Why Meta Keywords are the Keys to Winning the SEO Strategy

What Meta Keywords are, we first need to define them.

There are several other kinds of meta tags that exist in the HTML code of web pages, but the most common is the meta keyword tag. Search engine crawlers give more information about a page’s content by designating which topics it covers with meta keywords.

What Is an Example of a Meta Keyword?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an example of a meta term. When a search engine sees the HTML code for this page, it knows it is about search engine optimization.

Are Meta Keywords Good for SEO?

The keywords tag is significant for SEO in various search engines since it is used to identify the page’s primary subjects. Search engines don’t generally employ keywords when determining SEO rankings.

How Many Meta Keywords Should I Use?

Keywords should not exceed ten per page. To ensure that you don’t utilize too many keywords in the keywords tag, search engines set their own character limit for this HTML element.

Is Meta Keywords Still Used by Google?

Keywords are not used by Google and have no impact on search results at this time. As of 2009, Google discontinued utilizing the keywords tag because it quickly became an area where someone could dump unrelated keywords without users ever seeing them.

According to Google, “several years ago, Google began discarding the keywords meta tag since it was so commonly exploited.”

If you’re interested in the inner workings of search engine algorithms, take a look at my guide on how SEO functions in websites. A content management system (CMS) is a software platform that may be used to create and manage content.

Is Bing a Meta Keywords Search Engine?

Keywords aren’t used by Bing, which means they’re excluded and this HTML meta tag isn’t taken into account when determining rankings. According to Duane Forrester, a senior product manager at Microsoft’s search unit, Bing Blogs has stopped using meta keywords as of 2014.

Today, it’s very evident that the meta keyword element has lost its SEO usefulness, according to Forrester. There’s no doubt that contextual ad systems and search bots may benefit from it, but as a search engine booster, that tag has been defunct for years.

Meta Keywords are used by which search engines?

Keywords are used as a ranking element by Amazon, Yandex, and perhaps Baidu and DuckDuckGo. The keywords tag is valued by each of these search engines irrespective of the other parts of on-page optimization.


The keywords tag can be found on Amazon web pages if you look at the HTML source code.

It is possible that Amazon’s internal search engine is using these keywords instead of Google or Bing because these algorithms do not use keywords as ranking factors.


All the meta tags that Yandex takes into account for web rankings may be found on the Yandex support page.

Can be used for calculating the page’s relevancy to search queries, it says next to the keywords tag.


The Chinese search engine does not employ keywords, according to published documentation from Baidu. “Baidu’s engineer LEE, who is in charge of responding queries publicly about SEO, made it plain in August 2012 that meta keywords tag had become a history for Baidu, and Baidu fully ignores it,” wrote the author of a blog entry on the matter at Jinray China SEO Diary.


DuckDuckGo’s search engine does not include any information about keywords. If this search engine does or does not employ the keywords tag for SEO purposes, we cannot be certain of that fact at this time.

Is It Necessary to Include Meta Keywords?

Meta keywords aren’t necessary. Google and Bing do not index or rank content based on the meta keywords tag. Using keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) is a waste of time.

Meta keywords can still help you rank higher in other search engines, but only if you follow the recommended practices listed below.

What Should I Include in My Keywords for Better Search Engine Ranks?

  • Keep your meta keywords list to a maximum of 10 keywords.
  • Use a comma to separate each group of keywords.
  • Avoid using the same key phrases over and over again.
  • Start the meta keywords tag with your most important keywords.
  • Including misspellings is a good way to show search engines that your page is related to misspelled requests. Include misspellings if common.
  • Incorporate synonyms, antonyms, and the singular and plural forms of your chosen keywords.


I hope you’ve learned something new about SEO’s use of meta keywords.

What is a meta keyword? As you learned, it is a series of phrases that are added to the HTML code of a web page to communicate to search engines what the content is about.

Even though meta tags are vital for SEO, it all relies on which search engine you’re targeting. Keywords are no longer supported by the major search engines like Google and Bing, however Amazon, Yandex, and potentially Baidu and DuckDuckGo do.

As a result, you have the option of optimizing the meta keywords tag. Put your target keyword phrases in this field, but don’t expect to see much of an SEO benefit because it doesn’t hold a lot of weight.

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