Top 5 content writing strategies in 2023 to win big

Marketing dollars are scarce, as you step into 2023 as a small business hoping the pandemic ends sooner. If the trends continue, then the marketing spends further goes downhill. However, the situation has its perks. You can refine your brand’s website content writing with trending SEO strategies. This will keep your business afloat. Small businesses have in-house content writers, or hire freelancers, or work with a digital marketing agency. Nonetheless, you should become proactive and flow with the upcoming trends to win the game.

However, you can find that some agencies follow the age-old practices from the decade. They are sure to suffer. You need to spend all your energy on the emerging strategies for content writing. Your brand needs to succeed and improve brand awareness.

Content writing strategies to focus in 2023

In 2023, your brand authority is going to matter more than ever. Firstly, focus on your brand authority. Secondly, optimize your website’s content with the emerging trends in 2023. Thirdly, you can follow the SERP information from top to bottom. Start with an engaging title and meta description. Finally, create compulsive content that is also entertaining or informative to your readers.

Here is a small checklist with content writing strategies to remember

You can keep in mind these ideas as we throttle into 2023.

Keyword optimization

All of us know the importance of keyword research and analysis as the first step in content creation. Performing keyword research can make or break your content. Don’t neglect the helping hand of in-depth keyword research. Because you will lose the benefit of the target reach and traffic.

Initially, spend quality time in understanding the evergreen content requirement of your audience. Then, research the evergreen keywords or phrases related to that particular content. Later figure out the trending keywords for the said niche. Finally, create strong authoritative content with 80% evergreen keywords and 20% of trending keywords.

The goal, however, is to offer value-added content and provide long term solutions to your readers. The addition of the trending keywords is super useful because some of them may turn evergreen in the future. And you will have a definitive competitive edge there.

Title topic optimization

“On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” It is a popular marketing quote by the late Brit, David Ogilvy, also known as the “father of advertising”.  Although he was a traditional marketer, his words ring true even today.

A strong Title tag is mandatory because the search engines understand what you are bringing forth with it. Title tags should not only appeal to SEO, it should also engage humans. Hence, the keyword should be a part of the title no matter what. The best approach to get a great ranking is to keep the keyword phrases as close to the front of the title as possible. In that case, you can play around with words and what works the best. Additionally, keep in mind the following content writing strategies while writing title tags:

  1. Keep it short – 50 to 60 characters long.
  2. State the numbers – the exact figures like “7 trending strategies” bring on more clicks.
  3. Include brackets – this is another strategy that improves the number of clicks.

Optimization of meta descriptions

The first rule for meta descriptions in 2022 would be to keep them shorter. Reduce the length of the content from 150-160 characters to 120-130 because we want mobile-friendly content. Hereafter, the number of mobile users will be uphill and so will their searching. Hence it is important to move on to the emerging strategies for content writing in 2023.

You can consider your meta description as a free advertisement for your content. However, the description mainly acts as a supporter of the title. It should be a persuasive struggle/solution statement, compulsive enough to entice the reader to click. You can also add a call-to-action with some “Words that Sell”.

Always use your keywords in your meta description too. Google says that meta descriptions do not have a direct ranking value, though they might have an indirect one. Nonetheless, meta description optimization is an important content writing strategy to follow in 2023.

Header tags’ importance

Header tags are nothing but subheadings or sub-topics that break down the structure of any content. They play a significant role in the list-able article where one subheading is the main heading for a bunch of other lists. Readers have the habit of scanning the headings and that is where header tag optimization comes into the picture. Well, structured content will have proper header tags placed appropriately.

Google expects them to rank your blog for featured snippets. It simply extracts your header tags and uses them as bullet points while featuring your snippet. How to optimize header tags? Follow the tips:

  1. Include target and related keyword phrases.
  2. Do not stuff your headers with keywords. Use them naturally.
  3. Keep them short – 6 words or less.

Content optimization

You need to pay more attention to the body of content optimization.

Firstly, avoid long bulky content or paragraphs because it comes down as boring to a reader. Keep your blocks short and choppy. However, people will scan the content first and avoid anything too long or hard to read.

Secondly, don’t consciously stress keyword density. Allow a natural flow of words and write around the topic keeping the keyword phrase at the back of your head. Initially, you need to list down the keywords and related phrases. Later, glance at them before starting to write. Finally, you can see them naturally flowing across the length of your piece.

Thirdly, focus on the length of your blog post. Content writing strategies in 2023 will expect to keep your content a bit longer. For product pages or category pages, place the minimum at 500 words. While for blog posts, place the minimum limit to around 1000-1200 words.

Finally, include bullet points or bold/italic statements or phrases as part of your content writing strategies. These elements call out to the search engine to showcase their importance.

As we step into 2023, do consider the mentioned strategies while writing content to stay a step ahead in the competition.

Focus on brand authority and optimization of bits and pieces of your content. Then, everything will be in order.

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