Top 80+ [Free] Greece Business Listing (Citations) Sites in 2024 {Updated}

Do you have online business? Do you need listing your business in Greece local business directory? If yes, then you are in right landing post. Here I am going to share top Greece business listing sites free.

Greece business listing sites
Best Greece Business Listing Sites

What is Greece Business Directory?

A Greece business listing is a directory or database that contains information about businesses operating in Greece. It typically includes details such as the name of the business, its address, contact information (such as phone number and email), website URL, and sometimes additional information like business hours, services offered, and customer reviews.

Greece business listings are valuable resources for consumers looking for specific products or services within Greece, as well as for businesses seeking to enhance their online visibility and attract potential customers. These listings can be found online on various platforms, including search engines, business directories, and social media platforms.

Top 10 Greece Business Listing Sites

Here are the top 10 Greece business listing sites along with some details about each:

  1. Yellow Pages Greece
    • URL:
    • Description: Yellow Pages Greece is one of the most comprehensive business directories in Greece, offering listings across various industries and regions.
  2. Yelp Greece
    • URL:
    • Description: Yelp is a popular platform for discovering and reviewing local businesses in Greece. It allows users to find and rate businesses based on their experiences.
  3. Google My Business
    • URL:
    • Description: Google My Business allows businesses to create a free listing on Google, making it easier for potential customers to find them in Google Search and Maps.
  4. Foursquare Greece
    • URL:
    • Description: Foursquare is a location-based platform that provides recommendations for businesses and attractions in Greece based on user reviews and check-ins.
  5. HotFrog Greece
    • URL:
    • Description: HotFrog is a global business directory with a dedicated section for Greece. Businesses can add their listings and improve their online visibility.
  6. Brownbook Greece
    • URL:
    • Description: Brownbook is a free business directory that allows businesses in Greece to create detailed profiles, including contact information, services, and reviews.
  7. Tupalo Greece
    • URL:
    • Description: Tupalo is a social yellow pages platform where users can discover and review local businesses in Greece. It provides information about various categories of businesses.
  8. Cyprus Business Directory
    • URL:
    • Description: While primarily focused on Cyprus, Cyprus Business Directory also includes listings for businesses operating in Greece, particularly those with cross-border operations.
  9. Greece Index
    • URL:
    • Description: Greece Index offers a comprehensive directory of businesses in Greece, covering a wide range of industries and regions across the country.
  10. Hellas Directories
    • URL:
    • Description: Hellas Directories is a leading business directory in Greece, providing businesses with a platform to showcase their products and services to potential customers nationwide.

Benefits of Free Greece Business Directory Listing?

There are several benefits to having a free Greece business directory listing, including:

  1. Increased Online Visibility: Being listed in a Greece business directory increases your online visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find your business when searching for relevant products or services.
  2. Cost-Effective Marketing: Free directory listings offer a cost-effective way to market your business to a local audience without the need for expensive advertising campaigns.
  3. Improved Search Engine Rankings: Many business directories have high domain authority, which can help improve your website’s search engine rankings when your business is listed in them.
  4. Local Exposure: Greece business directories often cater to a local audience, allowing you to target potential customers in your area and attract foot traffic to your physical location.
  5. Credibility and Trust: Being listed in reputable business directories enhances your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers, as they see your business listed alongside other established businesses.
  6. Accessibility: Business directories are accessible to anyone with an internet connection, making it easy for customers to find your business information at any time, from anywhere.
  7. Customer Reviews: Some business directories allow customers to leave reviews and ratings, providing valuable feedback that can help you improve your products or services and build trust with potential customers.
  8. Networking Opportunities: Business directories often include contact information for other businesses in your area, providing networking opportunities and potential partnerships.
  9. Brand Awareness: Being listed in multiple business directories increases your brand’s visibility and awareness among potential customers, leading to increased brand recognition and recall.
  10. Competitive Advantage: Having a free business directory listing gives you a competitive advantage over businesses that are not listed, as you are more likely to be found by potential customers searching for products or services in your industry or location.

