How to Check Real Instagram Followers? – Unlocking the Authenticity


Social media platforms have grown in importance in recent years. More than one billion people use Instagram every day, making it one of the most popular platforms overall. Everyone from individuals to corporations is trying to grow their Instagram following because of the platform’s massive reach. Having said that, not every follower is the same.

A large number of accounts buy “fake followers” to make their numbers seem better. Fans, prospective business associates, and even collaborators might be misled by this.

Methods to Check Real Instagram Followers:

Analyzing Engagement Patterns:

One of the first indicators of genuine followers is their engagement. Real followers will interact with your content through likes, comments, and shares. Explore your posts and observe the consistency and quality of interactions. High engagement from diverse accounts is a positive sign of a real and active follower base.

Check for Inconsistencies in Profiles:

Fake or bot accounts often have inconsistencies in their profiles. Look for incomplete bios, generic profile pictures, and a lack of personal posts. Genuine followers tend to have a more fleshed-out profile with authentic information and a history of their own posts.

Examine Follower Growth Patterns:

Real followers are acquired organically over time. Suspicious accounts often exhibit sudden spikes in followers without corresponding spikes in engagement. Analyze your follower growth graph; a steady and gradual increase is more indicative of genuine followers.

Look for Consistent Interests:

Real followers usually share common interests with you or align with the theme of your content. If your followers seem to have a diverse range of interests unrelated to your content, it might be a sign of inauthentic accounts.

Verify Account Activity:

Authentic accounts are active on Instagram, regularly posting, and interacting with others. If a follower has been dormant for an extended period, it might be a dormant or fake account. Check the last activity timestamp to gauge the realness of your followers.

Tools for Checking Real Instagram Followers

Find out whether your Instagram followers are fake using one of the many tools out there. Commonly, these tools can an account’s follower count for warning signs of insincerity. Among the most common tools are:

  • Instaup
  • HypeAuditor
  • Modash
  • inBeat
  • InstaFollowers

You may learn a lot about the reliability of an account’s followers using these tools. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that no instrument can guarantee perfection. To get a fuller perspective, it’s smart to employ several tools and look through some of the followers of an account by hand.

How to Get Real Free Instagram Followers?

When competing with millions of active users, it may be rather tough to develop a big following on Instagram. But there are a number of tried-and-true methods you may use to get real fans and gradually expand your following on the site. Obtaining free Instagram followers is easy if you follow these steps:

  • Fill up your profile thoroughly and include useful information. Make use of a professional-grade profile photo that embodies your character or business. Create an engaging biography that showcases your skills, hobbies, and/or USP. Make it easy for people to take action by including a plain call to action, such asking them to follow your page or visit your website.
  • Post eye-catching, interesting, and engaging material that speaks to your demographic on a regular basis. Send a variety of media types, such as images, videos, stories, and reels. To make your material more engaging and visible, include eye-catching images, relevant hashtags, and interesting subtitles.
  • Maintaining an interested and returning audience requires a regular publishing schedule. Aim for a post every day, but remember that quality, not number, is what matters most. Keep your followers from being inundated with too much stuff.
  • React to remarks, provide answers to inquiries, and join pertinent discussions. Make it clear to your followers that you are paying attention to what they have to say and appreciate their interaction.
  • Connect with like-minded Instagram users who can help you reach your target demographic. To increase your exposure and get more followers, try cross-promoting each other’s content, holding joint giveaways, or working on collaborative initiatives.


  • Get to know your Instagram followers, interaction rates, and most popular posts by digging into your Insights. Make informed decisions on who to target with your content based on these findings.
  • Keep yourself updated on all the latest Instagram trends, hashtags, and challenges. Use your imagination to join these trends and get more followers.

Final Words:

Keeping a real and active following is essential in the constantly changing environment of social media. Your online presence will be more genuine and significant if you use the strategies and resources outlined in this article to verify the authenticity of your Instagram followers. Reliability has several advantages over having a large number of false followers, but remembers that it takes time to create a true following.

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