Tips for Writing SEO-Friendly Blogs – Do’s and Don’ts

SEO is a vast ocean that covers hundreds of topics. Not only this, the policies of SEO keeps changing with time, so you have to keep yourself updated with it.

For making the content SEO-friendly, you must be aware of basic SEO practices and the components that are important for content optimization.

Numerous factors are to be considered for making the SEO-friendly content. New writers make mistakes in the content and lose their rankings on the search engine.

So in this article, we will cover some important factors and give you some ideas that will let you generate optimized content.

Factors That Must Be Remembered for SEO-Friendly Content

There are several factors that a person has to remember while making the content optimized. The text should be creative, unique, and easy to understand.

Here we will discuss some crucial factors that are important for SEO and can help you perform better on the search engines.

1) Make More Headings

The blog with more headings looks attractive and easy to read. Also, the readers find it easy to understand the intent of the content.

When you give your article proper headings and divide it into multiple sections, it makes it easy for the readers to reach their required section directly.

It is a very good practice for SEO and can help you get more audience on the page. Readers will love to spend more time on the page.

2) Focus on the Quality not the length

Make the content short and precise. Help your readers to get their answers in short lines. So, focus on the quality of content instead of quantity.

If you have a mind to make the content lengthy, you will add some irrelevant lines to increase the word count.

To focus on the word count, you can get help from an online character counter. By using this tool, writers can get an idea that how many words they have added to the content.
character counter

Also, this online tool tells the keyword density, sentence count, and a number of other characteristics so users can maintain it for better SEO. This is another important factor that writers have to focus on.

3) Make It Easy to Read

Make sure that the lines you are adding to the content are easy to read and understand. Don’t add difficult words that a common reader has never heard before.

Remember that you are writing for humans and not the search engine. So, the text that you provide to them should be easy for them to read.

Avoid making fancy stuff in the content as it may divert the reader and force them to leave your forum.

4) Get Links from Authoritative Websites

Backlinking is another amazing technique that can help you lead the chart. The only thing you have to do is get authoritative links.

It not only provides the reader an additional source to get knowledge but also shows the search engine that the writer has made a research on the topic.

Google likes this factor if an authoritative website promotes a new page by giving it a backlink. So, the chances of getting better ranks become more by doing this.

5) Use Keywords and Their Synonyms

If you say that keywords play a vital role in making the content optimized, then it will not be wrong. Your content is always ranked based on keywords.

People look for the content on the search engine by searching that specific keyword. You have to play a little with keywords. Not only this, but you also have to use synonyms so the article may look natural.

Top SEO Mistakes to Avoid

In this section, we are going to tell you some important elements that you must avoid in the content. By following these rules, you can easily make the content fully optimized. Let’s dive deep and talk about these factors in detail.

1) Avoid Keyword Stuffing

The fact that writers must remember is that the content should contain keywords and their synonyms in it. But some writers make a mistake here.

They add too many keywords in a single blog and give it a promotional look. You have to avoid this factor and get rid of keyword stuffing.

2) Avoid Irrelevancy

If you read the policies of Google, it is mentioned there that the content that you are writing should be relevant to the topic.

Suppose you are reading content related to the books but the examples in the content are about sports. Will you still like to read the content? Not at all. You will leave the site as you didn’t get the content related to the topic.

The same is in the case for other readers. They expect that you will provide them with relevant content that can be informative for them.

To make the content optimized, you must add the lines that are relevant to your topic. Or else, you will waste the time of the reader.

3) Don’t Copy Other Writers

One more element that every writer must remember while writing the article is that the content should be unique for the readers.

Never dare to copy the ideas of other authors as it is the worst aspect of SEO and can affect your rankings very badly.

Learn the art of creativity. You can read the thoughts of other authors but the content you write for the audience must be different from other writers.

4) Eliminate Grammatical Mistakes

Some writers ignore this aspect and upload the content without removing grammar issues from the content. It is also a bad SEO practice.

You have to eliminate such lines that are reducing the readability of the lines. The content that is free of grammatical issues is easier to read and understand.

Bottom Lines

To make the content SEO-friendly and get better rankings on the search engine, there are several factors that you must remember.

Some writers just focus on increasing the length of a blog without looking for the quality of content, and it is the worst thing that one can do as a writer.

For getting a better position on the search engine, you have to produce engaging content that readers would love to read.

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