How to Get Keyword Ideas in 2023-Ranking Factor

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about ranking your keywords on the first page of Google. The strategy or approach of ranking keywords may be different such as On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO and Local SEO. But the main target and aim of all the different methods and techniques are one, “Rank on First Page”. Let’s start to learn how to get keyword ideas..

Keyword ideas


Million and billions of websites are on the internet competing in different niches or fields of subject or industry or way of life. Now, the question that arises in the mind is, is it possible for me to rank on Google first page? The answer is Yes! You heard it right.

The path that leads your keywords to rank on the first page on Google is indeed difficult but impossible. And keep in mind nothing is impossible if you have the courage and consistency of what you desire. If you are passing by a zig-zag situation then it means your mind has already started the journey.

Now, in this time so many questions will be arising in your mind like how, why, when, where, and what to do so I can rank my keywords on Google.

The best thing is these are the questions or thirst that I wanted to create.

Here, you are at the right place, in the right situation and on the right path from where you will learn all the tips and tricks to “Rank on Google First Page”.

Following are some top techniques to jolt it down your mind and get the right keywords that will open the secret treasure:

Questions Keywords

People search queries that are mostly based on question words. Let me take an example of “Cleaning”.

People do searches like:

What cleaning products do I need?

How cleaning helps mental health?

Why cleaning is important at the workplace?

Where cleaning chemicals be stored?

Which cleaning product is acidic?

Is the cleaning business profitable?

When to clean windows?

Will cleaning spray kills spiders?

Who will clean up my office?

In general, these questions are known as Five W’s.

Prepositions Keywords

Prepositions are widely used to show direction, time, place and location. People also search such queries that use prepositions. For example,

Cleaning for mental health

Cleaning with baking powder

Cleaning is therapeutic

Cleaning to-do list

Cleaning to reduce anxiety

Cleaning without bleach

Cleaning can be monitored by

Cleaning near me

Cleaning services near me

Prepositions like for, with, is, without, near and can be helpful in the ranking factors.

Comparisons Keywords

In the walk of life, people compare one thing with another. Everyone and everything has attached to some pros and cons that differentiate each other. Same as the case comparisons can help sort out your specific or target keywords. For instance,

Cleaning vs deep cleaning

Cleaning vs sanitizing vs disinfecting

Cleaning or cleanliness

Cleaning like a monk

Cleaning and wiping

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning versus dry cleaning

Alphabetical Keywords

From A-Z are alphabetic. There is the whole world in every field or niche or industry which covers and satisfy different needs in our lives. People search different queries in Google according to their needs and satisfaction from A- Z. For instance:

Cleaning agency, cleaning app, cleaning business, cleaning brush, cleaning checklist or company, cleaning Dyson filter, cleaning equipment, cleaning franchise, cleaning gold jewellery, cleaning hacks, cleaning iron or item or images, cleaning jobs, cleaning kettle with vinegar, cleaning lady or list, cleaning makeup brushes, cleaning net curtains, cleaning oven or old coins, cleaning products, cleaning quotes or qualification, cleaning robot or routine, cleaning supplies or schedule, cleaning tips or trainers, cleaning upholstery, cleaning velvet sofa or vinegar, cleaning washing machine or window, cleaning Xbox series, cleaning your home, and cleaning zoo or Zanussi washing machine.

A Keyword Strategy-You and your Environment

There are plenty of keyword strategies but you and your environment can be a solid approach. You and your environment include these three factors: Investigating regularly your niche, your product and your eyes on competitors.

Looking at yourself and Business

Whatever steps you take in keyword strategy ask Five W’s. Why I should take this keyword?, What are the benefits of the competitor’s analysis?, Who, where, and when to do such activity? Exploring these questions will explore you and your business.

Looking at your Audience

The audience is the first and strong resource of keyword ideas and strategy. They are the key stakeholders which one should keep in mind. Knowing your audience and fulfilling their requirements will boost your business. For instance, are your audience interested in information or willing to buy something?

Looking at Words

In the past, words or ads are product-oriented but now the focus has been shifted to user-oriented. What queries put users in search engines are highly recommended. How will you the users intent? Many SEO tools will help you in this regard but the most trusty and worthy tool is Google Keyword Planner.

Looking at Competitors

You cannot be so strong without knowing the strong, weak and intent he or she presents through their content. What strategy do they follow? What keywords they specifically they are targeting?

Looking at Data

Data is the pillar of search engines. You cannot ignore it. Data will show you the current trends, competitors analysis, audience needs and wants, seasonal trending and many more. Data helps in creating content such as if the audience searches about “Mask” then you got the clue. Now, start and build your content all about the mask and answers all the questions related to the mask.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, these are some of the questions, prepositions, comparisons, and alphabetical keywords that will help in your keywords’ idea. You can rank a video, image, voice, meme, and infographics through your keywords.

The world of keywords and their ideas is infinite!!!

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