6 Best Rewriters and Paraphrasing Tools for Marketers

Rewriting is the process of explaining a topic alternately, possessing the superior quality to its parent version. While rewriting an author critically analyzes his lines and passages, filters the fluff, and attempts to improve the readability.

Rewriting is like makeup in which you try to make your write-up presentable. The linguistic nuances, catchy phrases, crispy tone, and coherence is added during rewriting.

Why is rewriting important?

Rewriting is a litmus test before publishing. Humans can’t reach perfection in their first writing attempt. The first draft is always rough, containing scattered thoughts and ideas. As per Jordon Peterson, it’s like you vomit everything you have on paper, the quality comes in the editing/rewriting part. You can rest assured that any acclaimed book has been born out of effective rewriting skills.

For academic works, rewriting saves you from submitting a flawed work. Doesn’t matter how good is your research if you don’t know how to present it. You’re destined to be doomed. In the modern world, the rewriting has gone to another dimension.

In the digital marketing world, everyone is trying to crack the code for topping Google’s SERP. As per the data, 60% of clicks are acquired by the top 3 ranked searches on SERP Page.

To get to that position, you must fulfill Google’s criteria. This criterion gives substantial importance to the “continuity and consistent visibility” of a page. For that, you must show activity by frequent posting. The bloggers are required to rewrite 100s of articles on the same topic to stay in the race.

If you have “rewriting skills”, you are invaluable in the modern world.

Tips to rewrite an article

We hope that now you know the importance of rewriting skills. So, Let’s get to the thick of things. How can you do rewriting? Well, the honest answer is by following your conscience.

A writer always has a gut feeling about an article. After writing something, only he knows whether he has thought it through and then delivered those thoughts with complete honesty. But obviously, we can’t know about someone’s heart.

Through our research, we have compiled a list of tips that can make your rewriting better than the original.

  • Better headlines: During rewriting, you should pay special attention to your headlines. Once you have written content under a heading, you are in a better position to rename the paragraph.
  • Keyword Changes: During a rewrite, you should analyze the positioning of your words. For effective writing, you need to use the right word in the right place. Unnecessary verbose should be trimmed.
  • Structural Changes: Once you have laid out your complete argument, you should look to analyze each sentence for coherence and analyze whether it supports your argument or not.
  • Grammatical Correction: Rewriting allows you to have a second look at your article, you should edit all grammatical errors in the initial draft.

This seems like a lot of hard work, isn’t it? It takes expert-level ability to rewrite an original level, and most people aren’t at that level.

To ease that burden, we recommend you seek help from online paraphrasing tools.

What are paraphrasing tools?

Paraphrasing tools are online tools that help writers to rewrite any text while keeping the same context. The tools are used by academics, bloggers, and students alike. The advanced NLP, natural language processing, and algorithms enable these tools to absorb, analyze, interpret and then revert to human language.

They not only rewrite your content, but they can also do it in multiple modes. Advanced article rewriters can also improve the quality of your text, giving it a professional outlook.

For that reason, we believe that everyone should go for paraphrasing online.

Paraphrasing Online: 6 Best Tools to Rewrite Text

The web is stuffed with paraphrasers. To save your time and precious work, you need to find a quality paraphrasing tool.

This section includes a list of the 6 best tools to rewrite the text, which you can use to get the best results.

1) Paraphrasingtool.ai

Paraphrasingtool.ai holds the first position in our ranking. The tool provides a complete paraphrasing solution in one place. It can rewrite content in four different modes, which include

Plagiarism Remover: least effective of all modes. It eliminates plagiarism by keyword substitutions.

Near Human: It can rewrite in a human-like manner. The mode can alter sentences and paragraphs.

Text Improver: It is the most advanced version. It is aimed at improving the overall quality of your written manuscript by changing sentence structure, content tone, paragraphing, and sequencing.

Creativity: This mode allows the tool to rewrite by adding a creative touch to find new ways of conveying your message.

You can select any mode based on the type of rewrite you want.


The tool is equipped with features like a grammar checker, a plagiarism checker which enables you to check the quality of your rewrite. The content generator and summarizer options can expand or contract a subject as per demand. No other internet tool can boast of such versatility.

The tool is available in free and premium versions. The free version can rewrite up to 1000 words in one go.

2) Paraphraser.ai

Parahraser.ai is our 2nd pick. It can rewrite an article in 3 different modes.

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

The modes can perform word substitution to complete paragraph alteration. The tool can translate the rewrite into more than 80 different languages, which is a testament to its global appeal.

The tool is available on windows, android, and iOS. The interface is user-friendly and aimed at attracting maximum users.


However, the tool lacks its grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and other aided features.

3) Aiarticlespinner.co

AI article spinner has to thank its versatility in rewriting for its rankings. The tool can paraphrase in 5 different modes.

These modes include

  • Human
  • AI Robot
  • Plagiarism Remover
  • Fix Grammar
  • Sentence Structure


This mode enables this tool to resolve any paraphrasing problem relating to plagiarism, grammar, sentence, and creativity. However The free version has a limit of 5,000 words in one go.

However, the tool doesn’t have any content generator or summarizer option.

4) Essayrewriter.io

For solving the toughest rewriting task, essay rewriter has got 4th rank in our rankings. In the essay, you need proper argumentation, coherence, and linguistic prowess to give a detailed analysis of a topic.

Essay rewriter specializes in doing that. However, it only has one paraphrasing mode. And additional features are also missing.


The tool has been made completely free. So that novice and professional essay writers can utilize it with equal ease.

5) WordAi

Wordai is among the most critically acclaimed rewriting tools. It possesses different options for content creators and SEO bloggers.

The tool can rewrite content 10 times faster than any ordinary tool. There is an option of multiple rewrites so that there is not any danger of getting caught by a plagiarism checker.


The premium version is available at monthly and yearly prices which are 57$ and 324$ respectively.

6) Paraphrase-online

If you want to do paraphrasing without any fuss, go for our 6th ranked paraphrase-online. The tool possesses two simple windows: text before and text after. All you need is to simply copy the test on the left window, press the paraphrase option and you would get your result in the right window.


The tool is completely free. It only possesses one paraphrasing mode, lacking options of features like grammar, plagiarism checker, etc.


Rewriting improves your original draft. It is a skill that every writer needs to have. In the modern world, you can’t stay on Google’s SERP without rewriting.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best top paraphrasing tools which can rewrite your text with contextual accuracy. Use them well and have a blast!!!

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