How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post- Ultimate Guide in 2023

Writing SEO-friendly blog post is most important for user’s and search engine to rank your blog post. In this article, we are going to share ultimate guide to write SEO friendly blog posts that should help you to write perfect blog content.

A well optimized content or blog post help to engage your audience to read content with interest. As well as it helps search engine to better understand about your content, which will get rank higher.

SEO friendly blog post

What is the Meaning of SEO-friendly Blog Post?

Writing SEO friendly blog post is an process of writing blog smartly that like search engine and user’s both site. This process help to make better content for your blog.
Many blogger or content writer says that, write a SEO friendly content is an secret. But I want to ensure you that it’s is an simple process you have to follow to make SEO-friendly blog post for your blog.
By write SEO friendly article, you will start getting traffic engagement and your blog should get search engine ranking.
So, follow our below steps to make SEO friendly blogs.

How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Post (Step by Step Process)

Research Keyword Before Start Writing Blog

Keyword research is most valuable part before srart writing SEO friendly article in any topics. If your blog post rank with wrong keyword which have no search volume, then there is no value of this ranking. So you must research to find high search volume and low compitition keyword.
I will recommend you to use SEMrush, ahrefs and Google keyword planner tools to research keyword. Proper keyword research will help to find best focus keyword about your selected topics. This process will help you to rank on right keyword where have search volume and will bring huge traffic to your blog.

Understand User’s Search Intent

User intent known as quary intent or search intent. We can easily explain, User’s search intent is an observation that, what people search for surround your focus keyword. When you search google with your focus keyword, google show some releted keyword which people use to search, that is called search intent like below image.
User Search Intent

Also after search any keyword, you will see related searches area in the last section of search page. Which show also related search intent, that people use to search for specific topics like below image.

Releted Search Intent
Understanding user’s search intent is most important to write a user friendly blog post and it’s also help to find releted symmetric or LSI keywords for your selected topics.

Create Structure for Your Blog Post

Plan with well organized blog post structure is most valuable part to write SEO-friendly blog. If you make a structure of your blog post before start writing details content, then it will help to make a complete content easily for user’s and search engine.
To make good structure blog post, you can follow below two steps..
1. Make Basic structure your content
Before start writing full content, you have to make basic structure about your blog post.
In Basic Structure to write SEO-friendly blog posts are Included :
  • Title of your blog post
  • Introduction (which defined about your content topics)
  • Body (This section will describe every point about your topics)
  • Conclusion (summary about your content with great ideas)
2. Include all Nessasary Points about your topics
After make basic content structure, you must note all important points about your topics which you want to include in your content. Include every points in your note that people want to know about the topics. Cover all important points that help to make a complete content. which help peoples to know everything about specific topic from your content.
To complete this process, you can research your competitors content, who already in ranking on your selected topics. Observe there content, what points they are include in there content. How they describing each an every points. Don’t copy them (just observe them to make better structure content).
Try to make better structure about your content by find and make a note with best points that you must include in your content to make a complete SEO-friendly blog post.

Write Awesome Blog Post Title

Writing effective blog title is very important for ranking a blog post. High Quality title increase CRT (click through rate) which is most important to rank. So, make a awesome title that where people want to click to read full post.
Example of Effective Blog Post Title
Effective Blog Post Title


How to Make Effective Blog Post Title

To make a effective blog title, you should follow some title making rules.
  • Title should between 55-60 characters long.
  • A good title should be describe about overall content.
  • Implement focus keyword naturally in the title.
  • Make attractive title, where people must want to click when it shows in search results.

Make Correct URL

One of the SEO friendly content writing tips is to create a proper URL for your blog post. Many blogger use full title as blog post URL which is wrong process and it make ugly url for search engine and user’s. You must make good url to write SEO-friendly blogs. There are some rules you have to make correct url for your blog post.
  • Don’t use full title to make your blog post URL.
  • Try to make your url short.
  • Don’t use stop words in your URL. (Here have stop words list which you should avoid to make good url)
  • Use focus keyword in your URL

Write Blog Post with Short Paragraph

Writing blog post with short paragraph is most important to make user friendly blog post. People will feel boring to read your content, if you use long paragraph. So, write your content with short paragraph (use 2-3 sentence in a paragraph).
Also write content with easy language or words that helps people to understand your thought easily. Also try to write your blog post with short sentences.

