Top 230+ [Free] Forum Posting Sites List in 2024 {Updated}

Are you finding free fourm posting sites (forum submission sites) to make high quality dofollow backlinks for your website or blog. Here we are going to share best forum posting websites list (2024) which will help to improve your website SEO.

Forum posting is an most valuable off page SEO techniques to getting high quality backlinks and traffic. Our top forum sites will help you to make high authority dofollow backlinks, which must improve your website ranking. So, read full article and start using those free forum websites to archive good result.

fourm posting websites

What is Forum Posting Sites?

Forum posting sites are online platforms where users can engage in discussions, share information, ask questions, and interact with other members of the community.

These forums are organized around specific topics or interests, ranging from technology and gaming to health and travel. Users can create new discussion threads or participate in existing ones by posting replies and comments.

Forum posting sites offer a valuable opportunity for individuals and businesses to exchange ideas, seek advice, and build relationships within their niche or industry.

They can also serve as a platform for promoting products or services, although it’s important to adhere to each forum’s rules and guidelines to avoid being perceived as spammy or intrusive.

Some of Top Fourm Sites (Example) :

How to Do Forum Submissions?

To perform forum submissions effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Research Relevant Forums: Identify forums that are relevant to your niche or industry. Look for active forums with engaged communities where your target audience is likely to participate.
  2. Create Accounts: Register accounts on the selected forums. Use accurate information and a professional username that reflects your identity or brand.
  3. Complete Profile: Fill out your forum profile with relevant details such as your name, bio, website URL (if allowed), and avatar. A complete profile establishes credibility and makes it easier for others to connect with you.
  4. Read Forum Rules: Familiarize yourself with the forum’s rules and guidelines. Each forum may have specific posting rules, etiquette, and restrictions on promotional content. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial to avoid penalties or account suspension.
  5. Engage in Existing Threads: Start by engaging in existing threads and discussions on the forum. Provide valuable insights, answer questions, and contribute to conversations within your area of expertise. This helps you establish credibility and build relationships with other members.
  6. Create New Threads: Once you’ve become familiar with the forum community, consider starting new threads or discussions on relevant topics. Craft compelling titles and provide valuable content that encourages participation and generates interest.
  7. Avoid Spamming: Avoid overposting or spamming the forum with promotional content. Focus on providing genuine value to the community rather than solely promoting your products or services. Excessive self-promotion can lead to a negative reputation and alienate other members.
  8. Include Signature: Some forums allow users to include a signature with their posts. Utilize this feature to include a brief description of your business, website URL, or contact information. Keep the signature concise and relevant to avoid being overly promotional.
  9. Monitor Responses: Regularly monitor responses to your forum submissions. Respond to comments, acknowledge feedback, and engage in follow-up discussions to foster relationships and maintain active participation.
  10. Stay Consistent: Consistency is key to successful forum submissions. Regularly participate in discussions, share valuable insights, and contribute to the community over time. Building a strong presence on forums requires ongoing effort and dedication.

By following these steps and actively engaging in forum submissions, you can effectively leverage forums as a valuable platform for networking, promoting your brand, and establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

Top 10 Forum Posting Sites

  1. Reddit
    • URL:
    • Description: Reddit is a massive collection of forums covering almost every topic imaginable, known as subreddits. Users can post content, ask questions, and engage in discussions within these communities.
  2. Quora
    • URL:
    • Description: Quora is a question-and-answer website where users can ask questions, answer them, and engage in discussions on various topics. It’s a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise.
  3. Stack Overflow
    • URL:
    • Description: Stack Overflow is a community of programmers and developers where they can ask questions, share knowledge, and solve coding issues. It’s one of the largest and most trusted platforms for programming-related discussions.
  4. Warrior Forum
    • URL:
    • Description: Warrior Forum is a platform focused on internet marketing, entrepreneurship, and making money online. Users can share tips, strategies, and resources related to digital marketing and online business.
  5. Digital Point
    • URL:
    • Description: Digital Point is a forum for discussions on topics like SEO, internet marketing, web development, and online business. It’s a place for professionals and enthusiasts to exchange ideas and information.
  6. Moz Community
    • URL:
    • Description: Moz Community is a forum dedicated to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and online marketing. Users can seek advice, share insights, and discuss the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing.
  7. WebmasterWorld
    • URL:
    • Description: WebmasterWorld is a community for website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals. It offers forums covering topics such as search engine optimization, website development, and online marketing strategies.
  8. Black Hat World
    • URL:
    • Description: Black Hat World is a forum focused on SEO tactics, internet marketing techniques, and strategies that may push the boundaries of ethical practices. It’s a platform for discussing both white hat and black hat SEO methods.
  9. SitePoint
    • URL:
    • Description: SitePoint is a forum for web developers, designers, and professionals in the tech industry. It covers topics such as web development, programming languages, design trends, and business strategies.
  10. vBulletin Community
    • URL:
    • Description: vBulletin Community is the official forum for users of the vBulletin software, a popular platform for creating online communities and discussion forums. Users can seek support, share tips, and connect with other vBulletin users.

