Top 20 Microblogging Sites – Best Microblogging Sites List in 2023

Are you looking for microblogging sites? Want to improve your blog or website engagement traffic. Need marketing your product on top microblogging sites to increase sales. Then you are in right place, here I’m going to share top 20 microblogging sites list.

Now a days, You can’t imagine your blog or products marketing success without using microblogging sites promotion. That’s why it is most important platform to increase your blog traffic and digital product marketing.

Top Microblogging Sites
Microblogging Sites


What is microblogging?

Microblogging blends classical blogging with allow to share instant message, short content, videos, website link, images to reach targeted audience.

Micro-blogging platforms known as social media sites. Most of the people use social media to communicate other people, buy product and use timeline to see there need information.

You can grow your targeted audience by sharing your blog content or products information on several social media platform which is called microblogging.

Top 20 Microblogging Sites

1# Twitter

Twitter microblogging site


Twitter is the most popular microblogging site. It’s allow you to make followers and post short content of 140 characters with category ( # ) tags which called “Tweets”. Also you can share images, videos, pdf file, audios by using # tags. You can exchange direct messages with your followers to get instant traffic or sales.

Domain Authority =100

Page Authority= 97

Alexa Rank = 9

Monthly Active Users = 336 million

2# Facebook

Best Microblogging Site

Facebook is an largest social networking, social media or microblogging site in the world in 2023.

Facebook is an big marketing opportunity for bloggers and digital marketers to achieve huge targeted audiences. Here you can share content with images, video, audio, website link, pdf file etc.

Domain Authority =100

Page Authority = 97

Alexa Rank = 2

Monthly Active Users = 2.7 billion

3# Pinterest

Pinterest Microblogging Site

Pinterest  is also popular microblogging and social media platform. Here allow to make huge followers and can share posts direct on followers or pinterest user’s.

You can share short content, website links, image, video by making “board” and “pins” on this top microblogging site. Search engine love to index your pinterest posts or backlinks very fast.

Domain Authority =100

Page Authority= 97

Alexa Rank = 31

Monthly Active Users = 416 million

4# Instagram

Instagram Microblogging Site

Instagram is an photo sharing and video sharing social networking site. Here no option to share website link in post or content. But you can marketing your products or websites with informative image or video sharing.

This microblogging site increasing there popularity day by day. So, it should be best marketing place for you.

Domain Authority = 93

Page Authority = 100

Alexa Rank = 25

Monthly Active Users = 1 billion

5# LinkedIn

Linkedin Microblogging Site

Linkedin is one of the best business-oriented social networking and professional peoples use this site. It is also a good microblogging site to share high level content. You get link jouice from this awesome platform.

Domain Authority = 100

Page Authority = 97

Alexa Rank = 14

Monthly Active Users = 260 million

6# Reddit

Reddit Microblogging Site

Reddit is most famous microblogging and social bookmarking site mainly for professional peoples. You can post content maximum 120 characters long with targeted category. Also allow to share image and website links in this top level microblogging sites. The audience can upvote, comment, or share your post and only register user can post.

Domain Authority = 91

Page Authority = 90

Alexa Rank = 18

Monthly Active Users = 430 million

7# Tumblr

Tumblr Microblogging Site

Tumblr is a social networking and microblogging platform which is called as short content blog. You can share image, video in your content with specific category as a blog. You can grow your website traffic and improve sales of your company products by grow your targeted audience.

Domain Authority = 86

Page Authority = 100

Alexa Rank =  43

Monthly Active Users = 500 million

8# MySpace

MySpace Microblogging Site

MySpace was world largest social networking site from 2005 to 2009. Still it have huge users in 2023 and it an good microblogging site too. Here you can share content, image, website links etc.

Domain Authority = 99

Page Authority=97

Alexa Rank = 1747

Monthly Active Users = 100 million

9# VK

VK Free Microblogging Site

VK is largest Russian social networking and microblogging site. Here you can post content, images, videos and can use it as facebook.

