Top 100+ Forum Posting Sites List for SEO ( Dofollow High DA) in 2023

Are you finding fourm posting sites – forum submission sites to make high quality dofollow backlinks for your website or blog. Here we are going to share best forum posting websites list 2023 which will help to improve your website SEO.

Forum posting is an most valuable off page SEO techniques to getting high quality backlinks and traffic. Our top forum sites will help you to make high authority dofollow backlinks, which must improve your website ranking. So, read full article and start using those free forum websites to archive good result.

fourm posting websites

What is Forum Posting Sites?

Forum posting websites are online discussion platforms, where people comes to discuss there problem in message board, discussion groups, discussion forums and threads. Forum posting refers high quality inbound links and drive traffic to a website.

In SEO, Forum posting is an great way to increase domain authority, backlinks, website traffic and ranking. There are lots of free fourm submission sites in Internet, But you should use only high DA forum posting websites which are relevant to your niche.

Some of Top Fourm Sites (Example) :

  • V7N Forum  DA 50

How to Use Forum Posting Sites? (That helps to gain targeted traffic)

Forum posting websites are very easy to use, but those platform are very sensitive. You will get ban from forum sites, if you make any mistake. Forum submission or posting is an long trem process and you can make multiple backlinks for your different blog post over the period of time.

Keep in mind, forum submission sites or forum posting sites is the platform, where people comes share there though and give solution on other’s peoples problem or questions. So, you should make natural backlinks which will relevant to there question’s solution.

Here you can follow our below steps to use fourm posting sites properly :

# Pick Niche Releted Forum Posting Sites

First, you have to find those free forum sites, where people discussing about your blog or website niche releted question and solution. This techniques will help you to find best forum posting websites, where you can help people with your thought and can make natural backlinks for your website. As well as you will gain targeted audience, which will increase your website traffic or product sales.

# Create Profile on Selected Forum Sites

After select your niche releted forum, you must sign up or register with email, password. Then complete your profile with your original image and details  information. ( don’t use any fake information )

# Start Discussion on Fourm Submission Sites

You can start discussion, after complete your profile. Find relevant threads to help people with your thought. Write high quality content about the topics, which people easily can understand your concept.

Don’t make backlinks directly from first discussion. First, you have gain trust from those forum sites by answer regularly on different threads. Read those forum user trems and conditions page carefully. You can start make backlinks, after gain those forum sites trust.

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High DA Free Forum Posting Sites On Different Niche

Niche related forums always help to getting relevant contextual backlinks. Here below we are going to share top forum submission sites list in different niche.

Top Internet or Digital Marketing Forum Posting Sites List

  • Wicked Fire DA 50
  • V7N Forums DA 50

Technology Forum Posting Sites List

Top Finance Forum Posting Sites List

Top Travel Forum Posting Sites List

Top Health Forum Posting Sites List

Top Fitness Forum Posting Sites List

Avoid 5 Common Mistakes When Using Forums Sites

1. Start Discussion Without Read Guidelines : Most of the people join a forum submission sites and start discussion without reading guidelines on the forum. This attitude can be harmful for your account and eventually most account ban for this reason.

2. Don’t Search Topics & Other Thought : Before posting your topic into the forum try to search the other’s topics. This techniques should help you to know that topic is already covered or not. Read other thoughts that already published, which will help you to write better thought on any topics.

3. Meaningless Title & Copyright Content : Title should be small, meaningful and easily to understand for users, As well as It should be related to your topic. Also your content should be unique, eye catching, meaningful that give solution better then other response.

4. Mention your websites in threads: It is ok to mention your website or your product when posting threads on forums, but make sure that your site is relevant to that thread. If your website not relevant to the thread then moderator will remove your thread or some times you may ban from the forum posting site temporarily. So, keep in mind again, don’t share your website in every thread, provide your website link which threads are relevant to your website topics.

5. Huge Signature & Dobule Posts or Empty Posts : Don’t use large signature, moderator will remove large signature anytime. Make sure you are not replying double time in a post and don’t make any empty posts. This will cause to ban of your account from forum submission sites instantly.

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Benefits of Forum Posting in SEO

Forum submission or posting is most beneficial off page SEO techniques. Forum posting is an lengthy process, you have to keep patience to get advantages from forum posting websites. Here I am pointing top forum submission or posting benefits.

  • Must increase website traffic.
  • Will get high quality dofollow backlinks.
  • Should get targeted audience, which will help increase sales.
  • Improve brand awareness.
  • Helps to improve website ranking.

List of Dofollow Forum Posting Sites 2023

No.Dofollow forum Posting SitesDAPA


Forum Posting FAQs

Is Forum Posting Still Effective in SEO?

Yes, It’s still effective method, As we know, forum posting is an old SEO techniques. You will get seo benefits from those platform, where huge people gather to exchange there knowledge. Forum posting sites are still very popular to exchange knowledge and good ‘social media’ platforms to achieve targeted audience.

How to Find Niche-Related Forums?

To find niche-related forum posting sites you can search on google by using below techniques.

Your Keyword + Forum

KEYWORDS “your keyword” inurl:/forum

KEYWORDS “your keyword” inurl:/forum

KEYWORDS “your keyword” site: /forum

KEYWORDS “your keyword” inurl:/community

KEYWORDS “your keyword” inurl:/community

KEYWORDS “your keyword” inurl:/community

How to Post on Forum Topic?

Go to Forums > Choose a Forum > Select Topics From the Forum > Click on Start New Conversation > Enter a Title > Enter Your Message > Click Add Attachment ( Optional ) > Click Post

What is BB code in forum?

Most of forum posting sites allow BB code to link your website in post which relevant to your post content. Below I have provide BB code

BB code without link title


BB code with link title

[url=]This is title[/url]

Final Thoughts

I have tryed to cover overall everything about forum posting/forum submission which will help you to start building forum posting backlinks in right way.

So, Use our provided high DA forum posting sites list and start discussion on your chosen forum submission sites. Be patience and work regularly to reply on discussion or threads. Make backlinks occasionally which threads relevant to your niche. You must definitely see the improvement of your blog or website traffic within some day.

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