Top 125+ [Free] Belgium Business Listing (Citations) Sites List 2024

There is lots of request I got from my audiences to share free Belgium business listing sites. That’s why here I am going to provide top Belgium business listing directories which will help our audience’s to list there business in Best citation sites in Belgium.

Belgium business listing sites
Best Belgium Business Listing Sites

What is Belgium Business Directory?

Local business directory or listing sites are online platforms where user can make there public business profile to promote brand, rank website and generate sales.

Business listings are public profiles that can be view anyone. Business listing profile contains a business details information as like name, logo, description, address, phone number, website url, business hours etc.

Belgium is an perfect place to set up a profitable business or service. There are many way to promote business in online you will find, but business listing or online local directory submission is the best way to promote business in local search engine.

Top 10 Belgium Business Listing Sites in 2024

Here are the top 10 business listing sites in Belgium along with some details about each:

  1. Yellow Pages Belgium
    • Website: Yellow Pages Belgium
    • Description: Yellow Pages Belgium is a comprehensive business directory covering various industries and services across the country. It provides users with contact information, addresses, and reviews of businesses.
    • Website:
    • Description: is a popular online directory in Belgium, offering listings of businesses, services, and attractions across different regions. Users can easily search for local businesses and services in their area.
  3. Kompass Belgium
    • Website: Kompass Belgium
    • Description: Kompass Belgium is a global business directory platform that provides detailed information about companies, including their products, services, and contact details. It offers advanced search options and business intelligence tools.
  4. Yelp Belgium
    • Website: Yelp Belgium
    • Description: Yelp is a well-known platform for discovering and reviewing local businesses. Users can find and rate businesses based on their experiences, helping others make informed decisions. Yelp also offers personalized recommendations.
  5. Tupalo Belgium
    • Website: Tupalo Belgium
    • Description: Tupalo is a community-driven platform where users can discover and review local businesses in Belgium. It covers various categories such as restaurants, cafes, shops, and more, making it easy to find what you need.
  6. Cylex Belgium
    • Website: Cylex Belgium
    • Description: Cylex Belgium is an online business directory that allows users to search for companies and services by category or location. It provides detailed business profiles, including contact information, opening hours, and customer reviews.
  7. Infobel Belgium
    • Website: Infobel Belgium
    • Description: Infobel Belgium is a comprehensive directory that provides access to millions of business listings across Belgium. Users can search for businesses by name, category, or location, and find contact details and other relevant information.
  8. Pages d’Or Belgium
    • Website: Pages d’Or Belgium
    • Description: Pages d’Or Belgium, or “Golden Pages,” is a trusted business directory in Belgium that offers listings of businesses, services, and professionals. It provides contact information, addresses, and maps for easy navigation.
  9. BelgiumYP
    • Website: BelgiumYP
    • Description: BelgiumYP is an online directory that features a wide range of businesses and services in Belgium. Users can search for businesses by category, location, or keywords, and access detailed information about each listing.
  10. Gouden Gids Belgium
    • Website: Gouden Gids Belgium
    • Description: Gouden Gids Belgium, or “Golden Pages,” is a popular business directory that helps users find local businesses and services in Belgium. It offers comprehensive listings with contact details, addresses, and user reviews.

How to Create Belgium Business listing?

Belgium business listing submission is really easy process to follow below steps:

  • First, Open a Belgium business listing site in your browser.
  • Then create account with your name, email and password.
  • Then click on “Submit your Business” or “Add New Business” or “claim your business”.
  • Now select a “Category” and fill your business information like name, description, logo, website url, address, phone number, business hours etc.
  • Finally click on “Submit”.

Benefits of Belgium Business Listing in SEO?

  1. It’s Cost Effective – Business listing is an free process to marketing a business. Some directories are open for paid listing, which are very low cost.
  2. Most Easy in SEO Techniques – In SEO, Citation or business listing is one of most easy process to get listed your business or service.
  3. Enhance your Local Visibility – This is the best advantages of business listing. It’s will help you to increase visibility of your business in local area.
  4. Increase Brand Awareness – Business Listing or citations is an process to established brand and improve brand awareness. Your business should become a established brand by listing business in top citation sites.
  5. Rank Higher on Search Engines – SEO helps promote your business to the first page of search engines, like Google, Bing etc. Business listing sites helps to increase local search engine ranking.
  6. Bring Huge Targeted Traffic – Business listing directories are good source of targeted traffic for a business. Here allow users to submit there business in exact category, That’s why you will get huge targeted traffic.
  7. Increase Sales of Products and Services – People will directly buy your products and services by contact you from your provided listings contact information. Business listing is an powerful way to increase sales of your products & services.
  8. Must get High Quality Backlinks – Quality backlinks always helps to increase a website domain authority and search engine ranking. Business listing sites will help you to bring high quality backlinks which must useful to increase website domain authority & ranking.

