Share your blog posts at these top 9 platforms

Did you just publish a well-crafted blog? Are you confused about where to share your blog posts to gain maximum reach? Publishing your written blog posts or article is critical to improving your website’s traffic. It is important to share blog posts at regular intervals of time on your brand’s website. Because it generates brand awareness and increases the reach to your target audience.

Today, you can find content anywhere and everywhere. It is so competitive that more than 4.4 million blog posts are published in a day alone. If you are looking for some real outputs, then you need to open up beyond just publishing your blogs. You can share your blog posts in mainstream media like Medium, Instagram, and also, in niche relevant platforms. Therefore, there are higher chances for your message to be heard.

You can amplify your content and its reach by using the following spaces to share your blog spots.

Ultimately, enjoy the growth of the traffic, improved brand awareness, and conversion rate. The number of internet users has grown beyond assumption. Hence, your work can be and will be found by users across the globe if shared at the right places. Let us make sure you share your blog posts at the right place, at the right time, and to the right people.

The perfect platforms to establish your brand when you share your blog posts:

Facebook Groups

Firstly, do your homework and find the niche relevant Facebook groups. Secondly, don’t fall for words like “bloggers”, “blogging” in the name of the group. Because people in these groups are only there to share their blog posts and not read yours. Thirdly, engage with the members of the group you joined and their work. Do this before promoting your work. Finally, contribute to the group discussions and answer the relevant question. Then you gain enough credibility and authority to share your content.


Twitter’s algorithm works in mysterious ways. Did you know that the average lifespan of a tweet is approximately 17 minutes and no more? Therefore, it is highly recommended to share your posts multiple times. Use different hashtags every time. Add interactive elements like pictures, gifs along with your posts to engage the audience. If you are mentioning anyone in your blog posts, then find them on Twitter and tag their handle. Hence, it will make a huge difference to your content.


Reddit has subreddits that are similar to Facebook groups. Every Subreddit has its own set of rules. Firstly, find niche relevant groups that match your brand. Secondly, subscribe to Subreddit groups and engage in meaningful conversations after reading the community guidelines. Thirdly, vote for the existing posts, comment on them and establish your presence and authority. Finally, you can start to share your blog posts then. If the members of the community find your blog interesting and useful, then they will upvote it. Later, this will help to increase the traffic from the front page. However, there is no need to over promote your content on Reddit. Once you share your blog posts, it stays there for a pretty long time.


Medium is a trending place to republish your posts currently. Share your existing blog post on Medium and add at least 5 relevant tags. You can also tag additional external links that are pointing to your website from the Medium story. Medium is the best platform to cross share your work without hurting the SEO. It is mainly used for thought leadership content. However, many freelance writers choose Medium as their go-to platform to share their blog posts.


Yet another place to share your blog posts is Instagram. This social media platform has more than one billion monthly users. You can use the stories feature to promote your content. Although Instagram doesn’t have the link share feature currently, you can use the swipe up feature. However, you can achieve the swipe-up option only when you manage to have 10,000 followers.

Nonetheless, you need not worry about having lesser followers. You can still share your blog posts through the link in the bio. Additionally, promote it via posts and stories.


Quora is one of the pioneers in the question and answer platform. It is been around since forever. Its working is pretty straightforward too. Users post questions, other users answer them. You can create a blog post after analyzing what the users want to know. A business, brand, or representative can invest time to research and curate a detailed post. It always helps to know what that target audience wants. Convert them into ideas to write content to pool in the traffic. You can enjoy solving the problem of a potential customer while redirecting them to your brand’s website.


There is a saying that “old is gold”. You can use this oldie but goodie email to share your blog posts. Generally, email subscribers are loyal customers who stick with the brand for a considerable time. Additionally, they also share your work across social media compared to visitors from other platforms. Sharing your content on social media highly depends on your schedules and what works for your users. Few writers or brands send out emails every time a post is published. While the rest wait until the end of the week or the month depending on what works best.


YouTube requires you to repurpose your content in the form of videos. You can get creative as you share your blog posts on YouTube. Repurposing any said content will help to increase brand awareness. Additionally, it boosts the traffic to your page and improves engagement. Viewers spend around 40 minutes on average watching different content on YouTube. Hence, it is a great platform to promote your posts and brand in turn.


Pinterest is a wonderful social media space to share and promote your blog posts. Many internet users currently look into this platform before making a purchase decision. Marketers should use the benefits Pinterest offers to its users. Firstly, promote your blogs on the platform. Secondly, build the right community who you think are potential customers. Thirdly, drive traffic to your website. Finally, enjoy the revenue from improved conversion rates.

These are the most relevant social media platforms today for you to share your blog posts.

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