Use Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3) Properly

Using right heading tags is another important aspect of SEO-friendly blog post. Heading & sub-headings not only helps search engine to understand your content but also helps reader to read your content without feeling bore.
Every SEO optimized theme take blog title as H1 tag automatically. So, think about other sub-headings like H2, H3, H4 etc.
Especially for long content, heading tag play important role to engage your audience more time to read. It’s always good idea to write SEO-friendly content. Also use keyword in heading tags.

Use Optimized Image with Alt Text

Using image in a blog post is good practices. Many people thinks that search engine crawlers not give importance in image when it come to SEO, which is wrong think.
Even in some cases image get rank before content ranking. But search engine crawler can’t read image, they read image alt text and image title.
Also don’t use large size image which will directly impact in your website load speed. Website load time is very important ranking factor.
Tips to Use Image Right Way in Your Blog Post
  • Make high quality image that releted to your content topics.
  • Optimize your image to make small size between 20-50 kilobytes.
  • Provide your image alt text and title when you adding it in your blog post.

Keep your Blog Post Long Enough

Long content always perform well in search engine. Search engine always try to rank long and informative content. Also it’s helps to engage your audience maximum time in your blog.
Long length blog post make opportunity to implement maximum keywords in your content which help to rank on different keywords.
But don’t make your post unnecessary long. Make it long when you have capacity to write quality content with informative elements about your topics.
In 2023, You will see maximum ranking blog post are long enough between 2000-4000 words. Also it’s depend on which topics you selected to write blog post.
So, Try make long content which should informative and audience must love to read blog post without feel boring.

Use Keyword Without Keyword Stuffing

Using keyword in proper place is most important to rank on focus keyword. Also it is an good practices to make SEO friendly blog article.
But don’t implement your keyword many times unnaturally in your content, which is called keyword stuffing. Search engine will panalized your website from ranking, if you are try making keyword stuffing.
How to implement keyword properly in blog post
  • Add keyword on post title
  • Add keyword on introduction on first paragraph
  • Add keyword on image alt text
  • Add keyword on content body (use naturally and carefully when it make sense)
  • Add keyword on meta description
  • Add keyword on conclusion
Use LSI Keyword Smartly
LSI keyword means long tail keyword intend of focus keyword. Don’t use only focus keyword in hole content but also use LSI keyword in your blog post to rank on different keyword. By using LSI keyword smartly, you can avoid keyword stuffing also.

Optimize Meta Description

Meta description is an summery of blog post which should no more then 150 characters long. Meta description will show in search result.
Meta Description in search result

In some cases, Search engine automatically pick meta description from content. But google might show your provided meta description, if you can write interesting and informative meta description by using focus keyword and length optimization.

Use Internal & External Linking Properly

Internal links are anchor links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. Internal linking improves usability through anchor texts. It helps indexing and crawling you content quickly.
Also internal links provide link jouice, improve authority and as well as engage your audience maximum in your site. Example of good internal linking can be Wikipedia.
internal linking in wikipedia
To make proper internal linking, you have to link naturally from your content text. Don’t make internal links unnaturally which can effect bad impact to your website ranking.
On the other hand, External links is a anchor link that directs the reader to a reputable page on a different website. This also important part of making seo friendly blog.
Be sure, you are linking with reported website, which helps make a trusted website in search engine eye’s.

Add FAQ Schema

FAQ means frequently ask question. FAQ schema is new feature of search result page in 2020, where show relevent search quary which might people want to know like below image.
FAQ Schema in search result page

In “people also ask” section you will see 4 question. When you click on a question, it will show more question.

Pick some question by search your focus keyword which are related to your topic.
Add FAQ schema before conclusion of your blog post.
Add 3-5 question with short informatve answer. Don’t make answer more then 2-4 sentences.
This is one of the most important blog post writing techniques in 2021. FAQ will helps to rank your blog post on “people also ask” section which will increase CRT (click through rate) and as well as increase website ranking.

Read Complete Blog Post Before Publish

After finish writing SEO friendly blog post, Read full article carefully as an reader. Make sure your content represent successfully all the content about the topics.
Also check grammar and spelling before publish your content or blog post. This is good practice to write a successful SEO friendly blogs.
Content is the king and SEO is the queen. No one can rank without good combination of this two things. Your blog should rank, when you can write SEO-friendly blog posts regularly with frash high quality content.
Above tips of writing SEO-friendly blog post should help you to create great content for your blog. If you have any question or you want to give any suggestion about SEO-friendly blog post, then feel free comment below this article.
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