18 Best Off-page SEO Techniques to Boost Ranking in 2023

SEO (search engine optimization) is an process to make a quality website that bring traffic and rank in serps. In this article, we are going to share best off page SEO techniques in 2023. This off-page SEO strategies must useful for Beginner’s to advanced bloggers, who want to rank website and bring huge organic traffic.
off page seo techniques

In 2012, SEO was an easy process, but in 2023, SEO is become so hard to rank a website. You have to work technically to get success. A complete SEO strategy you needs to rank a website in search engine result.

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What is SEO & Types of SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In simple word, SEO is an online activities to marketing a business or website to rank in search engine result page. In other words, SEO is an process of marketing content to rank and bring organic traffic.

There are three types of SEO activities we must apply to rank a website.

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Technical SEO
  3. Off-page SEO

On-page SEO

On-page SEO also known as On-site SEO. On-page SEO is an process to internal pages optimization to make well perform website for search engine and audience. On page SEO included setup a page meta title, meta description, meta keyword, internal linking, heading tags (h1, h2, h3), image optimization, image alt tag, proper keyword implement etc.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is procedure of internal website optimization like On-page SEO. Technical SEO is an process to make user friendly and search engine friendly website, that helps search engine to crowl and index properly. As well as user’s can understand your navigation easily. Technical SEO included setup user friendly navigation, google search consule, robot txt file, http to https redirection, url structure, mobile friendly website, website speed optimization and internal link optimization etc.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO also known as off-site SEO. Off-page SEO is an important SEO activities which need to done outside of your website to improve domain authority, traffic and search engine ranking. Off-page SEO included backlinks, linkbuilding, marketing ( like: social media marketing, guest blogging, forum posting, social bookmarking, question & answer, image or document sharing, content marketing, email marketing, local business listing etc ).

Why Off Page SEO Important?

Off-page SEO helps build a website’s recognition and domain authority. Google considers different factors to rank page or website and off-page seo one of them. Without applying Off-page SEO techniques properly, your site will continually rank below from your competitors websites that already have more potential land on off-page seo activities.

However, You will see many off-page SEO techniques in the Internet by searching on google. But we are going share best off-page seo techniques with a solid checklist that should help you to found best off-page seo strategy for your website ranking.

Off-Page SEO Activities

  • Brand Mentions
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Guest Blogging or Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Content Marketing
  • Article Submission
  • Press release Submission
  • Web 2.0 Submission
  • Broken Link building
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Forum Posting
  • Local Business Listing
  • Image/Document Sharing
  • Video Sharing
  • Question & Answer Submission
  • Infographic Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Email Newsletter

18 Best Off Page SEO Techniques You Must Use in 2023

1# Brand Mentions

There are many ways to increase your online presence, and one of the most critical elements is your brand mentions. This is one of important off page seo techniques to improve website trust and recognition. Social media networking, guest blogging is the best way to improve brand mentions.

Engage with social media audience on top social media platforms (like : facebook, pinterest, Twitter, linkedin, instagram etc) and connect with relevant blog by guest blogging will increase your brand mentions. Answer your audience question in social media, must help you to build your brand.

2# Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the great off-page SEO techniques to bring huge amount of referrel traffic to your website. Social traffic is more important to rank a website in search engine (like : Google). To get success in SEO, you must start social media marketing on top social media sites. Try to engage maximum relevant audience, who should be your real visitors.

3# Guest Blogging or Posting

Guest posting is most potential Off-page SEO techniques in 2023. Guest posting also called guest blogging is the act of writing article in others company blog. You have to post article on high authority guest posting sites, which is relevant to your website niche.

Guest posting provide high authority dofollow contention backlinks. Guest posting helps build brand awareness with a different audience and helps drive new traffic to your site. Thuse the result is rank higher a website in search engine result.

4# Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is an simple and effective Off-page SEO techniques to make high quality relevant backlinks. Blog commenting is the way to comment on others blog post with link back to your website. But don’t make irrelevant backlinks, which useless and can be harmful for your website.

