Top 121+ [Free] Ping Submission Sites to Index Faster in 2024 {Updated}

Free Ping Submission Websites – must help to index your website urls and backlinks in search engine very faster. Here I am going to share details about ping submission , Benefit of ping submission and a high quality list of ping submission sites.

What Is Ping Submission?

Ping Submission is an process of index and crowl a website quickly in search engine result pages. This is an great off page SEO technique to improve website ranking in any search engine by index your content instantly. Also ping submission is an important part to indexing quality backlinks for a website.

Ping Submission is a good method that where we give information about our latest Post to Search engine Bots. After complete this method, our latest blog posts will be indexed fast in Search Results and we will get more traffic to our website.

How Ping Submission Sites Work?

When you publish new content or make changes to your website, ping submission sites send notifications, or “pings,” to search engines and directories. These pings contain information about the updated URLs, prompting search engine bots to crawl and index the pages.

Top 10 Free Ping Submission Websites

Here are the top 10 free ping submission websites along with their details and URLs:

  1. Ping-O-Matic
    • Description: Ping-O-Matic is a widely used ping submission service that notifies various search engines and directories about updates to your website or blog.
    • URL:
  2. Feed Shark
    • Description: Feed Shark offers a ping submission service specifically designed for RSS feeds, ensuring that your latest content gets indexed quickly by search engines.
    • URL:
  3. Google Ping
    • Description: Google Ping is a service provided by Google that allows you to notify Google’s blog search engine about new content on your website, helping to improve its visibility.
    • URL:
  4. Pingler
    • Description: Pingler offers a straightforward ping submission service that helps webmasters notify search engines and other online services about updates to their websites, ensuring faster indexing.
    • URL:
  5. PingMyUrls
    • Description: PingMyUrls is a free ping submission service that allows you to ping multiple URLs simultaneously, making it convenient for webmasters to notify search engines about their latest content.
    • URL:
  6. PingFarm
    • Description: PingFarm provides a simple and efficient ping submission service, enabling webmasters to notify search engines and directories about new content on their websites.
    • URL:
  7. Total Ping
    • Description: Total Ping offers a comprehensive ping submission service that covers a wide range of search engines and directories, helping webmasters ensure maximum visibility for their content.
    • URL:
  8. BulkPing
    • Description: BulkPing is a free ping submission service that allows you to ping multiple URLs at once, saving time and effort for webmasters looking to notify search engines about their latest updates.
    • URL:
  9. PingThatBlog
    • Description: PingThatBlog is a user-friendly ping submission service that helps webmasters notify search engines and blog directories about updates to their blogs, ensuring timely indexing.
    • URL:
  10. PingMyLink
    • Description: PingMyLink offers a straightforward ping submission service that allows webmasters to notify search engines and directories about new content on their websites, helping to improve visibility and traffic.
    • URL:

Benefits of Using Ping Submission Sites

  • Faster Indexing: Ping submission sites expedite the indexing process, ensuring that your content appears in search results sooner.
  • Improved Visibility: Indexed websites are more visible to users, increasing the likelihood of organic traffic.
  • Enhanced SEO: By ensuring timely indexing, ping submission sites contribute to better search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.

Guide to Use Ping Submission Sites

  1. At First, Select high authority ping submission sites.
  2. Then go one by one to submit your website in those ping sites.
  3. Sign up by provide basic information like email, username, password etc.
  4. Then login into by email or user and password
  5. Now click submit ping option and it will give you a from where you have provide website name, URL and other details.
  6. Fill the from correctly and finally click on ping or submit button.

75 Best Ping Submission Sites List

Here are the 75 best ping submission sites along with their URLs:

  1. Pingomatic –
  2. Pingler –
  3. Twingly –
  4. Pingmylinks –
  5. IndexKings –
  6. TotalPing –
  7. –
  8. BulkPing –
  9. Feed Shark –
  10. Pingates –
  11. PingThatBlog –
  12. BlogBuzzer –
  13. Googleping –
  14. Pingoat –
  15. Blog Ping Tool –
  16. Blog Ping –
  17. Ping Sitemap –
  18. Ping Bomb –
  19. AutoPinger –
  20. Ping-O-Matic –
  21. PingFarm –
  22. BulkPing –
  23. Ping My Links –
  24. Ping My Blog –
  25. Bulk Ping –
  26. Google Ping –
  27. Ping Website –
  28. Ping My URL –
  29. Mass Ping –
  30. Blog Ping Tool –
  31. Ping That Blog –
  32. Pingoat –
  33. Ping My Blog –
  34. Total Ping –
  35. Ping Server –
  36. Ping My Links –
  37. Ping My Website –
  38. Ping Sitemap –
  39. Ping Farm –
  40. Ping That –
  41. Blog Pinger –
  42. Ping My Blog –
  43. Ping My URL –
  44. Pingler –
  45. PingoMatics –
  46. Ping My Blog –
  47. Mass Ping –
  48. Free Web Submission –
  49. Ping Blog –
  50. Ping My Website –
  51. Bulk Ping –
  52. Mass Ping –
  53. PingKong –
  54. PingGuru –
  55. Ping Fast –
  56. Blog Ping Service –
  57. Blog Ping Tool –
  58. Bulk Ping –
  59. Ping Pong –
  60. Ping Shark –
  61. PingPong –
  62. Ping My URL –
  63. Ping That –
  64. Blog Ping Service –
  65. Free Ping Service –
  66. Ping My Blog –
  67. Ping My Link –
  68. Mass Ping Tool –
  69. Blog Ping Site –
  70. Ping My Website Free –
  71. Blog Ping Sites –
  72. Ping My Site –
  73. Ping My Blog Site –
  74. Bulk Ping Sites –
  75. Ping My Website Online –

How to Use Ping Submission Sites Effectively

To leverage ping submission sites effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Select Quality Sites: Choose reputable ping submission sites with high domain authority (DA) for optimal results.
  2. Submit URLs Regularly: Keep your ping submission efforts consistent by pinging new content promptly.
  3. Monitor Results: Track the indexing progress of your submitted URLs to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts.
  4. Avoid Over-Pinging: Refrain from pinging excessively, as it may be perceived as spam by search engines.

List of High PR Free Ping Submission Sites [2024]

FAQS on Ping Submission

Q. What are ping submission sites?

Ping websites are platforms that notify search engines and directories about updates on your website, facilitating faster indexing.

Q. Are ping submission sites effective for SEO?

Yes, ping submission sites contribute to improved SEO by expediting the indexing process and enhancing website visibility.

Q. Are there any risks associated with over-pinging?

Yes, over-pinging may be perceived as spam by search engines, potentially harming your website’s reputation and indexing frequency.

Q. How often should I use ping submission sites?

It’s recommended to use ping submission sites whenever new content is published on a website or significant updates are made. However, avoid over-pinging to prevent being flagged as spam.

Q. Can ping submission sites improve search engine rankings?

While ping submission sites themselves do not directly impact search engine rankings, they can help ensure that new content is indexed quickly, which may indirectly contribute to improved rankings over time.

Bottom Line

I think you have clear about ping submission after read above facts. Now use our list of free ping submission sites to index and crowl faster of your blog posts & backlinks in search engine.

If you have any suggestions of other high pr Ping Sites which i have missed to list here then feel free to add them in the comments below.
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