Podcast SEO – How to improve marketing for podcasts?

Podcasts have turned into a popular option for content consumption. It is not a fairly new form, but people are rediscovering it. You can listen to podcasts on the go while driving, doing dishes, cooking, or even while working. This has opened up myriad opportunities for content creators to explore the workings of podcasts. Hence, they also need to understand the key factors of SEO and marketing a podcast.

Podcast SEO and marketing

Podcast SEO seems to be an important word in the upcoming years among SEO professionals, marketers, creators, podcast hosts. The question in line is “What is Podcast SEO and how to optimize your podcast for the search engines?”

The Google 2019 updates announced the inclusion of podcasts for the search results. This means you can directly look up podcasts or episodes by punching across the search engines. There is an index of the podcast that can help you consume content seamlessly. In mid-2019 Google started the indexing method to make the entire podcast experience hassle-free.

There are a bunch of strategies you can follow to optimize your podcast if you are a creator. However, you need to aim to reach the top slots of the search engine results pages. This translates to more listeners, visitors, and improved brand awareness.

Most podcast SEO tips would overlap with the usual SEO, while there are a few specific to audio content

In the recent past, podcasts have been merely entertainment media. But today they are considered tools for marketing and brand awareness. Podcasts have changed the face of online business with some advantages up their sleeves.

  • Capability to increase the number of audience by a significant number.
  • Better search engine rankings by creating quality backlinks.
  • An act of networking and communications.
  • Exchange promotion by being a guest on a different podcast and inviting guests to their own.

Why is SEO important?

The basic of SEO is driving more traffic to your websites. SEO is improving your search engine rankings by optimizing the content you share for your brand. Initially, SEO talked about all the search engines in general. But today, it is mostly centered in and on Google. This is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to gain more customers and revenue. But before that, your brand should seek the attention of the giant search engine, Google.

SEO content marketing for podcasts

There are many things to do while optimizing your podcast content for Google. Firstly, you can start by searching the niche relevant keywords. Secondly, you need to include them at appropriate and strategic spots in your podcast website. Thirdly, ensure your website is technically perfect. Finally and most importantly, build high authority links and shout out to Google that your information is reliable.

An efficient strategy to put you ahead of your competition is content marketing. A strategic approach to content helps you climb the ladder of search engine rankings. The content can be in any form, ranging from blogs, videos, infographics, and of course the podcasts. Although to reap the benefits of podcast SEO, you need to start by creating a website. Building a website might seem challenging at first, but you can enjoy the handsome returns shortly.

Best practices for podcast SEO

There are some strategies you can opt for podcast SEO. Initially, Google was not able to index audio content. Therefore, most of the tactics revolved around written content. Then, Google included the index for podcasts as well. However, the older rules are relevant even today. Finally, you need to use some techniques for written content and also the audio parts.

Handpick podcast keywords for every episode

Using the right podcast keyword is important for any SEO strategy. Keywords communicate to Google about the relevance and value of your content. They help you tie with the user’s search engine results. However, it doesn’t mean to include any keyword you think is relevant. You need to understand the kind of keyword phrases your target audience is searching for. Although, in-depth keyword research is highly mandatory to implement the strategy well.

You can try Google Ads Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, or other similar tools to figure out your relevant keywords.

Include the relevant keywords in your episode

Since Google has included the indexing of audio content, there are high chances for your podcasts to appear at the search engine results. It is a great opportunity for podcast creators, for your work might come up when even a user is not specifically looking for podcasts. Ensure your show contains all the relevant keywords your target audience is otherwise searching for.

You can achieve it by simply creating an episode topic based on your researched keywords. In this way, you can naturally include them and their associated words in the script. This is highly critical for an optimal SEO for your podcasts.

Add written content for your podcast episode

This is another key method to improve podcast SEO. However, most creators skip it and simply post their work on the podcast host. And magically expect the content to reach all the target listeners. Firstly, Google and most search engines can easily scan through your written content. Secondly, they identify whether your content is relevant and valuable. Finally, they rank your podcast in the search engines. Hence, it is necessary to give Google some content to read so it can rank your page effortlessly.

Place the keywords strategically in your episode

An important factor is to place the keywords in the right spots. Google scans certain parts of your content first and it is necessary to put the relevant keywords there. You can place them in the following areas, to get the best SEO for podcasts:

  • The title of the post.
  • Title of the episode.
  • At the subheadings.
  • In the URL of the post.
  • At the beginning and the end of the written content.
  • Images file names and ALT attributes.
  • Spluttered naturally across the content.

Also, keep your keyword distribution to the right amount and don’t overdo it. Google is smart enough to leave out content that deliberately adds keywords everywhere to gain attention.

It is a common myth to leave out SEO for audio-based content. But the times have changed. The search engines are getting brilliant by the second. As you optimize your work, there is an authority built around your content. It improves your rankings and reaches a more target audience.

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