Top 165+ [FREE] Article Submission Sites (Dofollow High DA) in 2024 {Updated}

Are you looking for article submission sites to submit your article and create backlinks on free article submission sites. Here we are providing high DA free dofollow article submission sites 2024 which will help you to submit your article or content on top article submission sites.

Article submission sites play a crucial role in content marketing and SEO strategies, offering platforms for writers to share their expertise, gain visibility, and drive traffic to their websites.

Article Submission is most important off page SEO techniques to rank a website and achieve huge traffic. We are going to share complete guide about article submission with dofollow high DA article submission sites list. So, read full content to do article submission in right way.

What is Article Submission Sites?

Article is an piece of content that describe details on any topics or products. Article submission is one of the best link building techniques to build high quality dofollow backlinks, promote products and bring large amount of traffic to a website.

Article submission sites are online platform where allow users to submit there article with linkback to a website. On the other way we can say, article submission sites are third-party websites where you can publish your content by create backlinks to your website.

Some of Top Article Submission Websites (Example) :

Types of Article Submission Sites

Understanding the different types of article submission sites can help writers choose the most suitable platforms to showcase their work effectively.

1. General Article Directories

These sites accept articles on a wide range of topics and categories, providing a broad audience for writers to reach. Examples include EzineArticles, ArticleBase, and ArticlesFactory. General article directories offer versatility but may have stricter editorial guidelines.

2. Niche-Specific Directories

Niche-specific article directories focus on particular industries, topics, or interests, catering to a targeted audience. Writers can find platforms dedicated to niches such as technology, health, finance, or lifestyle. Examples include TechCrunch for technology and Healthline for health-related content.

3. Guest Posting Platforms

Guest posting platforms allow writers to contribute articles to established blogs or websites in their niche. These sites often have high domain authority and offer valuable backlinks, enhancing the writer’s credibility and SEO ranking. Examples include HuffPost, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

4. Blogging Communities

Blogging communities provide a supportive environment for writers to share their articles, interact with fellow bloggers, and gain exposure. These platforms typically encourage engagement through comments, shares, and likes, fostering a sense of community among members. Examples include Medium, Tumblr, and

5. Industry-Specific Forums

Forums and discussion boards within specific industries or professions offer opportunities for writers to share insights, answer questions, and establish themselves as experts in their field. These platforms facilitate networking and knowledge-sharing among professionals. Examples include Reddit’s various subreddits and Quora.

6. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms serve as powerful channels for article distribution, allowing writers to share their content with a wide audience instantly. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook enable writers to connect with followers, engage in discussions, and drive traffic to their articles.

Top 50 Article Submission Sites

Here’s a list of the top 50 article submission sites along with their URLs:

  1. EzineArticles
  2. HubPages
  3. Medium
  4. LinkedIn Pulse
  5. Quora
  6. ArticleCube
  7. ArticleCity
  8. ArticlesBase
  9. SooperArticles
  10. Article Alley
  11. GoArticles
  12. Buzzle
  13. iSnare
  14. SelfGrowth
  15. Amazines
  16. A1Articles
  17. ArticleRich
  18. ArticlesFactory
  19. ArticleDashboard
  20. EasyArticles
  21. ArticleSeen
  22. ArticleTrader
  23. ArticleCatalog
  24. ArticleSphere
  25. ArticleGeek
  26. ArticleSlash
  27. ArticleBlast
  28. ArticleContentKing
  29. ArticleEmpire
  30. ArticleFeeder
  31. ArticleFever
  32. ArticleFriendly
  33. ArticleFrog
  34. ArticleGarden
  35. ArticleInk
  36. ArticleInspire
  37. ArticleLinkR
  38. ArticleLookup
  39. ArticleManiac
  40. ArticleMax
  41. ArticleMonkeys
  42. ArticleNexus
  43. ArticlePilot
  44. ArticlePlanet
  45. ArticlePool
  46. ArticlePros
  47. ArticlesHub
  48. ArticleSubmission
  49. ArticlesStudio
  50. ArticleTeach

Why Article Submission Important in SEO?

Article submission is an powerful tools or services of SEO. This is one of the best Off-Page SEO strategy to bring high quality contextual backlinks and huge traffic. Many blogger says article submission not very good for SEO, But it’s still very effective way which using big bloggers or SEO experts to rank a website and promote there brand in online market.

Article submission not only provide contextual backlinks, but also it have lots of benefits like : brand promotion, bring targeted traffic, improve convention rate, increase search appearances, increase sales of your products etc.

Best Dofollow Free Article Submission Sites

How to Do Article Submission? {Step by Step Process}

  • Pick a high authority article submission site from our list.
  • Then create account and login in to selected article submission site.
  • Now click submit article button to go article submission form.
  • Then fill form with your article title, image, article body, author bio with signature link.
  • Finally click on submit.
  • Some sites will provide instant approval and some sites will awaiting approval for review by the site owner. Within 3-7 days your article should be get approval by the site owner. You will see live article after get approval.

Instant Approval Article Submission Sites (With High DA)

Things Must Follow to Do Article Submission in Proper Way

Article submission is very easy process, but you must write and submit article in proper way to get approval and maximum benefit from article submission sites. Follow some below points when you go for submission.

