Modern Shared Hosting Plans – Features You Should Look For

One of the most popular web hosting platforms and the best web hosting for small businesses is shared hosting. Every small and medium-sized business with a manageable amount of visitors uses it as its primary hosting provider. Startups, bloggers, freelancers, and web developers are all huge fans of shared hosting. You can also look for Cheap Web Hosting In India.

Although there are many shared hosting solutions available, the following characteristics of the best shared hosting plans should be considered:

Cost-free SSL Certificate

You will run into web hosting companies like Bluegeek Hosting in your search for the most effective and cost-effective shared hosting plan; this is a crucial feature. They include a Free SSL certificate with all of their Linux-shared web hosting plans.

As secure websites are rated more highly by Google and users alike, if you buy a web hosting package, you will eventually need to get an SSL certificate for the website. Therefore, you must search for shared hosting that provides an SSL certificate for free in order to set up a complete website without having to do it individually.

Superior Technical Support

For assistance with website problems, you require a technical support group. Sure, you have a control panel that makes things simpler for you, but a reliable technical support system is crucial as well.

The most crucial factor to consider is support, particularly if you’re setting up your website for the first time. Look through the review websites to see what kind of help the web hosting businesses you are thinking about are offering.

Without Bandwidth Limitations

A shared hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth is what you should be looking for. How quickly your website can serve users’ content during periods of high traffic depends on how much bandwidth you have on hand.

In order to expand your audience and boost revenue, bandwidth is a key factor. You have more flexibility to host the websites and applications you want with unlimited bandwidth.

Host Multiple Websites

Small companies, professionals, and bloggers should all use shared hosting. A larger web hosting plan is required if you intend to run multiple websites and anticipate receiving plenty of traffic. Having said that, it also does not imply that you can just host one website using shared hosting.

For hosting two or more websites with a modest number of visitors, the computer resources offered by the majority of shared hosting plans are adequate. If you want to host more than one website, look for a domain hosting provider that offers multiple website hosting.

Guaranteed 30-Day Refund

This is a crucial quality to search for in a web hosting provider. Choose a web server that offers a money-back guarantee. This demonstrates the quality of the business and allows you to discontinue the services at any time within 30 days if you are dissatisfied. When choosing a web host for your blog or website, it’s crucial to look for one that has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Email Addresses Are Included

Professional email is typically preferred over free ones. Customers have a positive perception of you as a result. Paying extra fees for business email hosting can raise the overall cost of hosting because shared hosting is an inexpensive hosting option. It is essential to pick a shared hosting package that includes business email at no additional cost.

The sophisticated email services offered by current shared hosting allow you to send emails via webmail as well as through Outlook. Calendars, contact lists, task scheduling, forwarding, autoresponders, and security services like virus screening and removal are also included in professional email services. An additional benefit is receiving expert email services for the same cost.

Knowledge Base Assistance

A knowledge base should be sought after. Most of your questions can be answered without contacting customer service thanks to our comprehensive and helpful knowledge base. When it comes to establishing your website and web hosting account, you will require instructions and examples for a variety of tasks. You can get practical advice and do-it-yourself instructions from the dynamic knowledge base.

You may easily comprehend numerous duties if you choose Bluegeek Hosting because they offer both a content-based knowledge base and video lessons. Time and effort can be saved by having a solid knowledge foundation at your disposal.

Free Movement

The importance of a free migration service cannot be overstated if you want to move your website from another web server. It can be difficult to migrate your website on your own, especially if you are not a technical specialist.

In order for you to easily pick up where you left off, a web hosting business that appreciates its clients will assume full responsibility for the migration procedure on your behalf. Your website doesn’t need to be manually moved, saving you time.

Customer Reviews

Try to get a web hosting provider with a lot of positive customer feedback. Even though not all of the reviews are favorable, reading them will give you a better understanding of how the web hosting provider handles customer complaints. Before you sign up for shared hosting, check for and read evaluations of any web hosting companies you have chosen.

In comparison to prior times, a shared hosting bundle is significantly more distinct today. The needs of website owners are better met by modern shared hosting. It’s critical to look for shared hosting that has all of the necessary features that give it a full worth of the money.


When choosing a shared hosting plan, do your research thoroughly and make sure there are no other fees or costs other than the one that is stated in the price. To make your website more safe and quick, look for the correct technologies.

If you’re seeking a complete web host that offers the best fully featured shared hosting, you should give Bluegeek Hosting some thought. This shared hosting platform checks all the necessary boxes for a website to be operational. With all the necessary features included, shared hosting plans begin at $60 per month.

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