14 Best Keyword Research Tools {FREE & Paid} for SEO in 2023

Are you finding keyword research tools? If yes, Then you are in right place, Here I am going to share best keyword research tools (free & paid) with details there features & cost which will help you to choose best keyword tool with your budget.
best keyword research tools

Keyword research is most important part of SEO and a basic part to do blogging or youtube. After that you have to focus on writing seo friendly content, on-page seo and then off page seo.

This is an critical process and many companies paying thousands of dollars to find best keywords for there blog post or youtube video and marketing purposes.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of finding keyword that people using to search on search engine to get products, services and general information. Keyword research provides valuable insight into the queries that your target audience is actually searching on Google.

What is Keyword Research Tools in SEO?

A keyword research tool helps to find topics that people search for getting desire result about specific products, services and information on search engine like google, bing etc.
In SEO, Keyword research most important to find best keyword to write content for your targeted audience. Keyword tools allow users to analysis your compititors keyword, provide keyword suggestion with valuable information like keyword difficulty, CPC, PPC, monthly search volume and many more.
The analysis of keyword research tools will help you to find content and get keyword ideas with best low compitition and high search volume, that your customers are looking for. Then you can plan your content strategy to cover every points to make better content more then your compititors.

List of Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO (Free & Paid)

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs keyword research tools
Ahrefs keyword explorer is most popular keyword research tool in the world. This is not only a keyword tool, but also it’s an complete SEO tools which help to make better website to rank on google.
It’s allow user’s to analysis there compititors web page which are already on rank and how many backlinks they create to rank.
You will get thousands of keyword suggestions with deep information like monthly search volume, CPC, Keyword difficulty, and many more.
You can analyze specific keyword to get more deep information like keyword difficulty, search volume, clicks, cpc, global volume and the most important “it show how many backlinks you need to rank on the specific keyword” like below image.
I personally use ahrefs tool regularly to backlinks analysis and keyword research. I should recommend you to use ahrefs, if you have smart budget.
  • Provide thousand of keyword suggestion with deep information (such as: monthly search volume, cpc, clicks etc)
  • Give accurate keyword difficulty score.
  • Can analysis top 10 ranking web page on specific keyword.
  • Allow to see your compititors backlinks.
  • Show estimated backlinks that you need to rank on specific keyword.
Ahrefs offer $7 trial for 7 days
Here have different plans & pricing
Lite : $99/month
Standard : $179/month
Advanced : $399/month
Agency : $999/month

SEMrush (Keyword Magic Tool)

SEMrush keyword research tools
SEMrush is another great keyword research and SEO tool. More then 30% professional bloggers and marketers use this tools to get better analyzed keyword and website SEO audit to achieve ranking.
This is an similar tools like ahrefs, where you will get more then thousand of keyword suggestions with monthly search volume with global and country basis, CPC, keyword difficulty etc.
Also here you will get extra section “keyword variations” “questions” and “related keywords” which will help to choose long-tail keyword for your content.
You can enter your seed keyword to get keyword suggestion, as well as it’s allow you to analysis your compititor’s URL to get there ranking keywords and backlinks source with complete data.
I have use SEMrush several time and you can use this tools, if you have budget like ahrefs.
  • Deep keyword analysis with info (monthly search volume, cpc, keyword difficulty etc).
  • You can audit your pages and get ideas to improve their health and SEO performance.
  • Allow to find your compititor’s sites or web pages backlinks and keywords (where they already rank).
  • You will get complete SEO help to increase social media performance and local SEO improvement.
SEMrush offers 7 days FREE trial.
Here have different plans and pricing
Pro : $119/month
Guru : $229/month
Business : $449/month

Google Keyword Planner

Google Search Console - keyword research tools


Google keyword planner is an most used keyword research tools. This is absolutely free tools where provide keyword suggestion directly from google adwords.
You will get many keyword suggestion with their monthly search volume and ads bid range (which keyword getting maximum price from ads company).


This is really good keyword tool for Beginner’s who have no budget. But here have no option to see keyword compitition and it’s only show result for google search engine.
If you need to see keyword compitition, then you must choose advanced paid keyword tool like ahrefs, SEMrush and others which i have listed here.
  • Provide accurate search volume directly from Google’s search engine.
  • You can locate commercial keywords using “top of page” bid range.
Google keyword planner absolutely FREE to use research keywords.

Google Trends

google trends - keyword research tools
Google trends is a free keyword research tool and it’s getting more popularity day by day.
Because here have great opportunity to check keyword popularity over time and will help you to find trends topics for your blog post or youtube video.
You can check your keyword “interest over time” on specific “country” or “worldwide” on different searches like web search, image search or youtube search.
Also it will help to compare two or three keywords popularity or interest over time which must help to choose right keyword for your new content.
You will get “related topics” and “related queries” in below the search page which will help you to get new trends topics to make new content.
Google trends is best tool for new blogger’s who unable to find new topics to write new content on any niche. So, use this free keyword tool to research & compare keyword trends as well as get ideas on new trend topics.
  • Provide keyword popularity & interest graph over the time with different search like web,youtube, image etc.
  • Helps to compare multiple keyword interest or popularity over time.
  • Provide trends topics ideas for recent time.
  • Easy to use and free for everybody.
Use google trend FREE of cost.

