How to Choose the Best 360 live streaming app to watch VR Videos

Among the many variants of traditional live streaming, 360-degree streaming is one of the most cutting-edge and immersive video options today. By using VR gears and applications, 360 degree live video streaming creates a simulation that looks different from reality.

This technology has evolved to a point where streaming solutions may be used for a wide variety of purposes now, not simply fun. In a basic model live stream, viewers can only see whatever the camera operator would choose to show them. With 360-degree live video streaming, however, the full area is covered and the user can select whichever angle they prefer.

The goal of this technology is to create an experience of total immersion and realism for the viewer. These apps, in comparison to traditional live video, give viewers a more enjoyable experience.

Researchers have shown that VR 360-degree video works by making two variants of a single TV commercial. One in the normal video format and one in the 360-degree format. 30% percent more people have watched a 360-degree version, and twice as many people saw it all the way through.

The 360 videos got 6 percent more clicks than the other one. What is the major benefit of these new live-streaming types? While 360 videos can be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices, those are where they reach their full potential.

This is helpful for both the user experience and the app’s visibility in search engine results. 360 is also more engaging because viewers may pick what to watch. This makes the audience much more interested.

What benefits you should look for in 360-degree live video streaming?

Companies are starting to employ 360-degree films to advertise their services and live events. When planning and holding large events, these interactive entertainments are important. Why is that so? Because they are the best way to get people interested and convince them to come to future events.

360 live streaming app

For Example, by broadcasting live concerts with 360-degree live video, audiences all across the world will feel like they are actually there. They can view the main performers and see how the audience reacts to the play because of the 360-degree tech. This makes them feel like they are a part of it. Which makes it more likely that you will go to the next event individually if you can.

These types of videos provide a realistic picture of the travel destination. Using this technology in your services allows travel and vacation companies to virtually take their customers anywhere in the world.

Using immersive video technology also allows the audience to feel like they are a part of the company’s virtual world. Organizations in the tourism industry use these interactive videos to promote their sites and link potential customers to those destinations in an effort to increase foot traffic and revenue.

When businesses increase their offerings and enter new markets, they face the challenge that comes with it. The use of 360 ° videos to offer a virtual try-out for potential buyers is a useful technology.

One of the most effective ways to advertise fresh content is through 360-degree virtual reality technology. A number of businesses typically hold live events to showcase their new and improved offerings to consumers. With 360-degree live-streaming videos, the customer has more freedom to explore new products.

Another advantage is that you can modify upcoming launches to specific customer needs after collecting information about customers’ preferences.

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Some important features to see before choosing VR 360 Video Apps

  • Live playback on different devices: These apps require a fast connection so users can see events in real-time. The longer the broadcast latency, the more individuals will switch services. If their device isn’t supported, they may leave, therefore make sure your app is better at taking care of this factor.
  • Mid-Playback Options: Even in real time, individuals seek to manage their experience. They may wish to eat food or replay a highlight during a watch party. Hold, resume, replay, and fast-forward should be present. So, you can stop and go back at any time, but you can’t skip ahead.
  • Video quality selection: We’re used to seeing clips in the finest quality, but many areas of the world don’t have the same data speeds or it’s too expensive. Thus, with the support of quality level, it will enable users in all nations to enjoy your product.
  • User Account Creation: While there are certain services where content is instantly available to anyone, the great majority of services require users to sign up for an account and then log in before they can view anything.
  • Comments/chat: Possibility to have a conversation with other individuals, either inside the video window or outside of it.


Today’s streaming services draw inspiration from the world of virtual reality. It’s bringing a new level of excitement to the entertainment industry. Standard streaming simply allows you to see one-half of your media library. It is somehow becoming boring. With 360 degree live streaming, the viewers are absorbed in the totality of the scene.

So, with this incredible technology, you can watch immersive videos and experience a burst of excitement. We hope this article will work for you to choose the apps carefully. Because, as fun-loving people, we too want others not to do injustice with their entertainment dose.

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