5 Myths About Artificial Intelligence You Need to Let Go

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in science and technology that is making quite a buzz. The world’s brightest minds talk about the radical changes AI has the potential to bring about. However, artificial intelligence has a bunch of myths that have very little to no base.

People with hidden motives enjoy the thrill of spreading fear and mistrust among the public. Let us demystify some of the myths that revolve around the mighty Artificial Intelligence that is the talk of the town.

Myth 1: Artificial Intelligence will leave no jobs to the humans

Of course, with the advent of AI and its potential, there can be a loss of jobs requiring the human workforce. Additionally, it is already doing so. But it doesn’t mean the entire work front will be replaced by the AI.

Previously, we have seen enormous transformations from agriculture to factories during the industrial revolution. But the number of jobs is consistent. Despite the myth, there is very little evidence to suggest that artificial intelligence will replace the existing workforce.

However, if we achieve better productivity through automation, we will look forward to other innovative areas of income-generating pursuits.

Myth 2: People with repetitive work routines and manual labor will lose to AI

We can already see that this is not true. Robots perform highly sophisticated procedures like surgeries replacing super qualified doctors with specializations. Hence, the change will be more widespread than to a particular field or area of work.

It is more likely AI will take over the routine mundane work leaving more space for the professionals to pursuit more in life. Industries requiring a human touch will stay with the people no matter what.

Myth 3: Artificial Intelligence will outpace human intelligence

Technically, intelligence is measurable in multiple dimensions. It includes emotional intelligence in some cases, or creative intelligence in others.

This myth on artificial intelligence is based on the misconception that intelligence is linear in nature. When you consider all the elements of intelligence like creativity, empathy, strategic thinking, and then AI is no way near. And they are not going to get close to us anytime shortly.

Myth 4: Computers can work better than us in everything

We can agree that machines can perform with better efficiency and faster than humans. But this works when we look at a particular field of specialization. Robots and machines today are capable of completing a particular task with specialization.

However, we cannot yet see a future, where robots outpace us at every single job one on one. Specialized AI works better than us even today. But generalized artificial intelligence overtaking human power is nothing but a baseless myth.

Myth 5: Advanced Robots will enslave the human race

Straight out of a sci-fi movie, this is not happening anytime in the close future. We can see that it is highly unlikely that any great human mind will create a machine with such capability. No one in their right mind would want to put together a robot to turn against its own creators.

We are looking towards artificial intelligence as a hope for the human race and not a destructor of the same. Will it happen in the future? It may or may not. But, currently, AI and machines help to make our lives easier and the world a better place to be. Hence, let us get rid of the myth about Artificial intelligence and stay happy.

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