The Online Success: How To Use Your Website To Generate More Leads

The initiation of consumer interest in your products either through inquiries or outright buying is a method through which business owners invite traffic to themselves.

The contact information and in some cases, demographic information of a customer who is interested in your products or services is what we call a lead.

As an entrepreneur operating a business-to-business company or just selling your products or services to consumer markets, it is important to take lead generation seriously as it will be the secret to your future success.

Your company can only convert prospective customers to eventual ones with leads and many business owners are always on the lookout for new ways to achieve more leads.

Lead generation is never a walk in the park. It could be quite difficult and time-consuming but things could be simpler than you could ever imagine if you know your way around it.

There are several tools for lead generation and these tools can help speed up the process. Owning a business is not enough these days unless you have a website to back it up.

Once you have been able to achieve a website that is favorable for users, you can now adopt strategies for lead generation else, your business will not grow. Lead generation is very critical to the success of your business.

generate leads

Most business owners, no matter the size of the businesses will lack the sales and consumer base necessary to develop if there are no leads. You can’t be so sure that a customer will do business with you by just counting on their instincts.

There have to be strategies to attract the type of customers you wish to have to your services. If such strategies are not in place, the company will be doubtful of the category of customers they should be attracting in the first place. When this happens, the business will have trouble generating leads.

Lead generation should be a constant process. There has to be a constant influx of potential clients to maintain the success of the business. Let us see how well to use your website in getting more leads.

Leveraging on search engine optimization

No matter how good your products and services are, a new business needs to focus heavily on lead generation and brand building. A lot of revenue comes from these conversions and this helps your business keep the doors open in a market that is already very competitive.

generate leads

One of the strategies that can help you generate leads is the use of search engine optimization (SEO) to invite more traffic to your website.

SEO works by making some changes to the design of your web pages and also the content that you post on your site, thereby making it more visible to a search engine. This is done with the plan that the search engine displays your website as a top result on the search engine results page.

There is this joke in the world of marketing that if you needed to hide a dead body, you would hide it on the second page of a Google search result.

This is because practically no one goes as far as the second page of a google search result, More than 80% of people who search for things on google, rarely ever scroll past the first 4 results even, unless they haven’t come by what they were looking for. That hardly ever happens though.

When people type something on to the Google search engine, Google has to make a decision on which websites to show them. Ranking factors are the indicators that Google looks at and there are hundreds of them.

Making your website account for these ranking factors is what search engine optimization is all about. SEO is known to help websites build leads and generate the necessary traffic needed for the success of any business.

There are professionals who offer paid services to help business owners achieve this type of optimization on their websites. Maybe the SEO technique you had been using hadn’t been effective enough, you could improve your strategy with the help of a professional’s SEO services in order to reach more leads.

They are so efficient that when someone searches for anything related to your business, your website appears on the first page of the search results and if possible the first option on the first page.

Getting more leads when going global

Local SEO may not be enough if you are expanding your company overseas or are setting up abroad for a start. The first problem always considered is language barriers and if you fail to bridge that gap, you will surely find it difficult to get leads no matter the SEO strategy deployed.

Let us say that you already have localized keyword research and traditional SEO tactic which are helping your business to rank well online and giving you a diversified backlink profile with high domain authority; it is great and you are already winning.

However, if you need to expand, it gets more complicated than what you had been doing. Getting foreign leads is even more difficult. It goes beyond just translating your content and your website as well in the first language of the target location.

The strategy for international SEO is both technical and confusing. It could start with local keyword research because almost all businesses thinking of expanding internationally still have to conduct market research to know the most suitable place to situate.

However, there are two factors that can put you in the right direction for foreign leads if you are depending on an SEO signal.

They are: noticing a spike in organic traffic from a foreign market that is in the same niche as your business and noticing a spike in users of your type of product from a particular country or region. Definitely, a spike in users from a particular place, means there will be a demand for your product or service in that region.

So, here is how it works. You need to know which local keywords are driving the spike in organic traffic. Then, you can find out if the keywords are related to your lead-generating content on your website or have a history of high click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion.

Once you are able to decode this, then you can get more leads in the new market. The next step is to choose a search engine that depends on your target country. Though Google is the global leader in search engines, it may interest you to know that in some countries, Google isn’t the leading search engine. For example, Yandex is the leading search engine in Russia. Other popular search engines for particular countries are Naver for South Korea, Baidu for China, Seznam for the Czech Republic, and Yahoo for Japan and Hong Kong.

So you may need to remember these countries if you plan to expand your business to any of them. In large markets like India, Google is still the most used with about 95% market share. On a global scale, Google accounts for about 92% of the market.

Website Content Translation

So once you have been able to look for a location that will be favorable to you, you can also look at a translation service for your website and its contents to the first language of your target location.

For example, if you are Chinese and looking to set up in Houston after your international SEO strategy picks that location as a possible success zone for your business, you can hire one of Houston translation services to help you translate all your website’s content into English. This will help you to get more leads in the foreign location.

You may want to change your on-page SEO too so that you can rank for your new localized keywords. Each location will have its own set of keywords so you need to conduct multi-regional keyword research if you need to get leads in that location.

Changing your website’s layout

Changing your website layout and user experience is also good thinking. Research cultural differences and apply them in addition to market research and localized keyword research. Changing images on your website due to cultural differences in your new target location can help you get more leads.

Ikea is a company that has optimized its website’s images for international SEO purposes. Recently, Ikea showed their U.S. market an image of a large kitchen while the European markets were shown smaller kitchens because the different images better reflected the realities of the different customers.

It was more like having their customers imagine what their products would look like in their kitchens. Changing the image contents of your website can go a long way to getting your new location to provide more leads for you. It is all about patterning it to the location’s way of life.

Develop a live chat service for your website

Live chat service on websites is becoming more important these days and the majority of other websites that were not using this feature are now beginning to embrace it.

Apart from this feature’s sophistication, many people visiting the websites of business vendors expect to see it to help them learn more about their products. So, not having a live chat service on your web could be dealing a cruel blow to your lead-generation strategies.

Generating leads through live chat requires that you know which of your web pages your visitors spend time on the most. With that information, you can install a live chat tool on the pages where potential customers may need more assistance with.

You can integrate your customer service team with your live chat feature so that your website visitors can always get the best customer service. Sometimes, the effectiveness of your customer service can help you generate leads but customers may not get to meet them if there is no platform for it.

Final Words

There are tons of ways to generate leads but not all methods work equally for different companies. This is because the goals and targets differ. Running a lead-generation campaign that targets an age bracket of 20 to 30 years when your product is for people over 45 years of age will most likely generate very few results.

Make sure that at all times you are not strategizing amiss. Keywords in web content are very important in generating leads. It helps your blog posts rank higher on search engines especially Google, guaranteeing that many people will get to read them.

To achieve online success, lead generation is the key. It helps you with cash flow if you are able to successfully turn the website traffic into paying customers. Making sure that lead generation is a consistent process is ensuring that there is a steady return on investment.

Once you have started generating more leads, you should consider nurturing the eventual paying customers so that they can help you do more publicity. This is where customer service will come in. If you have been having issues generating leads, then these tips are good ones for you to follow to get the traffic hitting you.

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