Answer The Public

answerthepublic keyword research tools
Answer the public work differently from other keyword research tools. A best tools to find long tail and question related keyword for any niche or topics.
It is also useful for Beginner’s who recently start blogging, SEO or keyword research. Because it’s allow 3 free search everyday and you don’t need to create account.
It’s present keywords in a nice visual format on different category like question, general etc, although you can see them in a list or download a .csv file.


Also allow you to click on any of these keywords to search it in Google, and it’ll open up in a new tab to analyze to ranking web pages on those keywords.
  • Enter a general topic, and the tool will return several keywords in question form like what, how, where etc.
  • Help to find long-tail relevant and current keyword with lots of suggestion.
  • Every day 3 free keyword search opportunity.
  • Very easy to use and no need sign up to research keyword.
The free version only allows three searches a day.
Here have plan for unlimited search at $99 per month.


ubersuggest keyword research tools
Ubersuggest is a complete SEO tool where you will get three different features such as SEO analyzer, backlinks checker and keyword research tool.
This is absolutely good tool to research every features free of cost with daily search limitation.
Also here have pro plan which is most cheep rate like $12 per month.
Firstly, Ubersuggest keyword research tool provide search volume data with CPC, keyword difficulty and more.
You will get lots of keyword suggestions and can view a table of the top 100 Google results for that keyword, with estimated visits, number of backlinks, a domain score, and a total number of social shares etc.
Secondly, SEO analyzer provide information about a website on-page SEO score, monthly organic traffic, site organic keywords, backlinks etc.
Also it’s show site health score, errors. warning and result of the website load speed on desktop and mobile view on same SEO analyzer result pages.
The report of seo analyzer will help you to improve your site SEO and as well as helps to analysis your compititor’s website SEO.
Finally, Backlinks checker will help you collect your compititor’s backlinks with source pages and you can download their all backlinks sites list in CSV file.
  • You can analyze your website SEO by SEO analyzer tool to improve search engine performance.
  • Provide lots of keyword suggestions with search volume, cpc and keyword difficulty which help to find better keyword.
  • You can get your compititor’s backlinks list by using ubersuggest backlinks checker which help to make better backlinks more then your compititors.
  • Easy to use and can use free with daily limited search.
  • You can use it’s pro version with cheep price.
Allow to use FREE with limited search.
Pro Version started at $12 / month.


soovle keyword research tools
Soovle is a superior keyword research tool that provides top keyword suggestion results from more than 15 search engines.
It’s analyzes keywords from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Answers.com, Wikipedia, YouTube, and other search engines.
Just write your keyword in search box, it will show keyword result from different search engine in one page.
If you click on any keyword, then it will go automatically on google search in new tab, where you will see the top result web pages about the specific keyword. This feature is very useful to analysis your compititors for any selected keyword.
Also can save your favorite keywords by “drag & drop” in your favorite keyword list.
Then you can download your favorite keyword list in CSV file.
  • Provide keyword suggestions from different top level search engine (like : google, bing, Amazon, youtube etc).
  • Easy to use and free to do unlimited keyword research.
Absolutely FREE to research unlimited keyword.


keywordtool.io keyword research tools


KeywordTool.io is an long-tail keyword research tool which provide thousands of keyword suggestions from real user queries.
This is one of the best keyword research tools where offer to analysis multiple search engine like google, bing, amazon etc.
It’s provide lots of keyword suggestion with their search volume, CPC and compitition report.


Also you can analyze your compititors website to get there ranking keyword list, which is most important features to using this top keyword tool.
  • KeywordTool useful to get thousands of keyword suggetion with accurate search volume data, CPC and competition rate.
  • You can type your compititor’s domain to get better keyword ideas.
Start with basic plan at $79/month

Moz Keyword Explorer

moz keyword explorer
Moz keyword explorer is the best from all-around SEO keyword research tool.
Even, Moz is an world class SEO tools for link building and analysis, keyword research, webpage performance, local listing audits, and more.
Moz keyword explorer show result about a keyword search volume, difficulty, organic CTR (click through rate), priority with over thousands of related suggestion keywords.
Also you can find compititor’s keyword by entering URL in the keyword explorer search box.
“Organic CRT” and “Priority” is my favorite features on moz. Even, you will not found this features in any other keyword research tools.
In free version, allow user’s to analyze 10 keyword every day.
To do unlimited keyword research, you have to choose pro or paid version.
  • You can enter a URL or keyword to discover and prioritize the best keywords to target.
  • Will get a comprehensive keyword analysis, suggestions, and more.
  • You can use FREE with keyword search limits.
You can choose STANDARD plan to full moz tool access at $99/month

