How to find blog topics – top 7 places to search

You run out of ideas. Sometimes you face a gruesome writer’s block. You desperately want to find blog topics. Or, you could have completed every topic you could think of in your niche already. At least that is what you think. There are situations when your readers expect some sort of consistency because you have delivered well in the past. You are pushing upwards, but you feel stranded. And when you stop pushing, you feel moving backward. As you try to fill your calendar with ideas and topics, you seem lost.

What are the options now? How do you find blog topics?

Here are a bunch of places overflowing with blog topics waiting for you to find them. The niche of your expertise doesn’t matter. You might blog about a fitness regime, parenting, cooking recipe, beauty products, and well-being yoga, and therapy, or even clothing. These places will help you to find ideas for your next piece of work when you are totally clueless. Additionally, they would also help you bring new readership to your space.

Quora – the ultimate guide to find new blog post topics

Quora is a pioneering space offering question and answer services. Users can ask questions, while other users who are experts in a particular field can go ahead and answer them. Initially, you can find blog topics on this platform by asking a question. Then, wait for the response from the readers. Later, if there is an overflowing response then it means people are interested in reading about topics related to it. Finally, another way to use Quora is by using the “Read” option.

You can follow questions in your topic of interest. Get notification when anyone adds to it. Build your blog post from there. There are good chances of getting new topics because Quora users offer descriptive answers generally.

Google Keyword Planner – the common tool to find blog topics

Google Keyword Planner is usually used for figuring out keywords and their popularity. However, you can also use it to find new blog post topics and ideas. Firstly, it is a tool for keyword ranking for a particular topic. Secondly, put down your topic of interest and you can get multiple keywords around it. Thirdly, choose an idea that sparks you the most and create a headline. Finally, you can start writing your post.

Additionally, you can always play around with the tool and collect great blogging ideas. With one keyword, you end up with a variety of topics around them.

Google Search – the one place you cannot avoid

You simply cannot ignore Google search. However, it is highly prioritized because this greatest search engine can give you a plethora of ideas to find new blog topics.

Initially, punch in your niche relevant topic or area of interest in the search bar. Then, go through at least 4 to 5 pages of the results. There are so much data and relevant content you can find on those pages. Later, collect ideas from the information collected from the search. Finally, always check out more pages of results and use the “tools” mentioned next to the search bar. You can find new information or extremely old ones. Change the timelines according to your need. Google search is a great tool to find blog post topics if you dig in right.

Survey your audience to find blog topics

Survey your audience because no one can give you more content to write than them. They follow you for a reason and they can tell you what exactly they want to read. Firstly, create a free Google form and offer multiple options to your audience. Secondly, distribute the survey form on your social media and to your email subscription list.

Thirdly, remember to add “any other ideas” options in your form. Finally, accumulate all the new ideas and suggestions. You can fill up your calendar with the help of such a survey.

Blog comments – a great source of new ideas

Blog comments are one of the important places to find new blog post ideas and topics. The simplest trick is to scan the comments and check for questions asked by your readers. Readers can play a helpful hand in helping you to pile a list of topics to cover.

Competitor’s blog – check what you missed out

There are high chances you and your competitor to create similar content for obvious reasons. However, both of you create unique content anyway. Even if you think, you have written most of the topics, you might have missed something. When you can’t figure out what you missed, take a quick tour of your competitors’ page.

It is absolutely fine to be inspired by another’s work as long as you are not stealing them. Firstly, use tools like BuzzSumo to find out your competitors. Secondly, it is a good place to know which topics are engaging and trending. Thirdly, get inspired, and come up with a brand new title and content. Finally, make a list of ideas and brainstorm them to add to your calendar.

Podcasts – a new ground to find new blog topics

Podcasts have just started making their rounds. And Google recently started indexing them in the search console also. You can start by listening to podcasts by well – known marketing influencers. However, podcasts are a fairly new way to obtain knowledge and information on many niches. You can use it to find interesting ideas for your new blog post topics.

Additionally, you can create a list of popular blogs in your area of interest. Then, follow the steps to find new blog ideas and topics from them.

  1. Start reading their content.
  2. Check out email newsletters sent out by them.
  3. Pay attention to the comment section of the blogs.
  4. Make an in-depth research analysis. You are sure to find something you haven’t written so far.
  5. Read again.

You can have tons of ideas if you follow the tips and ideas mentioned above. Besides, you can also check to trend Twitter hashtags, follow Pinterest boards, start a series on a single topic, share an opinion, and repurpose your old blog posts. At the end of the day, your creativity matters. Nothing can beat that talent which can be continuously developed. Trust your gut and stay consistent.

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