Top 25+ [FREE] Pakistan Classified Ads Posting Websites in 2023

Are you finding free Pakistan classified sites to promote and sell your business products by local or global area Digital marketing? If yes, Then you are in right place to get top pakistan classified sites list in 2023.

Here we are going to share 25+ high DA classified ads posting sites in Pakistan, which must useful to maketing your business or products in online marketplace.

Free classified sites in Pakistan


What is Classified Websites in Digital Marketing?

Classified ads posting are the method of promoting your business on the search engine. A classified site is an online patforms for advertising to promote products or services as like business listing sites in Pakistan.

On the other hand, Classified site are online platforms where buyers meets sellers directly, classified websites allow users to post an advertisement to sell any thing online. Also Classified sites are a great source of traffic and good way to get relevant backlink to your website.

Why Pakistan Classified Submission Important?

Classified ads are the most important part of SEO. The online classified ads posting sites in Pakistan is always been a popular choice for people or business owner who want to make their classified ads to buy or sell their products or services in local and global area.

Marketing a business with free classified sites in Pakistan is a cheap and simple way to promote business in online to get high quality backlinks and increase sales.

How to Do Pakistani Classified Ads Posting {Step by Step Process}?

Most of the classified submission sites in Pakistan are same and simple process to post ads. Some are different process but not difficult to do. Here I have provide general process for free ads posting sites in Pakistan and global area.

  • Pick high DA Pakistan classified site from our list.
  • Then do registration on the classified site and verify your email.
  • After login, click on “post an ads” or “place a new ads” button.
  • Then select your ad category and click on next.
  • Now fill your business information like business title, description, photo, website link, phone number, product or service price etc. (Optimize your keyword in title and description to get maximum SEO benefits.)
  • Then click on preview button and ensure that you have provided right information about your business.
  • Finally click on publish ad.

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Benefits of Free Classified Submission in Pakistan

Classified ads posting in Pakistan is most beneficial for local or global business. You must submit your business in top classified websites in Pakistan to improve sales and website SEO. Here I am providing top benefits of classified submission or ads posting.

  • Classified sites are easy to use.
  • Must increase brand awareness.
  • Classified sites are free to post ads.
  • Help to promote your business digitally.
  • Great source of backlinks.
  • Increase website ranking.
  • Increase traffic and sales.

List of Free Classified Sites in Pakistan With High DA

No.Pakistan Classified WebsitesDAPA


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FAQS on Classified Ads Posting

What are the best free global classified ads posting sites?

Most of the classified ads posting sites are free to post ads. Some of top global ads posting sites are,,,, and many more sites you will find to promote your business.

Are classified ads still effective in 2023?

Classified ads posting is an old SEO techniques to promote business and generate sales by online marketing. Classified ads posting still very effective, even in 2023, we can’t expect good sales of our online products without posting classified ads.

How to manage classified ads?

After post ads in top classified sites, you can manage your ads by login and edit your post anytime. If you need to update any information about your business, then manage and edit anytime to improve your ads.

How to promote my classified ads to get more traffic?

You can promote your classified ads and increase traffic by two different way. First, you can run paid post in those classified sites (if you have enough budget). Second, You can share your classified ads on different social media sites like (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc) to get more traffic and generate sales.

Final Thoughts

Classified sites in Pakistan are best platform to increase sales and traffic. Although classified backlinks should help to improve local search ranking.

So use above list of free Pakistan classified sites to establish your brand, increase traffic, website rank and sales.

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