80 Best Business Listing Sites Belgium

Here is a list of 80 Best business listing sites in Belgium:

  1. Yellow Pages Belgium
  3. Kompass Belgium
  4. Yelp Belgium
  5. Tupalo Belgium
  6. Cylex Belgium
  7. Infobel Belgium
  8. Pages d’Or Belgium
  9. BelgiumYP
  10. Gouden Gids Belgium
  11. Bedrijvengids Belgium
  12. Golden Pages Belgium
  13. DexPages Belgium
  14. Bsearch Belgium
  15. Web2day Belgium
  16. Vlan Belgium
  17. Business Data Belgium
  18. Belgium Business Directory
  19. FindOpen Belgium
  20. Waze Belgium
  21. Foursquare Belgium
  22. HotFrog Belgium
  23. Belgium Pages
  24. InfoBelgium
  25. Bsearch Belgium
  26. Brabants Bedrijfsleven
  27. Bedrijvenonline Belgium
  28. Trivok Belgium
  29. Express Business Directory Belgium
  31. Vlan Belgium
  32. Index Belge
  33. Belgium Business Directory
  34. Belgium Business Finder
  35. Kijkwijzer
  36. Open Companies Belgium
  37. Belgium Business Information
  38. Business Belgie
  39. Linknet Belgium
  40. Opendi Belgium
  41. Bedrijvengids Belgium
  42. Business Directory Belgium
  43. MisterWhat Belgium
  44. CompanyList Belgium
  45. Local Infobel Belgium
  46. Belgium Business Directory
  47. EnQuira Belgium
  48. CityPlug Belgium
  49. Wallonia Business Directory
  50. Belgium Business Index
  51. Belgium Business Pages
  54. Business België
  55. Golden Pages Belgium
  56. Belgium Index
  57. Citysmart Belgium
  58. Place Hours Belgium
  59. Belgium
  60. InfoBee Belgium
  61. Bsearch Belgium
  62. Business Locate Belgium
  63. Opendi Belgium
  64. CompanyGuide Belgium
  65. TrustedCompany Belgium
  66. Business in Belgium
  67. CompanyList Belgium
  68. Yalwa Belgium
  69. Bedrijfbelgie
  70. CityLister Belgium
  71. Wazemaps Belgium
  72. Pagine Gialle Belgium
  73. Bedrijfuitvoerder Belgium
  74. Bedrijvengids Belgium
  75. Bedrijvengids Belgium
  76. StartUs Belgium
  77. MySheriff Belgium
  78. Firma Be
  79. Trepup Belgium
  80. Belgium Business Directory

These business listing sites can help improve your online presence in Belgium. Make sure to keep your information accurate and up-to-date across these platforms for better visibility and accessibility to potential customers.

How to do Business Listing in Right Way?

  • Select proper category that relevent to your business.
  • Write high quality description with proper keyword optimization.
  • Provide same address and phone number in every business listing sites.
  • Use perfect logo and business hours.

Best Belgium Business Listing (Citations) Sites List

No. Belgium Business Listing Sites DA PA
1. 91 76
2. 96 78
3. 66 49
4. 49 44
5. 58 46
6. 31 31
7. 93 82
8. 46 39
9. 99 76
10. 23 32
11. 31 20
12. 38 47
13. 92 78
14. 21 47
15. 53 32
16. 32 50
17. 52 67
18. 21 27
19. 89 76
20. 17 45
21. 39 51
22. 35 49
23. 50 59
24. 43 57
25. 59 61
26. 58 59
27. 39 45
28. 58 59
29. 93 85
30. 17 34
31. 74 66
32. 18 31
33. 45 48
34. 91 72
35. 18 19
36. 53 59
37. 26 47
38. 43 47
39. 18 33
40. 41 55
41. 36 47
42. 14 31
43. 10 18
44. 16 29
45. 7 29

FAQS (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q. What are Belgium business listing sites?

Belgium business listing sites are online directories where businesses can create profiles to showcase their products, services, and contact information. These platforms help businesses improve their online visibility and reach potential customers.

Q. Can businesses edit their information on Belgium business listing sites?

Yes, businesses typically have the ability to edit and update their information on Belgium business listing sites. This includes adding or changing contact details, updating business hours, and adding photos or descriptions.

Q. Do Belgium business listing sites help with local SEO?

Yes, Belgium business listing sites play a crucial role in local search engine optimization (SEO). By having consistent and accurate business listings across multiple platforms, businesses can improve their local search rankings and increase their visibility to local customers.

Q. Are there specific categories or industries featured on Belgium business listing sites?

Yes, Belgium business listing sites typically feature a wide range of categories and industries, including restaurants, hotels, retailers, healthcare providers, professional services, and more. Users can search for businesses by category or keyword.

Q. Are Belgium business listing sites mobile-friendly?

Yes, most Belgium business listing sites are optimized for mobile devices, making it easy for users to access listings and search for businesses on smartphones and tablets. This ensures a seamless experience for both businesses and customers.

Final Words

Business listing sites in Belgium are good platforms to list a business and service. List your business in those above Belgium business directories to rank in local search engine.

You will get huge targeted traffic, as well as must increase sales of products and services. So, start today & list your business or website or service in Belgium business listing sites.

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