Top 100+ [Free] Colombia Business Listing (Citations) Sites in 2024 {Updated}

In local SEO, Business listing is an powerful way to promote business or website. Free Business listing sites Colombia are play important role to rank business or website in local search engine.

Free business listing sites Colombia
Best Business Listing Sites Colombia

Hi, This is Eliza Emdad. Here in this article, I am going to share Best business listing sites Colombia, where you can promote your business or website to get local search ranking.

Colombia is one of the world’s seventeen megadiverse countries, here huge opportunity to estimated online local business.

If you have a business or website, that need rank on local search result, then you must submit your business on top Colombia business directory.

What is Business Listing Sites Colombia?

Business Listing Sites in Colombia are online platforms where businesses can create profiles to showcase their products or services, providing essential information like name, address, phone number, and website.

These sites play a crucial role in enhancing a business’s online visibility and attracting potential customers. Popular business listing sites in Colombia include Google My Business, Yellow Pages Colombia, Kompass Colombia, and Tuugo Colombia.

Being listed on these platforms can significantly contribute to a business’s success by improving local SEO, fostering connections, and increasing brand awareness within the Colombian market.

Top 10 Free Colombia Business Listing Sites 2024

Here are the top 10 Colombia business listing sites along with some details:

  1. Google My Business
  2. Yellow Pages Colombia
  3. Kompass Colombia
    • Description: A global business directory facilitating B2B connections and partnerships.
    • URL:
  4. Tuugo Colombia
    • Description: Showcase your products and services, connecting with a diverse audience through detailed business profiles.
    • URL:
  5. Yalwa Colombia
    • Description: A comprehensive local business directory covering various industries, providing a platform for business exposure.
    • URL:
  6. Cylex Colombia
    • Description: Improve online visibility by listing your business and services on Cylex’s extensive directory.
    • URL:
  7. iGlobal Colombia
  8. ColombiaPaginas
    • Description: A directory allowing businesses to create comprehensive profiles, enhancing online visibility.
    • URL:
  9. Yellow Place Colombia
    • Description: List your business and services on this platform to reach a wider local audience.
    • URL:
  10. Indizze Colombia
    • Description: Boost your online presence by creating a business listing on Indizze, dedicated to promoting businesses in Colombia.
    • URL:

Types of Business Directory or Citations

There are 3 types of business listing or citations..

1) Global or General directory or citations

Global or general business listing directory or citations are those sites, where allow any types of business for any location. Some example of global or general business directories (such as google, bing, yahoo, hotfrog, foursquare, yelp, citysearch etc) which is most powerful platforms to promote business in global area for any business.

2) Niche related directory or citations

Niche related business listing or citations are those sites, where focus specific category business like Restaurant, Health, General shop etc.

For example, If you have a restaurant business, then you must list your business in relevant business directory or citations sites behind the general business directory (such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Opentable, Zomato etc) to rank in search engine like Google.

3) Location base directory or citations

Location based directory or citations are those sites where focus specific location businesses like specific country or city business. For example, If you have a business, that you need to rank on specific country or city like Colombia.

Then you have to submit your business in Colombia local business directory behind the general and niche based business listings (such as,,, etc) to rank in Colombia local search engine.

90 Best Business Listing Sites Colombia

Here is a list of 90 business listing sites in Colombia:

