Top 125+ Free PPT Submission Sites List {Updated 2024}

Are you finding free PPT submission sites? If yes, then you are landing in right place to get high DA free PPT submission/sharing sites.

Here I am going to share top free PPT submission sites list which will help you to submit your powerpoint presentation in high authority sites.

PPT Submission Sites

PPT submission is most powerful off page seo techniques to get high authority backlinks and targeted traffic. There are many that offers to submit your PPT and allow users to download them publicly. But you must use only high authority sites to submit your PPT.

This is an excellent and well effective SEO tools where can create backlinks, improve website ranking and increase range of your online business.

What is PPT Submission Sites?

PPT submission sites, or PowerPoint presentation submission sites, are platforms where users can upload and share PowerPoint presentations online. These websites allow individuals and businesses to showcase their presentations to a wider audience, often including professionals, educators, students, and other interested parties.

Submitting presentations to these sites can help increase visibility, promote expertise in a particular subject, and drive traffic back to a website or blog. It’s a form of content marketing and can be beneficial for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes as well, as it provides backlinks to the creator’s website, improving its authority and ranking in search engine results.

Popular PPT submission sites include SlideShare, AuthorStream, SlideServe, and SlideOnline, among others.

Top 10 PPT Websites in 2024

Here are the top 10 PPT submission websites for 2024

  1. SlideShare
    • URL:
    • Details: SlideShare is one of the largest platforms for sharing presentations, documents, and infographics. It has a vast audience and is commonly used by professionals, educators, and businesses to share valuable content.
  2. AuthorStream
    • URL:
    • Details: AuthorStream allows users to upload PowerPoint presentations and share them publicly or privately. It offers features such as analytics and lead capture to help users track engagement and generate leads.
  3. SlideServe
    • URL:
    • Details: SlideServe is a platform for uploading and sharing PowerPoint presentations. It provides options for categorizing presentations, making it easier for users to discover relevant content.
  4. SlideOnline
    • URL:
    • Details: SlideOnline enables users to upload and share PowerPoint presentations online. It offers features such as embedding presentations on websites and social media sharing.
  5. PowerShow
    • URL:
    • Details: PowerShow allows users to upload and share PowerPoint presentations, documents, and videos. It offers a user-friendly interface and various sharing options.
  6. Zoho Show
    • URL:
    • Details: Zoho Show is part of the Zoho suite of productivity tools and offers online presentation creation and sharing. Users can collaborate on presentations in real-time and access them from anywhere.
  7. Scribd
    • URL:
    • Details: Scribd is a digital library where users can publish, discover, and read books, documents, and presentations. It has a large user base and offers both free and premium content.
  8. Issuu
    • URL:
    • Details: Issuu is a platform for publishing and sharing magazines, catalogs, and presentations online. It provides tools for creating interactive content and reaching a global audience.
  9. SlideBoom
    • URL:
    • Details: SlideBoom allows users to upload and share PowerPoint presentations with others. It offers features such as audio narration and animations to enhance presentations.
  10. Emaze
    • URL:
    • Details: Emaze is a platform for creating and sharing presentations, websites, and other visual content. It offers templates and design tools to help users create engaging presentations.

Benefits of PPT Submission in SEO

If you are thinking to start off page SEO for your website, Then keep in mind that you have to make high quality ms powerpoint presentation and submit in top PPT sharing sites to get great result of your website ranking in search engine. Here I am pointing some important benefits of PPT submission which will help you to understand.

  • Powerpoint submission helps your content to enhance visibility and ranked in major search engine.
  • Good high quality and visually attractive presentations make visitors become interested in the content and thereby increases conversation rate.
  • PPT submission will help to gain high authority dofollow backlinks and targeted traffic which is good way to improve page ranking.
  • When you submit fresh and quality contents through PPT, then it can be share by others in their blogs and websites, which can help to bring quality inbound links in your website.
  • You can convert PPT into a video and then upload into top video submission sites like youtube , which can help your products and services to be widely viewed.

75 Best Free PPT Submission Sites 2024

Here’s a list of 75 best free PowerPoint (PPT) submission sites along with their URLs:

  1. SlideShare –
  2. Scribd –
  3. Issuu –
  4. SlideServe –
  5. AuthorStream –
  6. SlideOnline –
  7. Powershow –
  8. Zoho Show –
  9. 4shared –
  10. MediaFire –
  11. DocDroid –
  12. Box –
  13. Google Slides –
  14. SlideBoom –
  15. Keep&Share –
  16. SlideWorld –
  17. SlideHunter –
  18. SlideSnack –
  19. SlideShareFaves –
  20. SlideDeck –
  21. –
  22. –
  23. –
  24. –
  25. –
  26. –
  27. –
  28. –
  29. –
  30. –
  31. –
  32. DocsPal –
  33. PDF Online –
  34. SlideDex –
  35. SlidePiper –
  36. SlideGeeks –
  37. SlidePlayer –
  38. SlideshowBox –
  39. SlideServeOnline –
  40. –
  41. –
  42. –
  43. –
  44. –
  45. –
  46. –
  47. –
  48. –
  49. –
  50. DocsPal –
  51. PDF Online –
  52. SlideDex –
  53. SlidePiper –
  54. SlideGeeks –
  55. SlidePlayer –
  56. SlideshowBox –
  57. SlideServeOnline –
  58. –
  59. –
  60. –
  61. –
  62. –
  63. –
  64. –
  65. –
  66. –
  67. –
  68. DocsPal –
  69. PDF Online –
  70. SlideDex –
  71. SlidePiper –
  72. SlideGeeks –
  73. SlidePlayer –
  74. SlideshowBox –
  75. SlideServeOnline –

How to Make PPT File?

