Top 130+ [FREE] Japan Business Listing Sites in 2024 {Updated}

Free business listing sites Japan are best platforms to promote and rank a business or website in Japan local search engine. Here we are going to share top Japan business listing sites list, which must useful to take your business in next level.

Japan is an top growing business country in Asia. Here have already lots of established business and they are using b2b protal, Citations sites Japan or Japan business listing sites to marketing there business products, brand and services.

Japan business listing sites
Best Japan Business Listing Sites

In this article, you will get 100+ free Japan business listing sites or business listing sites in Japan, where you can submit your business information to rank in local SERPS.

What is Business Listing Sites Japan in SEO?

A business listing is an online public profile that contains businesses necessary information like name, description, logo, address, phone (NAP), website, hours of operation and many more.

Japan business listing sites are initial part of off page SEO. You must submit your business on top business listing sites Japan to get your business in local search result pages. So, this is most important part of SEO to rank local SERPS (search engine result pages) in Japan.

Top 10 Business Listing Sites in Japan

Here the top 10 business listing sites in Japan along with some details:

  1. Hot Pepper Beauty:
    • Website: Hot Pepper Beauty
    • Description: Hot Pepper Beauty is a popular platform in Japan for beauty and wellness services. Businesses in the beauty industry, such as salons and spas, can create detailed profiles to attract customers.
  2. Tabelog:
    • Website: Tabelog
    • Description: Tabelog is a leading restaurant review and rating site in Japan. Restaurants can create profiles, showcase their menus, and gather reviews from diners.
  3. Gurunavi:
    • Website: Gurunavi
    • Description: Gurunavi is a comprehensive restaurant and hospitality platform in Japan. Businesses can list their services, menus, and promotions to reach a wide audience.
  4. Retty:
    • Website: Retty
    • Description: Retty is a platform that connects users with restaurants and dining experiences. Businesses can create profiles with images, menus, and promotions to attract customers.
  5. iYell:
    • Website: iYell
    • Description: iYell is a local search platform in Japan that helps users discover businesses and services in their area. Businesses can create profiles with essential details.
  6. Savvy Tokyo:
    • Website: Savvy Tokyo
    • Description: Savvy Tokyo is a lifestyle and business directory providing information on various services and businesses in Tokyo. It caters to an international audience.
  7. AirREGI:
    • Website: AirREGI
    • Description: AirREGI is a platform that offers point-of-sale solutions for businesses in Japan. It helps businesses manage transactions and streamline operations.
  8. FindJPN:
    • Website: FindJPN
    • Description: FindJPN is a business directory that focuses on connecting businesses with customers in Japan. It covers various industries and services.
  9. Locoguide Japan:
    • Website: Locoguide Japan
    • Description: Locoguide Japan is a travel and lifestyle directory providing information on local businesses and services. It caters to both residents and tourists.
  10. Japan Yellow Pages:
    • Website: Japan Yellow Pages
    • Description: Japan Yellow Pages is an online directory covering a wide range of businesses and services in Japan. It provides a platform for businesses to showcase their offerings.

How to Do Japan Business Listing? (Step by Step Process)

Listing a business in Japan business directories not so hard or technical process. You should follow some sample steps to do Japan business listing.

  • Pick a high DA Japan business listing site from our list.
  • Then register or sign up with name, email, Password and verify your email address.
  • After login, click on “claim your business” or “add new business”
  • Now select your business category.
  • Then provide your business details information like business name, description, logo, address, phone number (NAP), business hours etc.
  • Use SEO optimized description and make sure you have provide right business address, phone. Also use same address and phone in all business listing sites.
  • Finally click on submit.

80 Best Japan Business Listing Sites 2024

Here is a list of best 80 Japan business listing sites:

