3 Real Ways to Earn Money Without a Job

Today’s job world are becoming more competitive and people finding way to make money online. Here in this content we are going to share 3 massive and genuine way to earn money online without a job.


how to make money online without a job


People want to earn money online, but they don’t know, how to make money online? If you have same question, then I’ll ensure you that, here you must get complete knowledge on best way to earn money online after read this article.


After read full content, you must realise that which platform is best for you to start make money online.


Before start details, I want to ensure you that, Many people think that make money online is very easy. But there is nothing easy way to earn money online that can give you bright future as like handsome profession.


So, you have to gather huge knowledge about any sector, before start earn money. Develop your skills to start earn money online.


Way to earn money online


3 Proven Way to Make Money Online Without a Job


There are more then hundreds of way to make money online. But here in this content, I am going to share 3 most essential way to earn money online to build a bright career.


1# Make Money Online By Blogging


Blogging is one of the best platform to build career. You can take it as your main profession. Here huge opportunity to make large amount of money. Many people doing only blogging and they income huge amount of money. If you can take blogging as a serious profession, then you’ll definitely become a successful person.


Keep in mind five important things to become a professional blogger.


Be a Writter : You must be a writter. If you love to write articles or books, then blogging can be perfect profession for you. If you unable to write high quality content, then you must hire professional writer from online freelancing marketplace (which is costly).


Knowledge on SEO : Search engine optimization (SEO) is important part after written quality article. SEO is an process to rank a blog or website in search engine result page (like google, bing, yandex etc). You have to gather knowledge on SEO to start a money making blog. Also you can hire a professional SEO expert from freelancing marketplace (which is costly as like hire a writter)


Investment : You must have ability to invest some initial money to start blogging. Like, you have to buy domain, hosting for next 3 years to start blogging.


Hard Work : Hard work is the key to successful. You have to work hard to write high quality article for your blog. Write and publish minimum 10-15 article every month.


Patience : Blogging is not a short term process, even it an long term process and you can earn lifetime from a blog, if you can take patience. Minimum 6 months need to see your first income from a blog (If you can work hard and publish high quality content regularly).


Consistency : Consistency is another important things to get success from blogging. This means you have to work and publish article regularly. If you set your mind that, you will publish 10 article per month, then you should fullfill this terget each an every month. If you can work consistently with your blog, then you’ll get success for sure.


If you are strong on above five important things, then no one can protect you to become a successful blogger. You can earn lifetime large amount of money consistently as professional person and you don’t need to find any other profession in your life.


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How Many I Can Earn from Blogging?


Glassdoor reports that the average blogger earn over $32,800 per year (around $2700 per month), But many big blogger earn $2,00,000 per year (around $16000 per month).


How to Start Blogging


Let’s learn, how to start blogging step by step. 


Choose Niche or Topic : Before start a blog, you have find a profitable niche or topic, where you have interest to write articles. You can pick any niche or topic like education, technology, blogging, health etc. (Be confirm that you have selected your interest niche)


Buy Domain & Hosting : After choose niche, you have to buy a domain and hosting. Choose a domain name according to your niche. You can buy domain and hosting from hostinger within affordable price.


Set Up Your Blog : Connect your domain and hosting with wordpress.org. Install a good looking templete or theme from themeforest or you can set wordpress free theme (choose a perfect theme, according to your niche).


Then customize your theme according to your niche. Install important plugins like Yoast (SEO), WP form, Rank Math (SEO) etc. Plugins will help you to do easy blogging.


Create Statistics Pages : Create important statistics pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer etc.


Write Blog Post : After set up your blog, start writing blog post. Write high quality unique SEO friendly blog post regularly and publish on your blog.


Marketing your blog : Start SEO and social media marketing to promote and bring traffic to your blog. Keep in mind, there is no value without traffic to a blog. Try to bring organic traffic to your blog.


