The Reasons Why 6 Of The Best Ecommerce Platforms To Pick From To Create Your Online Store

Whenever we require a product, the first thing we do is to check it out online. We navigate different online stores to check who is providing the genuine product at the cheapest price. Everything from food to furniture, we can find everything online with just a few clicks.


Best ecommerce platforms


Since the world has shifted to online, opening an online store for your products has never been so important as now. And the best part is it is not very difficult to register your store online.


There are hundreds of platforms to choose from where you can list your products, get payments, and deliver the products to the customers without even moving from your house. Isn’t it interesting? I know it is.


One thing that might confuse you is among those hundred e-Commerce platforms which online platform you should choose for your online business. In this article, we are going to discuss the best eCommerce platforms available and which one you should pick for your business based on your business requirements.


The best E-Commerce platforms to Pick To create your online store:


1) Shopify:


As it came to the market, Shopify has become one of the most, if not the most popular E-Commerce store where anyone can create his online store and start selling his products. It is developing itself repeatedly to make it more convenient for the producers and sellers. Thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the world now prefer Shopify. Here I am discussing some of the reasons why you should start using it too:


  • Different producers from different communities get the freedom to sell a variety of products and services on this platform, from designed t-shirts to music albums.


  • Anyone can use it to build his online shop without having any coding language.


  • It also provides the right platform in case you want to take your business to the next level.


In case you are pondering upon creating your online store, Shopify can be a very good platform to start from.


2) BigCommerce:


BigCommerce was established in 2009 and since then has been one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms for building online stores. It is used to build over 90,000 online stores in more than 70 countries by small and medium business owners. Reasons, why you should pick BigCommerce to create your online store, is that:


  • It has pre-built highly customizable themes and templates that you can easily utilize in building your online store.


  • It contains built-in SEO and other marketing tools which will help your business to rank higher on the organic search results and grow your business quickly.


  • You can use the same dashboard across different platforms including Amazon, Facebook. You can also add different payment gateway solutions in your online store like Paypal and square.


3) WooCommerce:


As you are trying to build your online store, you must have come across WordPress. Woocommerce is the ideal WordPress plugin that you can use to build your online business store. Woocommerce is an open-source program that is both easy and free to use. You can customize it and add different functionalities to your online store as per your requirement.


The best part of using Woocommerce is you don’t need to have any coding skills to open your store. Though the plugin is free you will require to pay charges to launch your store on the internet. WooCommerce is ideal for those who already have a business but are now starting their eCommerce journey.


4) Squarespace:


Squarespace is an online website design platform that helps people with zero coding knowledge to build a website that is both appealing and easy to navigate. Though Squarespace is a user-friendly program but not very easy to use.


Squarespace will provide you with stunning templates that you can use on your website. But it seems very tricky in the beginning. As most people don’t have a clear idea to design a website, they will get confused and overcomplicate things that you don’t want for your website.


It can be a little confusing at the start but with a few practices, you will be able to build an amazing website that will draw customers to your online store. Squarespace is an all-in-one solution for your online business.


5) Magento:


Magento is a typical website for building an e-commerce store for your business. The main reason why Magento is so loved worldwide is because of its wide range of unique features and contents that are very customer-oriented. This helps the website developers to create an e-commerce website that will attract your targeted audiences and help your online business grow.


As extensions and functionalities are already available on the website, you can use them very easily and create an amazing ecommerce website for your online business. Here are some of the benefits Magento adds to your online store:


  • With Magento, you can easily build SEO-friendly websites.


  • You can also implement complicated interfaces very efficiently in case your business is operating on a large scale.


  • As customers don’t like to wait for a website to load, Magento can help you build fast-loading websites which will not only keep your old customers but also attract new ones.


6) Zyro:


Zyro is a very powerful platform that is coming to attention in recent times. Because it is very easy but also very effective. Some of the key features of Zyro are:


  • Multiple templates are ready to use in Zyro and you can implement them according to your needs.


  • It is a drag and drop platform, so you can customize your online store very easily.


  • It has an in-built AI which helps business owners with advanced functionalities for their stores.




As these websites come with very modern and good-looking designs, small business owners can easily customize their stores online and increase traffic. That will ultimately increase sales and help their business grow larger. You can also find out more info Best WordPress e-commerce development and start your online ecommerce store.


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