How to Make a Free Blog on Blogger (Blogspot) – Complete Guide in 2023

Start blogging in 2023, should be great idea to share your knowledge on any specific niche for the hole world. Here we are going to share, how to create a free blog on blogger. This article will help you to create a blog on blogspot and manage your blogger dashboard.

how to create a blog on blogger

Blogger (blogspot) is an free hosting blog creation site where no need investment to make a professional blog. This is perfect blogging platform for Beginner’s who want to start blog for free.

Start today! Follow below steps to make free a blog on blogger.

How to Create Blog on Blogger (Step by Step)

Step 1 :

To start your first blog, First go to

Then sign in with your gmail id and password.

Create Blogger Account

Step 2 :

After login, you will automatically go to blog creation form to make your first blog.

Now provide your “blog title” in the form and click on “next“.

Create blog on blogger

Step 3 :

Then provide “domain name” and click on “next“.

Create blog on blogger free

Step 4 :

Then provide “blog owner name” and click on “finish“.

create blog on blogspot

After click on “finish“, Your blog will ready and you will automatically go to your “blogger dashboard“, where you must control your blog.

Introduction to Blogger Dashboard

Blogger dashboard is everything to handle your blog. Here I will introduce you to every section of blogger dashboard, which must help you to manage your blog easily.

introduction to blogger dashboard


1. Your Blogs Tab : Your blogs tab use to go your different blog dashboard and you can create new blog from this tab.

2. New Post Tab : New post tab use to create new blog post or new article for your blog.

3. Posts Tab : Posts tab use to see your all post which you have already write or published, where you can edit or delete your old post.

4. Stats Tab : Stats tab show your blog visitors status. You can monitor your blog visitors like :

How many visitors come to your blog daily, monthly from which country, platform and which keywords using people to visit your blog.

Also you can connect your blog with google analytics from this tab.

5. Comments Tab : Comments Tab use to see your blog readers comments, where you can approve or delete your readers comments.

6. Earnings Tab : Earning tab use to apply adsense monitization for your blog and you can handle your adsense account from this tab.

7. Pages Tab : Pages tab use to create static pages like contact us, about us, privacy policy, disclaimer page for your blog.

8. Layout Tab : Layout tab use to create your website layout that how your sites function will show. In this tab, you can add important wedget like popular post, recent post, subscribe button and many more for your blog.

9. Theme Tab : Theme tab use to set good looking theme for your blog. Here you will get different theme which you can set for your blog. Also you can upload theme from your devices and you can edit theme html or customize theme.

10. Settings Tab : Settings tab most important part of your blogs technical SEO functionality. Here you can set or change blog title, description, search description, robot.txt, google search consule, robot header tags, custom domain, http to https redirects, blogger user profile, comments moderation, multiple blog author permission etc.

11. Reading List Tab : Reading list tab use to follow others blog.

12. View Blog Tab : This tab use to view your blog in another tab of your same browser.

Create a free blog on blogger not a hard process, follow above easy steps to create your first blog on blogger (blogspot). Also above blogger dashboard introduction will help your to handle your blog on blogger.

So, start today! create your blog on blogger free and research your blog functionality to become professional blogger.

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