Monetize your Blog : There are many way to monetize your blog to earn money. You can apply for adsense, start affiliate marketing, run sponsor post and many more.


Blogging is an passion behind the profession. So, you have to take patience minimum one-year to start earn smart amount of money from blogging. If you can work hard with your passion consistently, then you should become a successful person today or tomorrow.


2# Make Money Online By Freelancing


Freelancing is another genuine way to make money online. Freelancing is an process to work with contact base project by different skills in different online marketplace. There are millions of people living by doing freelancing as their profession. Here huge opportunity build your future.


You can take freelancing as full-time or part time both way. To start freelancing, you have to develop skill on any freelance sector like web development, SEO, web design, writing, social media marketing etc. There are more then 100 skills are in online marketplace, where you can earn thousands of us dollar monthly basis.


Develop your skills on any freelancing sector. Make a good portfolio according to your skills. After make portfolio, you can start work on different freelancing marketplace like upwork, fiverr, freelancer etc.


How Many I Can Earn From Freelancing?


Freelancing earning depends on hard work and your skill development. In generally, you can expect $1,000-$5,000 per month income from freelancing. Many big freelancers earn more then $10,000 per month.


How to Start Freelancing


To start freelancing, you must create account and set up profile with your portfolio. Go to top freelancing platform like upwork, freelancer, fiverr, guru, people per hour etc. Create account and build your profile as professional with your portfolio.


Start bid or send proposal on different project according to your skills. From starting you need to keep patience tp get your first job. After complete some project, you will start getting regular project.


Upwork, freelancer, guru, people per hour are same process as bid base project, where client will hire you to do there project. But fiverr is different, you have to create project according to your skills. Clients will come to you to buy your service.


3# Make Money Online by YouTube


YouTube getting more and more popularity and here huge opportunity to earn large amount of money from online. You can’t find a single person who not watching YouTube in these day.


YouTube is another genuine and easy way to make money online without a job. Many youtuber build great career by earn millions of money.


To start YouTube career, you have to create a niche or topic based YouTube channel. Upload video as regular basis and monetize your YouTube channel to start earn money.


How Many I Can Earn From Youtube?


It’s depends on a youtuber. In generally youtube pay $3-$7 per 1000 views. A million of subscribers youtube channel can earn between $5000-$10000 per month.


How to Start YouTube


You must follow 5 important steps to start a money making YouTube channel


Step 1 : Choose Niche for Youtube Channel


This is most important part to start YouTube as like start blogging. You can choose any niche, where you have interest to make quality video. There are lots of niche like technology, cooking, toys, tips and tricks, gaming, product reviews, tutorials, storytime videos, food, fashion and many more.


Step 2 : Create Youtube Channel


Create a YouTube channel on YouTube.com. Set up your channel with channel name and logo according to your niche. Try to make a professional youtube channel.


Step 3 : Make and Upload Video Regularly


Start making YouTube videos by using high quality content. Be confirm that, you are uploading only niche based video content. Try to upload 10-15 videos every month in your YouTube channel.


Step 4 : Start SEO to Increase Youtube Views


SEO is most necessary part of blogging and youtubing. There is no value of a youtube, if you have less traffic or views. To grow your organic traffic views, you should do SEO to build large amount of subscribers. Try to increase views by sharing videos in social media sites. Do deepth SEO to increase organic traffic, views and subscribers.


Step 5 : Monetize Your Youtube Channel


There are many way to monetize a YouTube channel to make money. You can apply for adsense, affiliate marketing, can run sponsor ads, sale different products as commission basis. There are lots of way and opportunity to make smart amount of money from YouTube channel.


Final Words


There are many ways to make money online you will find in online like sell products, affiliate marketing, Instagram influencer, sell eBook and many more. But these 3 way to earn money online must help you to live as a smart professional person in your society.


So, Choose any one profession from these three way to start your online career. If you can achieve success in any sector from these 3 way to make money online, then you will learn more different way to earn money online day by day.



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