Keyword Everywhere

keyword everywhere tool
Keyword Everywhere is an freemium keyword research tools and a cool browser extension designed for “Google Chrome” and “Mozilla Firefox”.
Free user’s can see wedgets with only full keywords and paid user’s can see monthly search volume, CPC and compitition data on the right site of google.
You will see two different widgets with keyword list such as “Related keywords” and “People also search for” which must help you to pick right keyword for you.
You can control your desire search quarries or results from your keyword everywhere account setting page.
For example, if you want get result from specific country, then you can select any country on 15+ supported websites (like google, youtube, amazon etc) from setting page.
Also you can check or uncheck any section from setting page to see desire results.


  • Provide keyword research result from recent trends with accurate search volume, CPC and compitition data.
  • Available as an add-on for Firefox or Chrome browsers.
  • It’s allows access to keyword metrics for any list of keywords and lets you download the list in Excel, CSV or PDF file formats.
Free plan only work to show keywords list.
Paid plan will provide keywords list with search volume, cpc and compitition which start from $10


KWfinder keyword research tools
KWfinder is an paid keyword research tool which designed to find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. This is one of the fast-growing keyword research app in the marking world.
As you know, finding perfect long-tail keyword is most important to rank blog post.
If you need long-tail keyword in quick and easy way, then use KWFinder. You will see the search volume, average CPC, and average SEO difficulty with every keyword in search result page.


  • Help to find long-tail keyword with low keyword difficulty, CPC, search volume and click thorough rate.
  • You can explore your compititor’s sites keyword position.
  • Easy to use, you can enter a seed keyword or a list to get immediate list of related keywords.
Basic plan start at $29/month

Google Search Console

google search console - Keyword tool
Google search console is owner site or own site free keyword research tool. This is not a traditional keyword research tool, but you can analyze your own sites keywords from “performance report”.
Under performance report, you will get your sites keyword list with important information on average position, average CTR, clicks and impressions.
How the performance keywords report will help you?
Well, you can sort out which keywords average position between 5-20 and which are getting maximum clicks.
Then update those web pages content or On-page SEO to improve your keywords ranking.
  • Allow to research own site keyword to improve keyword ranking.
  • Provide accurate information about keywords average position, average CTR, clicks.
  • You can analyze keywords with FREE of cost.
Absolutely FREE, But you have verified your site in google search console.


SpyFu keyword research tool


SpyFu is a competitive intelligence tool for SEO and PPC. It’s works as spy on your competitors use their search marketing secret formula to improve your own business.
SpyFu is an powerful keyword research tools, where you will get your compititor’s keyword list with search volume, rank, seo clicks, keyword difficulty, cpc rate. These of your compititor’s keywords info will help choose best keyword for your website.


Also Spyfu provide different information about compititor’s sites like SEO reports, SEO overview, backlinks which help to improve your sites more then your compititor’s.
  • Research compititor’s sites SEO with depth SEO reports to improve your web SEO.
  • You will get your compititor’s keyword list with cpc, search volume, keyword difficulty which must help to choose best keyword for your content.
  • You will get your compititor’s backlinks, which help to make better backlinks for your website.
SpyFu have three different paid plan
Basic at $39/month
Professional at $79/month
Team at $299/month


wordstream free keyword tool


WordStream is an Free Keyword Tool gives you hundreds of relevant keyword results, plus additional and actionable information like search volume, cpc, competition.
One of the most simple keyword research tool where allow to research your compititor’s keyword also.
  • It provides a result with a competition score, search volume and estimated CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • You can download keywords with all information in CSV file.
  • Free and easy to use.
WordStream is FREE for use.


What do keyword research tools provide information about?
Most of the keyword research tools provide keyword suggestions with monthly search volume, CPC (cost per click), keyword difficulty, CTR (click through rate), compitition data and many more, which help us to choose best keyword for writing new content, marketing products and making new youtube video.
What is best keyword research tool?
Best keyword research tool depends on “what type of data you need about your research keyword”, as well as “what is your budget” to spend keyword research. If you have smart budget then I will suggest to use Ahrefs or SEMrush.
What is the best free keyword research tools?
In free version, you can’t find all features in one keyword research tool. You must use multiple tool find perfect keyword, such as google keyword planner, google trends, wordStream, soovle, answerthepublic (three search per day free) and ubersuggest (with limited search).
What is google keyword tools?
Google keyword planner and google trends is powerful keyword and market research tools. Also you can use google search console and google analytics as own site or owner site keyword research. Those are all free to use.
Final Thoughts
That it, I have provided top 14 free and paid keyword research tools.
Use those tools, if you want to get success to find right keyword for marketing, writing blogs and making youtube videos.
Lets comment here, “what is the best keyword research tools” that you like to use from our list.
Or, If I missed to listed any quality keyword tools.
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