16 Ultimate SEO Tips to Boost Organic Traffic for Website in 2023

Are you straggling to boost organic traffic to your website? You want to learn how to set up or increase organic traffic for website. Then you are right landing page to get 16 ultimate seo tips to boost organic traffic.
So, read this article carefully and apply every tips to do your website seo. You must get result by following bellow seo tips.

boost organic traffic


Hi, don’t be panic, I am with you to set up organic traffic to your website.

There are near 80% of people find there need products, services and information on any topics by search engine or web search result. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is most important to gain success.

To genarete organic traffic to your website, First you have to rank your website in top search engine result pages on different keywords.

Once your website begins to rank on first page of google search. You’ll get more visitors and this means your website start gaining organic traffic. More organic traffic will help to increase revenue to your website.

SEO is an long term process and google love to change there algorithm. That’s why you must always update your website seo by following google algorithm. We are sharing basic and advance seo tips which will work for ever or any algorithm update.

So, read our below table of content to choose your need seo tips to increase your website organic traffic.

16 Effective SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic in 2023

SEO is not an short method, You have to learn step by step process to rank your blog which means increase your organic traffic. Read each an every points below to improve your website SEO and organic traffic.

1# Design Your User Experience

User experience design is one of the big SEO strategy to rank a blog, as well as to get traffic engagement. User experience or UX design is an important for any business to gain success.

In SEO, User experience focuses on deep understanding users, what they needs and track there movement. This is an process to research your overall site users behaviour.

There are two steps, you can use to track your user experience which will help you to develop your site as user needs.

Step 1# Use Google Analytics Tools to Research User experience

Google analytics is one of the best free tools where your can analysis your user behaviour. It will help you to know about active users, section, bounce rate.

google analytics report


Also you will get more information like which country people visiting your site, what platform using to get site, which device using to visit your site and you can track most visited pages in your site.

google analytics report 2

This analytics analysis will help you to make plan to improve your site performance, design and content quality.

You must think and analysis deeply about your site overall performance and how to improve them.

That’s why, google analytics research not enough to build your site organic traffic or make a good performing site.

You have to analysis in different way to make good performing site.

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Step 2# Analyze Your Compititors Website

This is another way to research user experience. Pick your compititor website, who already rank in google and getting huge amount of traffic.

To analysis your compititor site you can use Ahrefs tools, which will help you to get all information like which keyword they are already ranked. Also which article or post rank on these keyword. Also check there backlinks which will help you to make quality backlinks for your site.

ahrefs report

Then analysis manually of those article, there writing quality and design of there website.

This analysis will help you to know best article writting quality and what improve needs on your website design.

Also you can take some general action to improve your site user experience. Below I am sharing some points which will help to make quality UX design site.

  • Make a good looking website design which must easy to use for your users.
  • Write good quality content that must easy to read and everyone can understand your concept on the article.
  • Write article with short paragraph which reader love to continue reading your post and this is one of the best way to reduce bounce rate.
  • Use sub-heading, bullet points, image, video, ppt and screenshots in your post.
  • Write long-tail article or post to rank, because there are 80% ranking article are very long like 2000-4000 words. To bit there ranking you must write long article.

If you can catch your user experience and improve it, then your website definitely start getting organic traffic. So, research this important things and improve them by take above action.

2# Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

There are 70% Internet user using mobile device or Android to browse Internet. Your website must make mobile friendly to rank and set up organic traffic.

This is one of the major factor, google don’t give rank, if your site not mobile friendly. So, first you have to ensure that your site is mobile friendly.

To test your site use google mobile friendly tester, which will help you to ensure that, is your site mobile friendly or not.

mobile friendly test

The mobile friendly test report will show you like above image. Also you can test manually by open your site in a mobile device.

If your site not mobile friendly, then take immediate action to make your mobile friendly site. Some activity you can apply to make mobile friendly website.

  • Change your theme and use theme that already mobile friendly.
  • Make your sites button size large enough to work on mobile.
  • Use large front size that easily can read any device.
  • Don’t use flash.

You never can rank your site without make mobile friendly website or blog. So, make your site mobile friendly today, You can take more help from google mobile friendly site tutorial.

3# Improve Website Load Speed

Website load speed directly impact in your site bounce rate. High bounce rate very harmful for site ranking. That’s why you should check your website load speed and try to improve speed of the website.

website load speed

Use google website speed checker to check your website load speed.

If your site speed 70-90 persent, then better and you don’t need to worry about load speed.

But if load speed less then 50%, then you must work to improve your website load speed.

Low speed site will never rank in search engine. So, find which technical issue reduced your load speed.

There is not a single tools that can help you to find out the solution to improve your website speed.

Than, how to improve website speed? No problem, I am with you and i am going to share some manual steps, which you can apply to speed up your website.

