
30. 29 38
31. 26 33
32. 22 34
33. 20 28
34. 21 36
35. 22 32
36. 18 34
37. 13 45
38. 12 27
39. 16 25
40. 9 24
41. 14 21
42. 9 34
43. 9 33
44. 10 29
45. 16 29
46. 9 33
47. 11 21
48. 14 33
49. 24 39
50. 12 34
51. 21 42
52. 13 35
53. 14 31
54. 18 28
55. 17 46
56. 12 33

FAQS (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q. What is the purpose of business listing sites in the UAE?

Business listing sites in the UAE serve as online directories where businesses can register and showcase their products or services, enhancing their visibility among potential customers.

Q. Are business listing sites in the UAE free to use?

Many business listing sites offer free basic listings, while some may provide premium features for a fee. It depends on the specific platform and the level of visibility and services a business seeks.

Q. How can I update my business information on UAE business listing sites?

Typically, you can update your business information by logging into your account on the respective business listing site and editing the details. This allows you to keep your information accurate and current.

Q. Do business listing sites in the UAE improve SEO for my business?

Yes, being listed on reputable business directories can positively impact your business’s search engine optimization (SEO). It can improve your online presence and make your business more discoverable in search engine results.

Q. Can I add multiple locations for my business on UAE business listing sites?

Yes, many business listing sites allow you to add multiple locations for your business, especially if you operate in different areas within the UAE. This helps you reach a broader audience.

Final Words

Above free business listing sites in UAE must help you to take your business in next level. Your website will start getting organic traffic and rank on local search engine. So, Start today!

Also If you know about more free uae or dubai business listing sites which i missed to listed, then comment me here and I will add those sites in my list. I always try to provide update information for mmy audience. Thanks for reading…

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