You must comment on high authority relevant blog commenting sites, which should help you to increase your site authority and ranking. As well as it’s can bring huge traffic if you can write good quality comment that help audience to learn anything.

5# Content Marketing

Content marketing is another crucial Off-page SEO techniques to make your brand promotion on different social media platform. Different social media sites prefer different types of content (like : instagram prefer image content, youtube prefer video content, Twitter accept short writing content, facebook or linkedin accept long writing content).

You must make content for different platform as they accept in best practices, like : if you want to share content in youtube, then you must make video content and you can provide your website in video description. Social media content marketing is the best way to engage your audience and bring maximum traffic to a website.

6# Article Submission

Article submission is an old off-page seo techniques. This is easy process to create contention backlinks by writing unique content on top article submission sites (like : EzineArticles.com, Hubpages.com, Articlesbase.com etc) by follow there simple submission rules. Always write quality content like your main website and try to help audience by your quality content. In content on right keyword, make your backlinks to get huge traffic for your website.

7# Press release Submission

Press release submission also very old off-page SEO activities like article submission. Press Release is like news sites where allow short content that provide information about your products or services. It will provide high quality backlinks and huge traffic to your website.

To get benefits from press release submission or distribution, you must write high quality content and submit them on high authority press release submission sites (like: PR.com, 1888pressrelease.com, npr.org etc).

8# Web 2.0 Submission

Web 2.0 is type of online free blog sites, where allow users to create content on these platforms with a link to there website. You must write high quality web 2.0 content as your main blog. You can create huge amount backlinks as you need and here have opportunity to delete backlinks anytime. You will get high authority contential backlinks and will bring huge traffic to your website.

Web 2.0 Submission can give ranking power, if you can do to correctly with high quality content in top web 2.0 sites. Also you will get natural and relevant backlinks by writing related original content on web 2.0 sites.

9# Broken Link Building

Broken link building is an supper actionable off-page SEO techniques in 2023. Broken link building is an process to create dofollow backlinks by contact a webmaster or blog owner who has a broken link on his/her site ( Broken link always harmful for a website and it can reduce website ranking ). Mention them about there broken link and request them to enter your website by replaced there broken link with similar content.

10# Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the best techniques to bring instant traffic to a website. Social bookmarking websites are high authority platforms where user can share there web pages, image, video as marketing tools.

Social bookmarking helps to make brand awareness and index your website or webpage quickly in search engine. Every marketing or SEO company use this strategy to marketing there client business or website.

11# Forum Posting

Forum posting is one of the best off page SEO technique to connect with your community people. Create profile by using your website in signature on top forum posting sites and start discussion with your community people and try to build big audience from your selected forum sites. Reply in threads and write quality answer that help people.

Forum posting is an long term process and you can’t share you website link before make a good community. So, start using them and start discussion without provide any link. After some day, you can share your website link in relevant threads which must help people find there details answer. You must get high quality backlinks and huge referrel traffic which help to rank your website.

12# Local Business Listing

Local business listing is most beneficial off-page SEO strategy to get a website in local search engine ranking. A local business listing is an online profile that contains your business name, address, phone number, website address and other details. It’s sweetable techniques for local business or website.

Also you can do for global rank in general business listing sites (like : google my business, bingplaces, foursquare etc). Start building your business profile on top business listing sites to get high authority backlinks, traffic and increase sales.

13# Image/Document Sharing

Image or Document sharing is an another powerful Off-page SEO techniques to get high quality backlinks. Image sharing is the process of share image on top image sharing sites (like : Flickr, Photobucket, 500px etc) with your website link.

Document means a type file which bring informative information about any topics. Different types of document you can make and share (like: pdf, ppt). You have to share your documents top ppt sharing sites by right keyword implement to get maximum SEO benefit.

14# Video Sharing

Video sharing is most beneficial way to get huge traffic. Because above 70% people love to watch more then read any topics. Make video and share on top video sharing sites with your link on video description. You must get huge traffic and high quality backlinks, which will help to increase your website ranking.