Step 1: Optimize Images & Videos

Most of the new blogger make this mistake, they never use well optimized image or video in there content. This is the main problem and directly impact in there website speed.

So, Optimize your image by using jpeg-optimizer tools, then use it in your blog post.

This tools will compress your image without losing quality. This technique must help you to speed up your website.

Allso to optimize your video, you can use different video compressor tools like freeconvert.com.

This compressor tools will reduce your video file size. In overall, You must use any multimedia, after optimized and compress file size which will help to speed up or improve website load speed.

Step 2 : Upgrade your web hosting package

This is another way to speed up your website, upgrade your hosting package to get more storage in your cms file.

The quality of your web hosting package can have a significant impact on your website’s page load speed. So, upgrade your hosting package, if you have budget.

Also I am sharing some important points which you can apply to improve website load speed.

  • Use page speed plugin ( if you have wordpress site )
  • Remove unnecessary wedget from your blog.
  • Minimize different resources like (HTML, CSS, JS).
  • Optimize web caching
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN)

Important : Website load speed depends, how many storage your site take to load in browser. If you can publish your blog by taking low storage space, then definitely your website load speed will high.

4# Post High Quality Content Regularly

Content is the king, your time will waste, if you can’t make good quality content for your user. This is most important things rather then other action of making a quality blog.

You must write good quality content regularly to gain traffic engagement and rank your blog. To write and post quality content, you can follow some important steps.

Step 1 : Write Your Post That Easy to Read

Your site visitors should comes from different country and every country not have same language. That’s why you have to write your post by using easy words.

If you use hard word to write post, many user will can’t understand your speech of content which means they leave your content quick time ( means your bounce rate will increase ), which hurmful for your ranking.

So, use easy words to write articles or posts, which help user’s to read your content easily.

Step 2 :  Use Short Sentences & Paragraph

Most of expert blogger says, Writing a blog post with short sentences and paragraphs is best way to stay your reader maximum time. Also reader love to read short paragraph for there recreation.

So, write article or post with short sentences and no more use 2-3 sentences in a paragraph. This technique must help you to improve your traffic engagement.

Step 3 : Avoid Grammar or Spelling Mistake

This is another important things to write a good blog post. User not like grammar or spelling mistakes article to read. Also search engine never give rank on spelling or grammar mistake sites.

That’s why, you should carefully write your post without make any grammar or spelling mistake.

Step 4 : Use Sub-headers

A plain content not good to read, I realize as reader. You must use sub-header in your content to engage your reader maximum time.

You can boost readers reading time significantly by including sub-headings that help readers scan content and quickly get a better understanding of what the article is about.

Step 5 : Use Bullet Points & Images

Bullet Points

If you are giving tips, ideas or example in your post, then make it bullet points.

Using bullet points is an techniques to eye catching your users to read content.


Using image is one of the important things improve your website SEO. Another aspect to using images is that they can introduce your topic to your users. Also you post will looking good and attacked visitors to read the article.

5# Write Longer Content

When you search any keyword in search engine (like: Google ) as a reader, you will see top ranking articles are all long content ( more then 2000 words ). Because search engine love to rank long-tail and informative content to give right results for there users.

Writing longer content gives you opportunity to include many related keywords about your main topic. Google love to rank related keyword also.

The purpose of long – tail content is always provides valuable information on any topic.

So, Write longer content that gives value to your audience and reader will spent more time, if you can write good informative article.

6# Choose Trend Topics to Write Post

This is another good techniques to build organic traffic in a website. People always find and love to read trend topics article. Try to post trend topics article in your blog to genarete huge traffic or audience.

Now question is, how to find trend topics? There are several platform, where you can find trend topics.

Here I am going to share three top level platform, which will give you trend topics idea.


Google Trends


Above three link will give you best idea to write post on trend topics. So, go through this site and search trend topics that people finding more. By using this techniques, you will start getting huge amount of traffic to your website.

7# Use Targeted Keyword in Post Title, Url, Image Alt Tag and First Paragraph

Keyword implement is most valuable techniques to rank website or blog. You will never get rank, if you can’t distribut your targeted keyword properly in your content.

You should use your targeted keyword in post title, first paragraph, h2 tag, image alt tag, last paragraph and url.

If you can implement your keyword in above six important places properly, then your must gain rank with your quality content.

Bonus Step to Make SEO Friendly Post Url

This is another necessary steps which I have not include in list. But making SEO friendly url is very important and make it always simple by follow below image tips.

I have collected this image from mysiteauditor.com where explain very well to make simple and seo friendly url.

seo friendly url

8# Use LSI Keywords

LSI means “latent semantic indexing”. LSI keywords are terms and phrases that are related to a webpage’s targeted main keyword. This is good techniques that help search engine’s to understand about your topics. Also google should love to rank your post on multiple keywords.