Domain Authority = 96

Page Authority = 85

Alexa Rank = 23

Monthly Active Users = 2.2 billion

10# Microblogging Site is an content marketing and microblogging site. You can write content here on specific topic. Here opportunity to share your content with high quality dofollow backlink for your website. These content backlinks must help website to rank fast and must get quality traffic from here.

Domain Authority = 93

Page Authority = 74

Alexa Rank = 8849

Monthly Active Users = 3.1 million

11# Plurk

Plurk Microblogging Site

Plurk is an social bookmarking and microblogging site. Here you can share videos, website link, images etc. This site must great opportunity for you to get huge traffic.

Domain Authority = 88

Page Authority = 70

Alexa Rank = 1537

Monthly Active Users = 11 million

12# Flickr

Flickr Microblogging

Flickr is an worldwide photo-sharing and online community. You have a opportunity to grow your audience by sharing images, short content as usual.

Domain Authority =99

Page Authority=97

Alexa Rank =148

Monthly Active Users = 90 million

13#  Twister

Twister Microblogging

Twister is peer to peer microblogging platform. You have to download software to use there services. Here have great opportunity to make your brand promotion.

Domain Authority = 45

Page Authority = 47

Alexa Rank = 888871

Monthly Active Users = 1 billion

14# Medium

Medium Microblogging Site

Medium is an content sharing and microblogging site where you can post content in any length. Search engine love to index medium content very fast. Here you can marketing your products or websites by sharing good writing content.

Domain Authority = 96

Page Authority = 81

Alexa Rank = 130

Monthly Active Users = 100 million

15# LiveJournal

LiveJournal Microblogging Site

LiveJournal is a community publishing and Russian social networking site. Here allow to post short content with your website links. You site will gain link jouice from this excellent microblogging site.

Domain Authority = 93

Page Authority = 99

Alexa Rank = 453

Monthly Active Users = 30 million

16# APSense

APSense Microblogging Site

APSense Brand Marketing Center and business social networking service. One of the best social site for creating awareness about your business and website.

Domain Authority = 75

Page Authority = 61

Alexa Rank = 29095

Monthly Active Users = 100 K

17# Folkd

Folkd Microblogging Site

Folkd is a social bookmarking and social search website that allows its users to save their favorite bookmarks online. Search engine also love index folkd content very fast.

Domain Authority = 61

Page Authority = 67

Alexa Rank = 26301

Monthly Active Users = 400 K

18# Microblogging Site is an Austrian social networking and microblogging site. Here allow users to publish content or text, images, videos, links and reviews etc. Also you can create web 2.0 and share content as regular basis.

Domain Authority = 90

Page Authority = 95

Alexa Rank = 23355

Monthly Active Users = 6 million

19# Plerb

Plerb Microblogging

Plerb is a microblogging platform and social community that allows you to connect with users through out the world. You can create 150 characters post in this great microblogging platform and will get huge traffic.

Domain Authority = 49

Page Authority = 57

Alexa Rank = 20703

Monthly Active Users = 45 K


Ello Microblogging Site

Ello is a community to discuss, publish, share and promote the things that where you have passion. This is also a popular microblogging site to develop your brand.

Domain Authority = 79

Page Authority = 64

Alexa Rank = 28497

Monthly Active Users = 1 million

Benefits of Microblogging

In 2023, Microblogging is the first choice to start a blog, SEO and digital marketing. Because on top microblogging sites have huge amount of traffic.

Microblogging strategy is top valid part of building communication and engagement with modern audiences.

Some benefits of a microblogging includes :

  • Allow to post short content to genarete engaged traffic.
  • Instant backlinks approval to your website or blog.
  • Private communication with targeted users
  • Allow users to post content, video, audio, website links, image, pdf file etc.
  • Will get huge targeted traffic in your blog or website.
  • Must increase sales of your products in target market.
  • You can post content with targeted category people by (#) tags.

Here I have shared 20 Top Microblogging Sites List. Start sharing content and create your connection with other users on those 20 best micro-blogging sites.

You should get engagement traffic and will improve your products marketing sales by using these platform of microblogging.

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