  • Write high quality unique informative article with minimum 500-1000 words long.
  • Must use targeted keyword on title, first body paragraph.
  • Don’t use keyword many times which could be spam for keyword stuffing.
  • Submit your article on your relevant category or niche.
  • Read submission guidelines and rules carefully before submit article on a site.
  • Make sub-heading in your article and use releted image about your content.

Without Registration Article Submission Sites 

Here’s a list of 50 article submission sites where you can publish content without the need for registration, along with their URLs:

  1. EzineArticlesEzineArticles
  2. HubPagesHubPages
  3. MediumMedium
  4. LinkedIn PulseLinkedIn Pulse
  5. QuoraQuora
  6. ArticleCubeArticleCube
  7. ArticleCityArticleCity
  8. ArticlesBaseArticlesBase
  9. SooperArticlesSooperArticles
  10. Article AlleyArticle Alley
  11. GoArticlesGoArticles
  12. BuzzleBuzzle
  13. SelfGrowthSelfGrowth
  14. AmazinesAmazines
  15. A1ArticlesA1Articles
  16. ArticleRichArticleRich
  17. ArticlesFactoryArticlesFactory
  18. ArticleDashboardArticleDashboard
  19. EasyArticlesEasyArticles
  20. ArticleSeenArticleSeen
  21. ArticleTraderArticleTrader
  22. ArticleCatalogArticleCatalog
  23. ArticleSphereArticleSphere
  24. ArticleGeekArticleGeek
  25. ArticleSlashArticleSlash
  26. ArticleBlastArticleBlast
  27. ArticleContentKingArticleContentKing
  28. ArticleEmpireArticleEmpire
  29. ArticleFeederArticleFeeder
  30. ArticleFeverArticleFever
  31. ArticleFriendlyArticleFriendly
  32. ArticleFrogArticleFrog
  33. ArticleGardenArticleGarden
  34. ArticleInkArticleInk
  35. ArticleInspireArticleInspire
  36. ArticleLinkRArticleLinkR
  37. ArticleLookupArticleLookup
  38. ArticleManiacArticleManiac
  39. ArticleMaxArticleMax
  40. ArticleMonkeysArticleMonkeys
  41. ArticleNexusArticleNexus
  42. ArticlePilotArticlePilot
  43. ArticlePlanetArticlePlanet
  44. ArticlePoolArticlePool
  45. ArticleProsArticlePros
  46. ArticlesHubArticlesHub
  47. ArticleSubmissionArticleSubmission
  48. ArticlesStudioArticlesStudio
  49. ArticleTeachArticleTeach
  50. ArticleVistaArticleVista

Benefits of Article Submission

  • Improve online visibility.
  • Free marketing opportunity.
  • Article submission help to create high quality backlinks for a website.
  • You will get contextual backlinks which love google to provide link jouice to your website.
  • You must get permanent backlinks from relevant content by proper keyword implement.
  • It’s help to bring huge targeted traffic to your website.
  • Improve ranking on top search engine like google, yahoo, bing.
  • Great way to improve brand awareness and increase sales.

List of Article Submission Sites with DA PA

No. Article Submission Sites DA PA
1. 90 69
2. 72 66
3. 60 26
4. 55 56
5. 51 51
6. 49 54
7. 45 54
8. 43 52
9. 40 55
10. 41 51
11. 38 46
12. 27 40
13. 38 45
14. 34 52
15. 29 51
16. 28 38
17. 32 36
18. 33 53
19. 27 34
20. 23 44
21. 24 49
22. 21 47
23. 20 48
24. 24 45
25. 16 42
26. 16 35
27. 21 39
28. 17 47
29. 13 38
30. 21 39
31. 19 47

FAQs on Article Submission

What is the Difference Between Article Submission and Guest Posting?

Article submission is an process to publish your article or content before review for approval by the site owner. On the other hand, guest posting is an process to submit message to the site owner to get permission before publish your article or content to there site.

What is High Quality Backlinks?

High quality backlinks are those link which help you to bring maximum referrel traffic. Also it’s depend on where from getting backlinks like there domain authority, monthly traffic. Also Google love relevant contextual backlinks more then irrelevant backlinks to rank a website.

Can I Submit One Article in Different Article Submission Sites to Getting Backlinks?

No, you can’t submit one article on multiple article submission sites. It will comes issue of duplicate content which will never get approval by site owner. Also making backlinks from duplicate content can be harmful your website ranking.

Which is the Best Article Submission Website to get lots Traffic Instantly?

Best article submission websites are high authority sites where have huge monthly organic traffic. But you must submit there high quality content which should worth to rank on search engine. If your article is high quality which have useful and infomative information that helps people, then you should get huge instant traffic from the article backlink.

Final Words

Article submission sites can be your first choice marketing tools, if you can write quality article and follow above instructions to submit on high authority free article submission sites. Then you will get maximum benefits from those high DA dofollow free instant approval article submission sites.

You must get lifetime backlinks which will help to rank and must bring huge traffic to your website. So, read full article carefully and use our provided list of top article submission sites to achieve goal in online marketing.

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