50+ Top Free Nigeria Business Listing Sites & Directories in 2024 {Updated}

Are you finding Business Listing Sites in  Nigeria? If yes, Then you are right landing page to get top Nigeria business listing websites & directories 2024 to submit your business for local ranking.

Nigeria is an African country where have huge opportunity to set up profitable business. Local directories in Nigeria will helps to rank your business on local SERPS.

business listing sites in nigeria


Boost online presence by submitting your business details information on top list of 50 free Nigeria business listing websites and directories that should help to increase your business website ranking and CRT (click through rates).

Increasing online search presence is one of the most effective way to achieve new potential customers. By adding your business name, description, address, website, phone number, email address on Nigeria business directories – your targeted customer’s will know about your brand, new products, special offer and many more.

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What is Local Business Listing Directories in Nigeria?

Local business listing is an best off-page seo techniques to rank a business or website in local search engine result. Business Listing Websites or Directories in Nigeria are online platform where allow business owner’s to submit there different category business details information like business name, description, website link, address, email and so on.

Business listing in Nigeria will help you to rank your business which must bring targeted category business listings. So, start submitting your website on top business directories in Nigeria to reach your business in desired destination.

Advantages of Business Listing in Nigeria

Business listing is most beneficial techniques to find physical local of business. Here below I have pointing some important benefits of bisiness listing in Nigeria.

  • Business listing is a direct optimization way to submit business details and website link in search engine and nearby city directories.
  • Local business listing is an way to rank a business or website in local search engine result.
  • It’s helps to bring high authority inbound link and targeted traffic.
  • Increase online presence and sales.
  • It’s will help to make your brand awareness.

Top Business Directories in Nigeria 2024

Here’s a curated list of the top 20 business directories in Nigeria, along with their URLs, to help businesses enhance their visibility and credibility.

  1. Yellow Pages Nigeria:
    • Overview: Comprehensive directory covering various industries.
    • Key Features: User-friendly interface, detailed business profiles.
  2. Connect Nigeria:
    • Introduction: A platform connecting businesses and consumers.
    • Listing Benefits: Increased exposure, targeted marketing.
  3. BusinessList.com.ng:
    • Features and Advantages: Detailed business information, customer reviews.
    • User Testimonials: Insights from businesses benefiting from the directory.
  4. VConnect:
    • Services Provided: Offers a range of business services.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation for businesses and consumers.
  5. Finelib:
    • Overview: Business and information directory.
    • Special Features: Local events and deals section.
  6. Lagos List:
    • Focus: Directory specifically catering to businesses in Lagos.
    • Benefits: Localized visibility for businesses in the Lagos region.
  7. Nigeria Business Directory:
    • Inclusion: Covers a wide range of industries and services.
    • Niche Focus: Allows businesses to target specific sectors.
  8. Lekki Republic:
    • Community Emphasis: Directory focused on the Lekki area.
    • Networking: Connects businesses within the local community.
  9. Foursquare Nigeria:
    • Integration: Combines directory services with social networking.
    • Location-Based: Emphasizes location-based business discovery.
  10. Nigerian Finder:
    • Versatility: Offers information beyond business listings.
    • Business Articles: Additional resources for entrepreneurs.
  11. Naija Hot Jobs:
    • Specialization: Focus on job listings and business directories.
    • Recruitment Hub: Connects businesses with potential employees.
  12. Nigeria Galleria:
    • Inclusive: Covers businesses, events, and government listings.
    • Multimedia: Includes images and videos for enhanced profiles.
  13. Naija Planet:
    • Unique Approach: Directory combined with social networking features.
    • Business Community: Encourages collaboration among businesses.
  14. Nigerian Business Directory:
    • Scope: Comprehensive directory covering various sectors.
    • Business Categories: Allows users to explore specific industries.
  15. Naija Yellow Pages:
    • User Interface: Simple and straightforward for easy navigation.
    • Nationwide Coverage: Includes businesses from all regions of Nigeria.
  16. Naija Local:
    • Localized Focus: Emphasis on promoting local businesses.
    • Interactive Map: Allows users to explore businesses geographically.
  17. Business Directory Nigeria:
    • Business-Centric: Tailored for entrepreneurs and business listings.
    • Featured Listings: Provides options for enhanced visibility.
  18. Nigeria Companies Directory:
    • Corporate Emphasis: Focus on company profiles and information.
    • Industry Insights: Additional resources for business professionals.
  19. Naija Service:
    • Service-Oriented: Highlights businesses offering various services.
    • Customer Reviews: Features feedback from service recipients.
  20. Naija Face:
    • Social Integration: Combines business listings with social features.
    • Community Engagement: Encourages user interaction and reviews.

Top 30 List of Nigeria Business Listing Websites & Directories

Here we listed top business listing sites in Nigeria that help to submit your business or website in best directories.

No. Business Listing Sites in Nigeria DA PA
1. business.google.com 91 74
2. facebook.com 96 79
3. business.linkedin.com 98 74
4. business.instagram.com 93 83
5. connectnigeria.com 50 52
6. vconnect.com 45 50
7. businesslist.com.ng 32 49
8. expat.com 63 51
9. techdirectory.io/nigeria 56 28
10. smearena.com.ng 22 24
11. finelib.com 33 39
12. lgtnigeria.com 19 45
13. confirmed.ng 14 23
14. nigerialisting.com 14 32
15. nigeriagalleria.com 40 49
16. yellowpagesofafrica.com 38 46
17. ngex.com 43 31
18. directory.org.ng 18 26
19. ngcontacts.com 14 30
20. tuugo.com.ng 15 36
21. yellnigeria.com 18 45
22. yalwa.com.ng 14 32
23. afrikta.com 10 21
24. abujagalleria.com 16 45
25. lagoslist.com.ng 12 19
26. businessfinder.ng 5 21
27. 6000profiles.com 9 45
28. business.jossidy.com.ng 4 20
29. businessdirectorynigeria.com 5 9
30. businessdirectory.ng 6 11


FAQs On Nigeria Business Listings

Is Business Listing Still Valuable in 2024?

Yes, Business listing still valuable way to rank a business in local search engine in 2024.

What is Nigeria local business directory?

Nigeria business directories are online platform to submit buiness or website to increase online presence, brand awareness and helps to rank Nigeria local SERPs.

Final Thoughts

Above list of top business listing sites in Nigeria will help you to take your in next level. Your business should get ranking on local search and must increase sales of your business products.

So, Start today and submit your business information in Nigeria business listing sites to achieve your business goals.

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