To create a PowerPoint (PPT) file, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint: Launch the PowerPoint application on your computer. You can find it in the Microsoft Office suite or as a standalone application depending on your installation.
  2. Choose a Design: Select a design theme for your presentation from the available templates. You can also start with a blank slide if you prefer to design your presentation from scratch.
  3. Add Slides: Click on the “New Slide” button to add slides to your presentation. You can choose from different slide layouts for titles, content, images, etc. Add as many slides as you need for your presentation.
  4. Insert Content: Enter text, insert images, charts, graphs, tables, and other multimedia elements into your slides. You can do this by clicking on the respective options in the toolbar and following the prompts.
  5. Format and Customize: Format the text, images, and other elements on your slides to make them visually appealing and easy to understand. You can change fonts, colors, sizes, alignments, and more using the formatting options available in PowerPoint.
  6. Add Transitions and Animations: To make your presentation more engaging, you can add slide transitions and animations. Choose from a variety of options to control how your slides appear and transition during the presentation.
  7. Review and Edit: Review your presentation to ensure that all content is accurate, well-organized, and visually appealing. Make any necessary edits or revisions before finalizing your PPT file.
  8. Save Your Presentation: Once you’re satisfied with your presentation, click on the “File” menu and select “Save As” to save your PowerPoint file. Choose a location on your computer and enter a filename for your presentation. You can also choose to save it in different formats, such as PPTX or PDF, depending on your needs.
  9. Share or Present: After saving your presentation, you can share it with others via email, upload it to a PPT submission site, or present it directly from PowerPoint using a projector or screen.

List of PPT Submission Sites 2024

No. PPT Submission Sites DA PA
01. 95 85
02. 95 82
03. 94 79
04. 94 80
05. 94 78
06. 93 73
07. 91 71
08. 92 64
09. 87 71
10. 85 63
11. 88 69
12. 69 62
13. 80 70
14. 76 61
15. 63 62
16. 73 63
17. 55 57
18. 98 70
19. 63 59
20. 83 63
21. 85 65
22. 88 71
23. 85 57
24. 64 53
25. 89 74
26. 93 65
27. 93 67
28. 83 63
29. 83 62
30. 86 69
31. 59 64
32. 42 52

Tips to Do Submission PPT Effectively

Build a quality PowerPoint presention is most important to get benefits from your ppt submission backlinks. So, Here I am pointing some important tips to make and submission PPT.

  • Make beautiful good looking and informative Powerpoint presentations which should help peoples to understand your content in quick time.
  • Make sure you have add website url in your ppt which must beneficial for SEO.
  • Use only high quality submission sites from above list. You should only benefited from high authority sites.
  • Implement your keyword in right way, when you making ppt submission.
  • When you upload your ppt on any submission site, you should make it visible for everyone, which must will help to bring huge amount of traffic.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Why should I use PPT submission sites?

Using PPT submission sites can help increase the visibility of your presentations, drive traffic to your website or blog, and establish yourself or your brand as an authority in your field. It also provides an opportunity to reach a broader audience and gain exposure for your content.

Q. What types of presentations can I upload to these sites?

You can upload a variety of presentations to PPT submission sites, including educational lectures, business proposals, product demonstrations, training materials, conference presentations, and more. The key is to ensure that your presentation is relevant and valuable to the target audience of the site.

Q. How do I choose the right PPT submission sites for my presentations?

Consider factors such as the site’s audience demographics, industry relevance, traffic volume, and user engagement when selecting PPT submission sites. Choose platforms that align with your content and goals to maximize the impact of your presentations.

Q. Do PPT submission sites offer any SEO benefits?

Yes, PPT submission sites can provide SEO benefits by helping to increase the visibility of your presentations in search engine results pages (SERPs). By optimizing your presentations with relevant keywords, descriptions, and tags, you can improve their chances of ranking higher in search results and driving organic traffic to your content.

Q. Can I edit or update my presentations after uploading them?

Some PPT submission sites allow users to edit or update their presentations after uploading them. You may be able to make changes to the content, layout, or settings of your presentations through the site’s dashboard or editing tools. However, not all sites offer this feature, so it’s essential to check the platform’s capabilities beforehand.

Q. How can I promote my presentations on PPT submission sites?

You can promote your presentations on PPT submission sites by sharing them on social media platforms, embedding them on your website or blog, participating in relevant communities or forums, collaborating with influencers or industry experts, and engaging with other users through comments, likes, and shares. Consistent promotion and networking efforts can help increase the visibility and reach of your presentations on these platforms.

Now I hope you understand about PPT submission and use above list of PPT submission sites to get great result of your website ranking. If you have any question about PPT submission, Then make a comment here.

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