How to Become Professional Blogger in 2023 {Updated}

Blogging is most profitable profession if you can take it professionally as your job. Here I am going to discuss about blogging pro or problogging tips that will help you to understand how to become professional blogger step by step.

how to become professional blogger

Many new blogger straggling with there blog and they never get any profit from there blog. Because they never work professionally in there blog. You have to live as a professional blogger by set up quality blog.

A professional blogger living from the blog and many blogger income huge amount from there blog. Full time blogging is no longer just fun, but a job. So, Take it seriously and start today with refrash mind.

Before I start, I want to show you some blogger’s monthly income history which will inspire you to start as a professional blogger. Below link i have provided where should go to see there income history.

Bloggers Income Report

pro bloggers income report


Now you should clear that blogging is the biggest platform for professional blogger. To become pro blogger you must achieve skills on different sector ( like : writing, SEO, Website design etc ). If you have not enough skill on any sector then you can hire professionals to do your job from upwork, freelancer etc.

Most of the new blogger fail to gain success in there blogging life. Because never take blogging as professional. To become a professional blogger you must work hardly and as a bloggingpro expert. You must gain success, If you can take it as your business. So, Lets follow some below steps to start your pro blogger journey.

Select Perfect and Profitable Niche Before Start Blogging

Niche selection is most important part to start a profitable and successful blog. Many new blogger take wrong action to select perfect niche. You must select a profitable niche where you have talent or skills to write your blog for long time.

So, Take time and think about your niche where you can work long term. Choose a niche where you have passion and low compitition niche which have traffic value.

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Build a Blog as Professional Blogger

After choose your perfect niche, start building your business website or blog as a pro blogger. Make investment to build a professional blog as like as your compititors using. To build your money website, You follow below steps..

Buy Domain : To make professional blog you must buy a top level domain ( like: .com, .org, .net ) from godaddy or namecheap. Domain price between $10-$15 per year.

Buy Hosting : You must buy hosting to build your business or professional blog. You can buy hosting from bluehost and hosting price between $90-$120 per year.

Buy Theme : Buy a good looking professional customize theme from themeforest or other theme company. It will one time charge between $80 – $100

Now connect your domain, hosting with and upload your theme. Then create statistic pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer pages for your website or blog.

Also install important 10 plugins which will will help you in seo and website performance in the search engine.

Not only these ten plugins enough for blogging but you can start with these plugins and day by day you can learn that which plugins you need to make your perfect blog. So, Start using these above plugins.

Start Writing Blog or Hire a Professional Writer

Content is the king of a blog to achieve success. You have to publish high quality article in your blog by research keyword. Before start writing a article you must research keyword to find low compitition and high search volume. In the Internet, You will get many keyword research tools.

Here I have provide two free keyword research tools which will help you to find best keyword.

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Ubersuggest

After research keyword, start writing your first blog post. Keep in mind, You should write a quality article more then your compititors article and write article for readers. You must write your article for your audience to engage your audience in your blog.

If you unable to write quality article then you can hire content writer to write your blog regularly. You can hire writer from upwork or You must post 7- 10 articles per month to engage your audience.

Connect Your Website or Blog With Top Search Engine and Online Marketing Tools

You should submit your blog in top search engine submission sites ( like : google, bing etc ). So, start submit your website in top search engine to crawl and connect with online marketing tools to monitoring your website seo. Connent with google search consule, Bing webmaster tools and google analytics to monitor your blog performance on search engine. Also you should achieve knowledge on google algorithms to become bloggingpro.

Share Blog Post in Top Social Media Platform to Engage Targeted Audience

Social media sharing is most beneficial way to set up targeted audience to your blog. You must share your content on top social media sites ( like : facebook, pinterest, twitter, linkedin, instagram and many more). Also this is best way to bring initial traffic to your blog which will help you to apply for monetization.

Monetize Your Blog to Start Income

Apply for monetization your blog after complete 30-40 posts. You can monetize in different platform to genarete income from your blog. Here we are sharing top two monetization platform where you can apply to monetize your blog.

Google adsense : Google adsense is most trusted advertising company in the world. Here income level high and they share maximum revenue with there partners.

Affiliate marketing : affiliate marketing is also highest paid platform but here have more compitition and you will gain success if you can bring lots of targeted traffic.

Also you can sell your own products, run paid review, paid guest posting to increase your blog income.

Start SEO & Link-building Process to Marketing Your Blog or Website

After apply for monetization, start seo and linkbuilding process to gain huge amount of traffic in your blog. Do proper seo and use seo tools to analysis your compititors blog and your blogs ranking factors. You can use Ahrefs or SEMrush tools to analysis your compititors backlinks and also analysis your blog post that how many backlinks need to rank higher.

Then start link building process to gain high quality backlinks for your website or blog and try to increase your domain authority. Create backlinks where your compititors create backlinks for there blog.

Start guest posting on high authority sites to gain more traffic. Also try more off page seo activities to rank your website.


Post article regularly (7-10 post per month) and continue make seo for your blog with your confidence. You should see the success within six month.

Blogging is a big platform, You can’t learn everything by read a single article. You have to learn day by day from different platform. Here I have try to discuss about overall process to become a professional blogger or blogging pro.

Believe in your salf and start work today to gain success in blogging profession. If you can work hard with your talent then you must gain success today or tomorrow.


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