Why Domain/Page Authority Matters | 4 Factors to Boost your Domain Authority?

The growth of your website is akin to high domain authority. People tend to wield astounding efforts to increase their blog traffic and to rank on the first page in SERPs.


But, their struggle can be amiss because they often don’t properly calculate the right metrics while putting down their efforts.


How to Boost Domain Authority


SEO is no doubt the art behind every highly converted blog, but what lies at the epicenter of SEO is none other than the DA.


Thus, I am outlaying the best information by throwing light on the topic. If you want to know about domain authority, read this article.


What is Domain Authority (DA)?


Commonly known as a metric or a score to identify the probability of your website ranking position in search results.


This is the reason, it is considered as the score telling the worth of a website among a whole lot of competing domains.


If your website gets indexed but does not appear even after searching for the right keywords, it becomes a constant headache.


As you can’t see your efforts materializing in the form of search results ranking, you become ambivalent about your strategy.


To cope with that anxiety, Moz, an SEO company, provided a DA metric to tell your website’s current worth in terms of scores.


Is DA an absolute metric?


Their scores range from 1 to 100 and are highly competitive. In other words, you mustn’t consider your DA scores alone but you should compare your score with your competitors to know your worth.


Putting it simply, you can go for a DA checker  tool to find your domain authority score by a putting your website into that tool and with a single click, for example your score is 30, and your competitor’s score is 32. Here, you need to put some effort to take a lead in DA scores. But keep one thing in mind, while increasing your low DA, you have to just keep it above 33.


By doing this you may increase your chances of appearing in SERPs exponentially. Also, you would outrank your competitor. Hence, DA is a relative metric and not an absolute one.


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What is Page Authority (PA)?


For the sake of convention, you can think of Page authority as a smaller form of domain authority. BY definition, it is a metric that defines your webpage ranking. It is related to a single webpage of a website.


As a website has many pages, so each page will have a separate page rank score. Like DA it also ranges from 1 to 100.


For a website, not all its pages rank equally on Google. Some will rank on the first page and some will rank lower.


This phenomenon depends upon the varying page authority of all web pages. Therefore, a top-rank page has a high PA score while a low-rank page may get low PA.


In short, PA of all pages may contribute to forming an aggregated DA score because it comprises all web pages and represents the overall website’s score.


Factors considered in a domain authority score:


Moz has allocated almost 40 factors that help in increasing the SEO of a website and combines them all to form a score called DA score.


Maor factors are linking root domains, backlinks, quality of these links, content quality, and social media responses.


These key points are embedded in Moz algorithms, as they check your website appearing in search results.


How you can increase the DA score of your website?


It is not that easy to increase DA because it takes consistent efforts and practical steps. Moreover, you have to be patient to see palpable results.


To begin with, you first need to audit your website and see all the data from a performance perspective. Furthermore, you need to see where your business stands and whether it is profitable or not.


Make a blueprint of appropriate changes after assessing your website’s performance and setting your goals. Use a DA PA checker to get your current score and after applying the given techniques again check your DA score. You will see a difference.


Revamp your link building strategies:


For DA, the number and relevancy of backlinks matter the most. So, you need to buckle up your linking strategies to enhance your Domain authority.


You can outreach other webmasters for guest posting, which helps you expand your linking profile. This refers to sound off-page SEO of your website so that it gets more and more referrals.


Here the important thing you should realize is the relevancy of backlinks. Nowadays, Google’s Panda update checks for the relevant links and those links do not meet the prescribed criteria, you may get a penalty.


Thus, losing your ranking, your website gets low traffic.


Improve content’s quality:


On-page Seo has a great effect on your online business. Not only does it help gather more traffic but also it attracts more natural backlinks.


Your content tells your level in the industry. If your content is the best, your image in the industry will obviously be the best.


It creates a sense of credibility in what you provide. People moreover, like your content because it is different from what they have already seen. Thus it invokes interest because they find value in it.


Hence they would refer to your content and you will get natural backlinks. This natural link-building strategy is hard-earned and long-lasting.


It greatly increases your ranking thus improving your domain authority score. Hence, a high DA score connotes a high ranking.


In this way, on-page SEO appears to be an elixir to your overall SEO and your search engine result page rank.


Wrapping it up:


Many companies have developed some domain rating or authority factors to gauge the ranking and worth of a website.


These factors appear to be useful ones because they at least forecast and predict some insights about your blog or website.


But they are not always accurate for DA only covers 40 factors. Therefore, it is not as complex as Google factors.


Therefore, Google’s actual ranking and Moz DA results may sometimes vary. This infers that you must adopt a tailor-made approach while using this score.


Take this score as a general idea and use it along with other ranking factors combined. This holistic approach is very beneficial for your business.


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