  1. Hot Pepper Beauty
  2. Tabelog
  3. Gurunavi
  4. Retty
  5. iYell
  6. Savvy Tokyo
  7. AirREGI
  8. FindJPN
  9. Locoguide Japan
  10. Japan Yellow Pages
  11. Cylex Japan
  12. Jetro Business Directory
  13. ZipLocal
  14. Yellow Pages Japan
  15. Japan Local Guide
  16. Japan Business Guide
  17. BusinessWorld Japan
  18. Japan Business Directory
  19. Japan Local Search
  20. Japan Company Trust Organization
  21. YellowPage-Japan
  22. Goi-Hakkutsu
  23. Eatability
  24. Japan Business Database
  25. Japan Directory
  26. Docomo Directory
  27. Get Japan
  28. iGuides Japan
  29. Japan Web Guide
  30. Wandoyado
  31. Japan Productivity Center Directory
  32. Kanasnabi
  33. Business Link Japan
  34. Japan Business Map
  35. Yokohama Business Directory
  36. Tokyo Business Directory
  37. Japan Company Directory
  38. Japan Business Pages
  39. Bridgeways
  40. Machinist
  41. Rakuten
  42. Yellow Pages Online Japan
  43. Japan Business Info
  44. Tokyo Yellow Pages
  45. Japan Restaurants
  46. Japan Wholesale Directory
  47. Shizuoka Business Directory
  48. Japan Business Pages
  49. Japan Local Search
  50. Tokyo Directory
  51. Japan Company Trust Organization
  52. Kanazawa Business Directory
  53. Japan Productivity Center
  54. Gunma Business Directory
  55. Japan Business Database
  56. Japan Web Guide
  57. Japan Guide
  58. Tokyo Business Directory
  59. Japan Direct
  60. Yokohama Business Directory
  61. Osaka Business Directory
  62. Fukuoka Business Directory
  63. Kyoto Business Directory
  64. Kobe Business Directory
  65. Aichi Business Directory
  66. Nagoya Business Directory
  67. Sapporo Business Directory
  68. Sendai Business Directory
  69. Hiroshima Business Directory
  70. Okinawa Business Directory
  71. Naha Business Directory
  72. Kagoshima Business Directory
  73. Miyazaki Business Directory
  74. Kochi Business Directory
  75. Kumamoto Business Directory
  76. Ishikawa Business Directory
  77. Toyama Business Directory
  78. Niigata Business Directory
  79. Yamagata Business Directory
  80. Shimane Business Directory

Benefits of Business Listing in Japan?

Business listing is an game changing SEO technique. Japan business listing sites must beneficial for your business such as..

  1. Enhance your online presence.
  2. Improve your local visibility.
  3. Increase brand awareness.
  4. Boost search engine ranking.
  5. Increase traffic to your business website.
  6. Will get high quality backlinks.
  7. Should get targeted customers.
  8. Must increase sales.

50 List of Japan Business Listing Sites (High DA PA)

No. Japan Business Listing Directories DA PA
1. 91 75
2. 90 65
3. 98 74
4. 96 79
5. 74 62
6. 67 44
7. 48 47
8. 52 57
9. 58 60
10. 37 50
11. 81 66
12. 16 20
13. 92 77
14. 89 76
15. 91 72
16. 68 66
17. 67 58
18. 54 55
19. 26 36
20. 74 66
21. 50 58
22. 39 42
23. 46 50
24. 50 56
25. 31 31
26. 15 23
27. 58 59
28. 21 46
29. 12 19
30. 37 50
31. 45 47
32. 59 58
33. 18 20
34. 35 46
35. 44 46
36. 76 61

FAQS (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q. What are business listing websites?

A business listing website is an online platform, where allow users to make there business profile to promote and increase visibility. There are lots of business listing sites, you will find on internet like..

1. Google my business

2. Bing Places

3. Facebook

4. Yahoo

5. Yelp

6. Apple Maps

7. Foursquare

8. CitySquares

9. Citysearch

10. Manta

11. Better Business Bureau (BBB)

12. Hotfrog

and many more.

Q. Are business directories good for SEO?

Yes, Business listing directory submission still very effective off page SEO techniques to rank a business in local search result. In fact, business listing is an initial and most important part of SEO to get visibility and rank a physical business or services.

Q. Why Japan business listing important?

Japan is the top growing business country and most of people buy there need products and services in online. Here have huge opportunity to estimated e-commerce and general business or services. So, without listing your business on top business listing directories, you can’t expect good sales.

Q. Which online software will I use to manage all business listings?

To manage all business listing, you can use This is actually great platform to manage your listings like, you can check where your business already listed and which you need to update there.

Final Words

Above Japan business listing sites list in 2024 will help you to marketing your business in online to get local search ranking.

So, use our list of high authority business listing sites in japan and submit your business information to improve your business visibility, ranking and increase sales.

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