Free Forum Posting Sites On Different Niche

Niche related forums always help to getting relevant contextual backlinks. Here below we are going to share top forum submission sites list in different niche.

Digital Marketing Forum Posting Sites

  • Wicked Fire DA 50
  • V7N Forums DA 50

Technology Forum Posting Sites

Finance Forum Posting Sites

Travel Forum Posting Sites

Health Forum Posting Sites

Fitness Forum Posting Sites

Avoid Common Forum Posting Mistakes

To avoid common mistakes when doing forum submissions, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Ignoring Forum Rules: Always read and adhere to the forum rules and guidelines. Ignoring or violating forum rules can lead to penalties such as account suspension or banning.
  2. Spamming: Avoid spamming the forum with irrelevant or promotional content. Focus on providing value to the community through meaningful contributions rather than solely promoting your own products or services.
  3. Posting Low-Quality Content: Ensure that your forum submissions are well-written, informative, and relevant to the discussion. Posting low-quality content, such as short or poorly formatted posts, can reflect negatively on your reputation.
  4. Overly Self-Promotional: While it’s acceptable to occasionally promote your business or website on forums, avoid being overly self-promotional. Instead, focus on building relationships, offering valuable insights, and contributing to discussions in a genuine manner.
  5. Not Engaging with Others: Forum participation is a two-way street. Don’t just post your own content and disappear. Engage with other members by responding to comments, asking questions, and participating in discussions.
  6. Neglecting Your Profile: Your forum profile is often the first impression other members will have of you. Make sure it’s complete, professional, and up-to-date. Include relevant information about yourself or your business and consider adding an avatar or profile picture.
  7. Being Disrespectful or Argumentative: Maintain a respectful and courteous tone in your forum interactions. Avoid engaging in heated arguments, personal attacks, or disrespectful behavior towards other members. Treat others with kindness and professionalism.
  8. Ignoring Feedback: If you receive feedback or constructive criticism on your forum submissions, acknowledge it and consider it as an opportunity for improvement. Ignoring feedback or becoming defensive can harm your reputation and credibility.
  9. Not Monitoring Your Posts: Regularly monitor your forum posts for responses, questions, or comments. Stay engaged with the discussions you’ve participated in and respond promptly to any inquiries or feedback.
  10. Abandoning Threads: If you start a discussion thread, make sure to follow up on it and participate in the ongoing conversation. Abandoning threads or failing to respond to follow-up questions can create a negative impression and discourage further interaction.

By avoiding these common mistakes and following best practices, you can effectively leverage forum submissions to build relationships, establish credibility, and promote your brand or expertise within online communities.

60 Best Forum Posting Sites 2024

  3. Stack
  4. Warrior
  5. Digital
  6. Moz
  8. Black Hat
  10. vBulletin
  12. The Fastlane
  13. SEO Chat
  14. Digital Marketing
  15. The Verge
  17. Small Business
  18. Business Advice
  19. Money Maker
  20. Big SEO
  21. DigitalPoint
  22. SEO Chat
  23. Site Owners
  24. Digital Marketing
  25. Webmaster
  28. Online
  29. Webmaster
  31. The Admin
  33. DreamTeamMoney
  34. Webicy Webmaster
  35. CNET
  36. Webmaster
  37. Talk
  38. Tech Support
  39. Admin
  40. SEO
  41. The Free Ad
  42. Geek
  44. Geek/Talk Webmaster
  49. Web Hosting
  51. Digital Point
  52. Search Engine Watch
  53. UK Business
  55. Webmaster Malaysia
  56. SEO
  57. Techulator
  59. The Money Making
  61. The IM
  62. Marketing
  63. UK Webmaster