15# Question & Answer Submission

Huge amount of audience comes to question answer sites to find solution there question. Create account on top question & answer sites and start help people by answer on your niche relevant question. Provide your web pages link in your answer naturally, which must be relevant to the question and people can get details solution on there question.

Don’t try to make spamy link, which not relevant about the question. Visitors will find your link and should click to read details content. You should get huge amount of referrel traffic, which must help to rank and setup maximum revenue from your website.

16# Infographic Submission

Infographic submission is another good method of off-page SEO. Infographic is an visiual image content, people love to read infographic to learn quickly on any topics. Make infographic about your content and share on top infographic submission sites with link back to your web pages. You will start getting huge traffic from your infographic.

17# Classified Submission

Classified Submission is an off-page SEO technique to promotion your brands, products, and services. Classifieds gives high quality backlinks and small amount of organic traffic. Use only high authority classified submission sites to submit your website or business information.

18# Email Newsletter

Sending Email newsletter is old off-page techniques, but it’s still potential area to bring huge targeted traffic to a website. A process to send email to your targeted audience about new products or services is called as email newsletter.

Collect your targeted audiences email address and send them email newsletter with informative information about your web page topics with provide your specific web pages link. This techniques must help you get instant traffic to your website.

4 Things to Know Before Start Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO means back linking or link building on others website. Before start off-page SEO, you must keep in mind four important things that should help you to gain success.

  • Use High Domain Authority Sites
  • Write High Quality Content For Any Activities
  • Create Backlinks on Relevant Topics
  • Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Use High Domain Authority Sites

Before start making backlink on any platforms on off-page SEO activities, you must check there domain authority. High domain authority backlinks always help to boost your website domain authority and bring huge organic or referrel traffic.

On the other hand, low authority or low quality sites backlinks can be harmful for your website ranking, as well as google will panalized for low quality backlinks. So, Use only high quality authority sites to create backlinks.

Write High Quality Content for Any Activities

Content is the king, You have to write high quality content on any off-page SEO activities. If you write low quality content, then people never go to your website link. But if you write high quality content, then people should visit your website link to get more help. Without getting traffic, a backlinks should useless. So, write good quality content that helps to bring traffic from your backlinks.

Create Backlinks On Relevant Topics

One relevant backlink is better then five irrelevant backlinks. We know backlinks are most important ranking factors. Relevant backlinks to help improve ranking very fast. So, try to create your backlinks or relevant topics.

Focus On Quality Over Quantity

One high quality relevant backlink is better then thousand low quality irrelevant backlinks. So, don’t start making huge amount of low quality backlinks, but try to create some high quality backlinks. A small amount of high quality backlinks can get you on ranking.


Is SEO Still Working in 2023?

Yes, SEO still work in 2023. But google changing there algorithm over the time to rank a website. Because huge amount of new website comes on Internet, which difficult to choose best one to rank. Google always try to show best result which have quality content and maximum potential SEO. SEO getting critical process for changing google algorithm. But it’s still very potential area to rank a website in search result.

What is the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

SEO is an process to rank a website free to genarete organic traffic. SEM is an process to genarete traffic from organic and paid both search.

Can I do SEO on my own?

Sure, You can do SEO for your own website, but you must have complete knowledge on SEO and google algorithm to make your website SEO for better rank. First, learn about SEO and implement every techniques to improve more knowledge. You have should practice a lots to become expert on SEO.

How Many Backlinks I Can Create In a Day?

Create daily 10-15 backlinks is safe techniques to balance your website traffic. But you must create only high authority relevant backlinks with your high quality content to rank your website in search engine.

Final Thoughts

SEO is an long trem process and you never get success in a day. So, keep patience and follow above off page seo strategy. Within six month you must see the result.

Off-page is important part of SEO, but you have to do also proper On-page and technical SEO to to rank your website. We are try to share best off-page SEO techniques, which must help you to rank your website in search engine result page.

If you have any question about off-page SEO or if you think any important strategy we forget to enter here, then fill free comment here.

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