50 Best Free Greece Business Listing Sites

Here’s a list of 50 best business listing sites in Greece :

  1. Yellow Pages Greece –
  2. Yelp Greece –
  3. Google My Business –
  4. Foursquare Greece –
  5. HotFrog Greece –
  6. Brownbook Greece –
  7. Tupalo Greece –
  8. Cyprus Business Directory –
  9. Greece Index –
  10. Hellas Directories –
  11. Greek Yellow Pages –
  12. Business Directory –
  13. –
  14. GTP Headlines –
  15. Greek Exporters Directory –
  16. Kompass Greece –
  17. Yalwa Greece –
  18. 2FIND Local Greece –
  19. Greek Gateway –
  20. Cyprus Directory –
  21. Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) Business Directory –
  22. Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry Directory –
  23. Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry Directory –
  24. Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce Directory –
  25. Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry Directory –
  26. Greek American Chamber of Commerce Directory –
  27. Komotini Chamber of Commerce and Industry Directory –
  28. Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) Member Directory –
  29. Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) Member Directory –
  30. Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprises (SEPE) Member Directory –
  31. Athens Trade Association Directory –
  32. Greek Hotel Association Member Directory –
  33. Hellenic Association of Travel & Tourist Agencies (HATTA) Member Directory –
  34. Athens Medical Association Directory –
  35. Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE) Member Directory –
  36. Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies Member Directory –
  37. Greek Association of Information Technology Companies (SEPE) Member Directory –
  38. Athens Lawyers Association Directory –
  39. Hellenic Association of Realtors (SEK) Member Directory –
  40. Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs (SEGE) Member Directory –
  41. Thessaloniki Hotel Association Member Directory –
  42. Athens Restaurants Association Member Directory –
  43. Hellenic Association of Advertising and Communication Agencies (EDEE) Member Directory –
  44. Hellenic Association of Mobile Application Companies (HAMAC) Member Directory –
  45. Greek Association of Renewable Energy Sources (ESPA) Member Directory –
  46. Federation of Hellenic Food Industries (SEVT) Member Directory –
  47. Greek Association of Tourist Enterprises (SETE) Member Directory –
  48. Athens Stock Exchange Listed Companies Directory –
  49. Greek Franchise Association Member Directory –
  50. Greek Association of Information Technology Companies (SEPE) Member Directory –

These directories cover various industries and sectors in Greece, providing businesses with opportunities to list their services and products.

How to Do Greece Business Listing in Right Way?

Citations or business listing is easy process, anyone can do by follow some sample steps (like register on citation sites, then click on submit or add new business, then fill your business information and finally click submit). But to do proper listing, that give you maximum benefits.

Tips for Making the Perfect Citation:

  • Choose only trusted business listing directories or citations sites to submit your business information.
  • Fill accurate business information (like business name, logo, address, phone number, business hours) and provide same information in all citation directories.
  • Make sure you have write unique high quality business description by implement your focus keywords.
  • Make sure you have choose good combination citations or business listing directories.
  • Firstly, you must list your business in top global business directories that accept any niche or location businesses (like Google, bing, foursquare, manta, linkedin, citysearch, yelp, facebook, hotfrog and many more).
  • Secondly, you have to list your business in niche based business listing directories. For example, if you have a restaurant then you should submit your business in those citations or listing sites where focus category is restaurant (like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare etc).
  • Thirdly, you have to list your business in location based business directories. For example, if you want to promote your business in Greece local search engine, then you must submit your business in citation or business listing directories in Greece (such as,,, and many more.)

List of Business Listing Sites Greece (Free High DA)

No. Greece Business Listing Sites DA PA
1. 66 46
2. 56 54
3. 46 36
4. 55 55
5. 38 47
6. 79 38
7. 62 35
8. 28 25
9. 31 27
10. 16 46
11. 37 49
12. 16 27
13. 11 45
14. 19 37
15. 18 24
16. 16 29
17. 14 29
18. 11 31
19. 45 48
20. 8 16
21. 43 45
22. 35 47

FAQS (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q. How many citations is good for SEO?

It’s depends on how competitive your business in local area. Normally, for average businesses 40-60 local business listing is enough to rank in local search. If your business more competitive, then you must do 100-150 citations by combine global, niche relevant and location based business listing directories or citation sites.

Q. Is a Google business listing free?

Yes, google business listing is absolutely free. You can make free business profile at and can manage your listing. Also allow you to make free citation for your location based business to bring more customers.

Q. What Type of Local small Business Exist to Make Citations?

There are lots of local business in any country. This is quite impossible that, how many business types are exist to do local business. But I provide some major types of local business or service that must need to do business listing to get local search ranking.

1. Automative

2. Restaurants

3. Hospital / medical shops

4. Cafe / coffee shops

5. Shoping malls

6. Online or offline services

7. Products distributors and producers

Final Words

Citations or business listing is an great technique to promote business in local search engine. But you have do citation smartly by headup that you must get maximum benefits from business listing directories or citations sites.

Use above list of Greece business listing sites as well as all global citation directories from our list. You business should get top ranking! if can submit your business information by follow all rules of business listing. Happy listings…

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