Why Reddit Backlinks for SEO are so Important: Complete Guide

Reddit Backlinks for SEO: What Are They?

Links to your website from the Reddit platform are called Reddit backlinks for SEO.

Depending on the context, a Reddit backlink can be a direct link from a Link Post, a URL in a Text Post, or a backlink in the Comments.

For digital marketing objectives, Reddit can be an excellent source of backlinks and targeted traffic; however, Reddit has stringent guidelines concerning the type of linking that is allowed and the frequency of submitting backlinks.

If you don’t abide by Reddit’s community guidelines, you risk having your account suspended or even deleted. Using the following advice, you’ll be able to keep your Reddit profile and content safe while still getting the most out of it in terms of link building.

How to Build Links on Reddit

1. create a Reddit profile

Create an account on Reddit to begin the process of getting Reddit backlinks for SEO.

The “Sign Up” button is located at the top of the page at https://www.reddit.com. To create a new account, you’ll be prompted for an email address and password, which you’ll need to give.

2. Spend 30 consecutive days on Reddit as an active user

Using the website for at least 30 days before posting any kind of backlink is step two in an efficient Reddit link development approach.

On Reddit, the first 30 days are essential for creating your reputation. Marketing on Reddit is frowned upon by moderators, who will ban your account if you post links incessantly or in a spammy manner.

As a result, if you’re serious about building backlinks to your website using Reddit, you’ll need to demonstrate to the Reddit community that you’re not just there to promote your site.

Using method #4, you’ll need a 30-day account history and a Karma score of around 50.

3. Before posting Reddit backlinks for SEO on Reddit, build up your Karma

Reddit’s Karma system is the foundation around which the entire site is built. And to maintain a prominent online presence, you’ll want to amass as much Karma as possible.

To put it simply, Karma is a scoring mechanism for Reddit users that use a proprietary algorithm to gauge their level of activity and engagement. The more your posts and comments are voted up, the more karma you gain.

The more trust other Reddit users have in your posts, comments, and links, the higher your Reddit Karma score will be. Your Karma has a direct impact on your online reputation.

Comment and upvote other users’ posts on Reddit for the first 30 days to get a feel for the community.

It’s okay to submit your own work as long as it meets the requirements of the target subreddit, which include high quality, non-commercial, and relevant.

Getting to 50 Karma points in the first month should be your primary goal, which we’ll address in detail in the next section.

4.  A Subreddit for Backlinks is a good idea

In order to get Reddit backlinks for SEO, you’ll need to follow the advice in this guide’s tips #3 and #4, which can be found here.

n you start a subreddit on Reddit, you become the moderator of that subreddit.

Having other Reddit users comment, upvote, and downvote on your subreddit is a terrific way to build a community around your content and gain more visibility for your computer company.

It’s also a good idea to use subreddits as a source of traffic and Reddit backlinks for SEO. And you don’t have to worry about another Redditor (i.e., a moderator) deleting your posts because of this.

The “Create Community” option will appear in your dashboard if your account has been active for 30 days and you’ve earned enough Karma to do so.

For your new subreddit, you’ll then come up with a unique name, fill out all of the necessary data sections, and begin promoting your website.

Posting both original and repurposed blog posts to your subreddit and including backlinks in the content is a solid tactic.

To increase the diversity of your website’s incoming anchor text, you can use either contextual links or regular URL backlinks.

5. Choose the Best Subreddits to Build Links On

choosing the top subreddits in your niche to link to is the next stage in development. There are an estimated 2.8 million subreddits and 130,000 active communities on Reddit, according to estimates.

As a result, you’ll have no trouble narrowing down your niche for your writing.

For Reddit link building, relevance and quality are essential considerations.

Your website’s traffic will benefit more from participating in fewer subreddits where your posts are more likely to be seen by the right people than from posting links on a large number of subreddits where your posts are likely to be ignored.

Use Reddit’s search function to identify subreddits that are relevant to your industry. Consider subreddits such as /r/Fitness, health, and diet if you’re in the fitness sector. It’s time to start posting once you’ve located some nice subreddits.

6. Be Consistent in Your Commenting Maintain a Spotless Reddit Account

If you’re just getting started with link building on Reddit, you’ll want to take precautions to protect your account. Keep your Reddit profile free of links by commenting on other Reddit discussions without submitting your own.

If a moderator decides to audit your account, you can use this approach to improve your Karma score and avoid being banned from Reddit.

Moderators are trained to look for common spammy marketing habits, such as publishing a disproportionate number of links to the same website.

In order to maintain a clean Reddit profile in the event of an inspection, it is recommended that you comment frequently on other topics. For every backlink you build on Reddit, you should have at least 15-20 posts and answers. The profile feed will appear cleaner if you remove all of the links from your profile.

7. As a rule, do not post links to irrelevant content

You should only create backlinks that are relevant to the discussion while adding backlinks on Reddit. Articles and videos that aren’t associated with a current debate should never be posted as links in a reply.

The members of Reddit will resent you if you merely post links without any regard for the topic, and you could end up being banned from the site. When it comes to removal from the platform, it doesn’t take much.

Read the threads thoroughly before posting and only include a backlink if it is both relevant and useful to the topic.

8. Make use of Reddit to repurpose blog posts with a backlink

With a blog, you’ll have no problem repurposing posts in a well-known subreddit with a link back to your site.

Be careful not to appear excessively self-promotional or to include an excessive number of hyperlinks in your article. Otherwise, a Reddit moderator may mark your post as spam and remove it.

One of the most effective ways to employ this blog repurposing method is to post a copy of your blog post into a subreddit related to your topic, and include a link that points back to your original URL.

Because you’re not just spamming for links, this link-building strategy is largely acceptable on Reddit (i.e., you’re giving value to the subreddit without pushing users to leave the site).

Another way to improve the number of upvotes and interactions on the post is to offer to answer any questions people have regarding the material in the comments area.

Community-building methods such as this one inspire people to look forward to your future material on the platform because you’re helping them out.

As people search for your brand on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, it can lead to more direct traffic to your website.

9. Search Reddit for Subreddits That Promote Link Exchange

When it comes to linking, not all Reddit subreddits are made equal.

Link submissions are discouraged in some subreddits but encouraged in others, while other subreddits only accept posts that include links (i.e., text or image posts are not allowed).

Backlinking Tips for Reddit

  • Reddit backlinks for SEO have a few extra considerations to bear in mind:
  • Use caution when posting too many links or spamming a particular subreddit.
  • Before you begin link building, spend some time interacting with other people and establishing yourself as an authority.
  • When posting links, offer value with a well-written and interesting comment.
  • Keep in mind the subreddit you’re publishing in when creating your article.
  • Before posting to a subreddit, always check the rules. Every subreddit has its own set of guidelines for acceptable content.
  • Link building on Reddit can take a while to pay off.

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