Benefits of Forum Posting in SEO

Forum posting can offer several benefits for SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

  1. Backlinks: By participating in forum discussions and including links to your website in your forum signature or within your posts (where allowed), you can generate valuable backlinks. Backlinks from reputable forums can improve your website’s authority and search engine rankings.
  2. Increased Website Traffic: Engaging in forum discussions can drive targeted traffic to your website. When you provide valuable insights, answer questions, or share helpful resources on forums, other members may be inclined to visit your website for more information, thereby increasing your site’s traffic.
  3. Brand Visibility and Recognition: Active participation in forums allows you to establish your brand presence and build credibility within your industry or niche. As you consistently contribute valuable content and engage with other members, you’ll become known as an authority in your field, leading to increased brand visibility and recognition.
  4. Keyword Relevance: When you include relevant keywords in your forum posts and discussions, it can help improve the relevance of your website for those keywords. This can indirectly benefit your SEO efforts by signaling to search engines the relevance of your website to specific topics or queries.
  5. Social Signals: Forum posting often involves social interactions such as likes, shares, and comments. These social signals can contribute to your website’s overall authority and influence its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  6. Long-Term Traffic Generation: Unlike some other SEO tactics that may provide short-term results, forum posting can lead to long-term traffic generation. Quality forum discussions and posts remain accessible and searchable over time, continuing to attract visitors to your website.
  7. Opportunities for Relationship Building: Engaging in forum discussions allows you to connect with other industry professionals, potential customers, and influencers within your niche. Building relationships with these individuals can lead to collaboration opportunities, guest blogging opportunities, and even referral traffic to your website.

List of Dofollow Forum Submission Sites

No. Dofollow forum Posting Sites DA PA
1. 93 63
2. 88 59
3. 92 72
4. 90 61
5. 91 57
6. 90 57
7. 79 53
8. 92 55
9. 89 52
10. 87 42
11. 80 50
12. 79 64
13. 87 66
14. 88 52
15. 77 60
16. 74 58
17. 79 58
18. 71 51
19. 73 57
20. 68 61
21. 59 44
22. 68 47
23. 66 45
24. 74 55
25. 66 47
26. 67 49
27. 67 54
28. 59 55
29. 57 48
30. 54 53
31. 55 46
32. 56 56
33. 51 50
34. 52 42
35. 46 36
36. 45 52
37. 38 63
38. 41 53
39. 39 48
40. 28 50

Forum Posting FAQs

Q. Is Forum Posting Still Effective in SEO?

Yes, It’s still effective method, As we know, forum posting is an old SEO techniques. You will get seo benefits from those platform, where huge people gather to exchange there knowledge. Forum posting sites are still very popular to exchange knowledge and good ‘social media’ platforms to achieve targeted audience.

Q. How to Find Niche-Related Forums?

To find niche-related forum posting sites you can search on google by using below techniques.

Your Keyword + Forum

KEYWORDS “your keyword” inurl:/forum

KEYWORDS “your keyword” inurl:/forum

KEYWORDS “your keyword” site: /forum

KEYWORDS “your keyword” inurl:/community

KEYWORDS “your keyword” inurl:/community

KEYWORDS “your keyword” inurl:/community

Q. How to Post on Forum Topic?

Go to Forums > Choose a Forum > Select Topics From the Forum > Click on Start New Conversation > Enter a Title > Enter Your Message > Click Add Attachment ( Optional ) > Click Post

Q. What is BB code in forum?

Most of forum posting sites allow BB code to link your website in post which relevant to your post content. Below I have provide BB code

BB code without link title


BB code with link title

[url=]This is title[/url]

Final Words

I have tried to cover overall everything about forum posting/forum submission which will help you to start building forum posting backlinks in right way.

So, Use our provided high DA forum posting sites list and start discussion on your chosen forum submission sites. Be patience and work regularly to reply on discussion or threads. Make backlinks occasionally which threads relevant to your niche. Definitely you will see the improvement of your blog or website traffic within some day.

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