How to Evolve with Digital Marketing Trends?

We saw every marketer scrambling to keep up in 2020-21. The retail scene across the globe saws a transition. People were nested at home closed behind lockdowns and curfews. The idea of shopping shifted from retail stores, brick and mortar stores to clicking online cross-legged at the comfort of the homes.

We noticed the shift of paradigm in digital marketing and eCommerce sectors like no year before. Marketers need to buckle up and take the driver’s seat to handle the new trends. It is time for them to scrutinize and analyze the developments and be market-ready.

It is unpredictable to check the costs of social media marketing in the upcoming days. Digital marketers should embrace the change and adapt to the unprecedented uncertainty.  Now let us analyses and predict some of the evolving trends in the digital and retail marketing sector:

Social media marketing

Facebook has declared, “in the US and UK, Gen Z, Gen X and baby boomers all say they’re spending more time checking social media due to concerns around COVID-19.” This is not surprising since people are spending huge pockets of time behind closed doors than ever before. The usage of social media like Facebook and Instagram usage has gone up since the lockdown. Marketers can turn this for their benefit and upskill to handle and improve their social media content and marketing.

One important thing budding digital marketers should be aware of is the cancel culture and how to stay out of it. Social media is a wonderful place to be but its waters can get testing and treacherous. You need to be cautious to protect your brand’s image and avoid any backlash.

  • Audit your automated advertisements with a cleaner.
  • Review your social media posts regularly.
  • Listen carefully to changing trends and be dynamic with your marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

One thing in the digital marketing and eCommerce sector that is constantly evolving with or without the pandemic is Search Engine Optimization. You need to be on your toes and catch up with this ever-changing algorithm. There are a bunch of trends in the SEO world that might just catch you off-guard.

User Experience – User experience is no more a fancy term. It is one of the highly relevant factors for search engine rankings.

Semantic Search – Semantics is the study of words and relationships between them. Search engines have no better way to control the myriad search data to offer better and relevant results.

The intent of Search – We strongly believe that marketers who understand what the clients want and their intent of search will have an upper-hand in the organic search engine rankings. You can succeed if you understand the intention of your audience and the questions they raise.

Search results without prompts – Google tries to keep people on its pages without any clicks by the user. A “zero-click” search results answer every query the user has in his mind. Your page can get on the game by creating optimized you-tube videos, updating your Google My Business account frequently, and creating a clear schema for FAQ and event information.

Video marketing

A lot of videos are appearing in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Marketers should actively exploit the video marketing genre to create engaging, pleasing, unique, and useful content for users. Search engine giants like Google will offer a keen interest if you are placing your videos in their forums like YouTube. You will get an opportunity to appear on the front page with better search engine rankings.

As a digital marketer you can optimize your video content using:

  • Thumbnail
  • Description
  • Transcription

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversions are very important today with the plethora of new advertising channels coming into the picture. You can translate the CRO into a great ROI by fine-tuning your digital marketing strategies at every step of the tunnel. Conversion Rate Optimization is a two-step process in which:

  • You get the potential clients to your site.
  • Convert potential clients into customers who generate revenue and provide a tangible outcome.

There are a bunch of “touchpoints” where you can focus to improve your conversion rates significantly. Focus on these areas where you can improve and optimize to build your brand profitably:

  • Landing Pages.
  • Blog Posts.
  • Website copy.
  • Messages and email campaigns.
  • Call-to-actions buttons
  • Forms
  • Navigation, page loading speed, and site structure.
  • Pay per Click and Display Advertising.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid Social Advertising takes the steps led by the changing trends and consumer behavior in social media. Paid campaigns work and it can be highly targeted in the upcoming year. There are new ways to reach customers via messengers, direct messages, and private messages. This can help improve the conversion rate and return on investments.

  • Focus on advertising for products high in demand.
  • Design special advertisements for mobile-only.
  • Take advantage of low costing advertisements.
  • Be mindful and helpful.

In conclusion: the future of marketing will keep the “people” as the center. Every little strategy or tactic will be aimed at placing the customer in thoughts. The brand grows better when the customer validates and builds a relationship with the brand. The success of digital marketing will lie at the roots of how you treat your customers. Developing a rapport, understanding, and thinking from the customer’s shoes will lead you to shine.

The main question to digital marketers will be “how will you adapt and create value to the consumer’s behavior while stressing on your SEO’s, your content stuffed videos, email, social and paid advertising?

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