10 Reasons to Choose Ionic for Mobile Development

Using standard web technologies, the Ionic stack makes it simple to develop iOS, Android, Desktop, and Progressive Web Apps. There are plenty of alternatives for cross-platform mobile and web-based app development, so why do you look into using Ionic mobile development?

So in this article, we will discuss 10 reasons to Choose Ionic app for Mobile Development.

There are 10 reasons why you may consider using Ionic app

1. You’re a web designer

One of the most compelling reasons to select Ionic is when you’re a web-based developer and want to remain within web development.

Ionic is a web development platform that Ionic stack builds upon the standard web development technology, which means it is possible to make most of the applications using a browser.

You can also utilize common tools for development in browsers and technologies while creating and deploying a native application. Other cross-platform toolkits do not use Web development tools; therefore, they’re not the ideal choice for web developers.

2. You are building a brand new engineering team for app development

Since the Ionic stack is designed for web developers, the Ionic stack is intended for Web developers. Ionic is the most simple cross-platform technology for hiring since there are a lot more web developers around all over the globe than with any other technology.

Web developers can quickly develop apps with the Ionic stack. It’ll be the most common to developers and offer excellent compatibility with popular web frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.

Hiring web developers will also allow them to create for desktop, mobile, and even the web, without recruiting specialists to develop for every platform.

3. it’s an enterprise (or is employed by one)

Ionic is the sole development stack that runs cross-platform, offering Enterprise Integrations and support for teams creating applications for customers and employees.

Ionic has dedicated support and security features such as Biometrics and single sign-on cloud services for remote app updates, development, and distribution of app stores.

Ionic is the leader in the industry in the development of enterprise apps, with many Fortune 1000 customers, and the customers are raving about it.

4. You already have web-based experiences and investments

Since that, the Ionic stack has been built on web development as a standard and is the only cross-platform platform solution that allows you to integrate existing web applications, libraries, and other web-based software into an application.

That is especially important for companies or teams with a significant presence on the web who want to integrate these experiences into their existing applications, like traditional native applications.

5. You’re looking to join the enormous developer community?

Creating apps incorporating popular technology can make it easier to hire, locate partners, and find sources on the internet when you’re building your application.

Ionic app developers’ community has become huge and has millions of developers from around the globe creating apps using the stack.

The community is ablaze with enthusiasm and provides tutorials, add-ons, templates, and much more Developers can get help through the Ionic forum and Stack Overflow.

However, Ionic is distinct because the community’s not exclusive to Ionics’s bubble. Because Ionic is built on standard web technologies and protocols, the addressable community extends beyond Ionic and is a part of the more significant internet development industry, like those of the React, Angular, and Vue communities.

This is crucial when developing app development teams as an Ionic team can be created by web developers. However, others require experts in the technology and languages that aren’t commonly employed.

6. You’re on a tight deadline

We frequently hear about teams who have spent months developing their application using a different system but not meeting deadlines and then moved to Ionic and got the new app running and outperforming the previous one in weeks.

Ionic is exceptionally productive because the web is incredibly efficient. One app can run across multiple platforms. It means the development time could be 3-4 times quicker than native development using traditional methods!

7. Your apps should be available on iOS, Android, Web, and desktops

Ionic apps can run wherever the internet runs using the same source code! Additionally, Ionic offers an official API for iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web, which means teams can start their journey immediately -and target all of these platforms and their respective user bases upon launch.

8. You’d like to profit from both the apps and web traffic

Since the Ionic stack is built on web technologies that allow teams to target the internet and create an extremely efficient Progressive Web App (PWA).

The team can also connect with users in traditional app stores, via the internet, and through Google search to increase their reach and the chances of a successful application.

We’ve covered in depth how the Ionic stack provides the most excellent distribution flexibility of any cross-platform technology on the market.

9. There are already Web developers in your company

Using the Ionic stack to develop your web applications is easy if you have web-based developers in your company or workplace! Web developers can quickly transform into mobile-friendly developers by learning to utilize Ionic.

The ionic stack includes Ionic’s more than 100 mobile-optimized UI components and the native runtime, which offers functions that can access on every platform. Ionic also provides the ability to create and distribute those applications.

10. You’re a student, or you’re new to the development of apps

Ionic is the most accessible platform for developing cross-platform apps. If you’re comfortable with the basics of web development, you can create real mobile applications (and desktop and web applications) now!

Learning Ionic requires learning a few new HTML tags, some new JavaScript APIs for native functionality, and then building your app using your framework (React/Angular/Vue/etc.).

The best part is that you’re continuing to improve your skills in web development simultaneously and do not have to alter the focus of your career in technical fields.


That’s it! 10 reasons why you or your group could consider adopting Ionic. Get started using Ionic and the latest web technologies if you’re looking to build applications for cross-platform with Ionic app and the newest web technologies. Consider O2SOFT, a mobile app Development Company in Manchester.

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