  1. Yellow Pages Colombia
  2. Kompass Colombia
  3. Cylex Colombia
  4. Colombia
  5. Yalwa Colombia
  6. Colombia Business Directory
  7. Local Diario
  8. Lokalpages Colombia
  9. iGlobal Colombia
  10. Colombia
  11. Yellow Pages Colombia
  12. Angloinfo Colombia
  13. Colombia Pages
  14. ColombiaBizList
  15. Foursquare Colombia
  16. Colombia Web List
  17. CitiSeek Colombia
  18. Colombia Information
  19. Colombia Services
  20. MisterWhat Colombia
  21. Top Google Business in Colombia
  22. YellowPlace Colombia
  23. Teloanuncio
  24. Colombia Trade Directory
  25. Colombia
  26. ColombiaYP
  27. Tuugo Colombia
  28. WorldWeb Colombia
  29. Yellowbook Colombia
  30. Go My Local Colombia
  31. Colombia En Tus Manos
  32. My Huckleberry Colombia
  33. BogoLocal
  34. Colombia Business Network
  35. Colombia Business Pages
  36. Wand Colombia
  37. LinkByMe Colombia
  38. ColombiaPages
  39. Colombia
  40. Colombia Business Directory
  41. ColombiaBizList
  42. Tuugo Colombia
  43. YellowPlace Colombia
  44. ColombiaYP
  45. Colombia Information
  46. Colombia Business Directory
  47. Colombia Pages
  48. Yellow Pages Colombia
  49. Kompass Colombia
  50. Cylex Colombia
  51. Colombia
  52. Yalwa Colombia
  53. Colombia Business Directory
  54. Local Diario
  55. Lokalpages Colombia
  56. iGlobal Colombia
  57. Colombia
  58. Yellow Pages Colombia
  59. Angloinfo Colombia
  60. Colombia Pages
  61. ColombiaBizList
  62. Foursquare Colombia
  63. Colombia Web List
  64. CitiSeek Colombia
  65. Colombia Information
  66. Colombia Services
  67. MisterWhat Colombia
  68. Top Google Business in Colombia
  69. YellowPlace Colombia
  70. Teloanuncio
  71. Colombia Trade Directory
  72. Colombia
  73. ColombiaYP
  74. Tuugo Colombia
  75. WorldWeb Colombia
  76. Yellowbook Colombia
  77. Go My Local Colombia
  78. Colombia En Tus Manos
  79. My Huckleberry Colombia
  80. BogoLocal
  81. Colombia Business Network
  82. Colombia Business Pages
  83. Wand Colombia
  84. LinkByMe Colombia
  85. ColombiaPages
  86. Colombia
  87. Colombia Business Directory
  88. ColombiaBizList
  89. Tuugo Colombia
  90. YellowPlace Colombia

How to Do Listing in Colombia Business Directory?

Business listing or citations are process to do for country. Here you have to follow some sample steps to do Colombia citations or directory submission such as..

  • Open a high authority Colombia directory in your browser.
  • Register or sign up with your email and login with email and password.
  • Then click on “add a new business” or “claim business” to list your business.
  • Now select category and provide your business details such as business name, logo, description, address, phone number (NAP), website url, business hours etc.
  • Then click on submit button to finished listing.

Benefits of Colombia Business Listing

  • Citations or local directory helps to rank faster more then any other off page SEO or local SEO activities.
  • Increase domain authority.
  • Improve brand awareness.
  • Increase backlinks.
  • Bring targeted audience or traffic.
  • Increase sales of products or services.

30 List of Colombia Business Listing (Citations) Sites Free 2024

No. Colombia Business Directory DA PA
1. 91 76
2. 50 59
3. 96 99
4. 99 99
5. 89 76
6. 93 78
7. 99 78
8. 66 44
9. 57 67
10. 23 11
11. 46 38
12. 19 34
13. 18 19
14. 17 23
15. 18 24
16. 62 31
17. 48 50
18. 24 47
19. 24 47
20. 92 78
21. 59 61
22. 50 56
23. 47 36
24. 56 59
25. 53 55
26. 48 58
27. 58 59
28. 36 51
29. 45 48
30. 19 32
31. 37 49
32. 43 47

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q. What is a listing directory?

A listing directory is a online website or web page, where allow users to submit business information or files that helps to bring targeted audience or customers on existing business.

Q. What does a business directory do?

Business listing directories are online website where allow users to contact, locate and interact businesses to buy or sell products and services. Also business directory visible a well organized business information that helps to rank in local search engine result pages.

Q. Why should I list my business in an online directory?

Online business listing sites are most valuable to promote a local business to make brand awareness, generate sales and rank a in local search result. You must submit business information on top online directory to get success.

Final Words

Above list of online business listing sites Colombia are best platform to submit your business to rank in local and global both search engine.

So, pick high authority Colombia citations sites and your business or website to get desire result of your business promotion.

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