There are different techniques you can apply to find LSI keywords. Here I am going to share two different techniques to find LSI keyword.

1. Use Google Search to Find LSI Keyword

Google search is the best way to find LSI keyword. When you write your targeted keyword in google search box, it will suggest you many related keywords.

google search result

You can pick those keywords to use in your post as LSI keyword. Because google always suggested top search keywords, which people searching maximum.

2. Use Keyword Research & LSI Keyword Suggestion Tools Find LSI Keyword

This is also great techniques to find LSI keywords. I should suggest you to use lsigraph.com LSI generator tools to find perfect LSI keyword.

Also you can use google keyword planner, Ubersuggest and Ahrefs keyword explorer tools to get best LSI keyword Suggestion.

Use above four tools and google search techniques to find best LSI keyword to write great blog post, which must help to generate organic traffic and ranking in google.

9# Use Multimedia in Your Content (Like: Video, PPT etc)

Now a days, most of the people love multimedia to learn quickly on any topics. Using multimedia is also great techniques to build organic traffic.

Google not only rank your content, but also rank video from your blog (if you can share good informative video that releted to your topics).

Also PPT (Powerpoint presentation) is bring very helpful information which love people to read and understand quickly about any topics.

If you can make good PPT, that gives value to your users. Than your ppt will share people on different social media sites which will bring many high quality backlinks and traffic to your website.

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10# Optimize Your Internal Linking

Internal linking is a link from a page to another page on the same domain. This is important SEO strategy to rank a website.

You must properly optimize your internal links to increase ranking and organic traffic. You can follow below image strategy to optimize your internal linking.

internal linking techniques

Image Source : Neil Patel Blog

I think, above image will help you make your internal linking in perfect way.

Here I am pointing some important benefits of internal linking which must inspire you to do it properly.

  • Internal linking helps to crowl and index post quickly.
  • Will boost page views.
  • Proper internal linking reduce bounce rate and earn user value.

11# Update Old Content

This is absolutely very good techniques to bring huge traffic by updating your old blog posts. Google always love to rank latest articles on any topics. That’s why have to update old article with writing new article also.

Expert blogger using this tricks to generate huge traffic. You can watch neil patel video tutorial below, which should build your truest to update old blog posts.

12# Track Your Website Ranking

Before improve your website SEO, You should track your website ranking. To do this research, I will suggest you to use Ahrefs rank tracker tools.

This tools must help you to know, which position you are rank on specific keyword. Also which compititors are in ranking and how many quality backlinks you need to getting rank 1 position.

If you can research properly and track your ranking, then you can easily rank your website and will start getting organic traffic for your website.

13# Compititors Analysis

After track your website ranking, You should analysis your compititors webpage to bit them. To analysis your compititors, you can use Ahrefs site explorer tools.

Also use backlink checker tools to know where they making backlinks and how many backlinks they make to rank.

Analyze your compititors website by using above two different tools and take next step to improve your website ranking.

14# Social Media Promotion

Social media is an big platform to bring huge amount of traffic. Without social media marketing, you can rank your wwebsite. Social media traffic play important role to rank a website.

Most of the big blogger bring more then 30% traffic from social media sites. That’s why, you should start social media promotion on top social media sites.

So, Start today and create your profile on top social media sites. Share your content and grow your followers day by day.

Top Benefits of Social Media Promotion:

  • Bring direct referral traffic to your site or blog.
  • Directly impact in SEO and increase internal backlinks which help to setup organic traffic to a blog.
  • Help to establish your brand.
  • Boosts local search engine optimization (SEO).

15# Use Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of the best strategy to bring traffic to a blog or website. This is one of the easiest way to increase website traffic.

Make a big email list of interested users or audiences who love to read your niche related article. Then send them email with your top performing post links.

Your email list is one of your most valuable part of marketing strategy – which allow you to contact your audiences, customers, followers, and local people at the touch of a button. The more people you have on your list means, make easier it’s going to be to drive traffic to your website.

16# Guest Posting

Guest posting is an great off page seo techniques to achieve high quality dofollow backlinks and traffic. It helps improve a website authority.

Guest posting means writing or publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog.

Find your niche related blog, where have opportunity to post a guest article with dofollow backlinks to your website or post link. Here our another article will help to find your niche releted guest posting sites.

Then send them email with a unique article and your website link. They should response and publish your article (if they choose your article quality) with dofollow backlinks to your website link.

You will get a high authority dofollow backlinks and direct referral traffic from guest posting. Those traffic and link jouice must help to improve website ranking and you will start getting organic traffic.

Final Words

SEO is not short process, you have work day by day to build and increase your website organic traffic. If you want become a professional blogger, then you have to work hard to generate revenue from your blog.

Follow our above SEO tips to boost your website organic traffic, which must useful for your website marketing. I have try to give best seo tips, that definitely help you to generate huge amount of traffic and revenue.

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