99 Best [FREE] Photo/Image Sharing Websites List in 2022

In Digital marketing, Photo sharing sites or Image sharing sites are best tools to marketing a products and services. In this article, We are going to provide 99 best photo/image sharing sites list with there benefits and photo-sharing guidelines. These guide and list must help you to marketing your products and services on top Image/photo sharing websites to increase sales and traffic.

photo sharing sites

What is Photo/Image Sharing Sites?

Photo/Image sharing platforms are online website or apps where allow user’s to upload & share image/photo to promote there business products or website in online marketplace.

Photo sharing sites offers different services like uploading, managing, hosting and sharing of images publicly and privately.

There are many photo sharing/submission sites you will found in online. But you should use only high DA image/photo sharing sites to get maximum benefits from image marketing tools.

What is Photo/Image Sharing in SEO?

Image/photo sharing is one of the useful off-page SEO technique. In SEO, Photo sharing is an process to upload or share your website or business image on top photo sharing platforms to interact with people, create backlinks and get referrel traffic to your website.

Image or photo sharing is required image SEO techniques to index and crowl your website in search engine. Image always bring targeted users more then text content. You must upload and share your image on top image submission sites like Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Imgur and so on to get millions of views to image as well as your website.

Top Photo Websites to Upload, Sharing & Hosting Image 2022

1. Google Photos

Domain Authority 94 | Alexa Rank 1 | Monthly Active Users 100 Millions | 15 GB Free Storage

google photos - Image sharing site

Google Photos is a photo sharing and storage service developed by Google. It is one of the best photo upload sites which allow to share your image file with friends and family. Google photos is the home of your photos, automatically organized and easy to share. 

2. Instagram

Domain Authority 93 | Alexa Rank 24 | Monthly Active Users 1 Billion | Unlimited Free Storage

Instagram - Image Submission Site

Instagram is one of the top social media and free photo sharing site in the world. A perfect platform to marketing your business, products and services by share your image or photo. You must make a post with (#) tag to get maximum targeted views on your photo post in Instagram.

3. Pinterest

Domain Authority 94 | Alexa Rank 139 | Monthly Active Users 450 Millions+ | Unlimited Free Storage

Pinterest - Image sharing site

Pinterest is another best social media platform and top photo sharing websites. Here allow users to make a post with your photo, description, title, website link which useful for marketing on large community. You can share your image post with your followers and different boards to get maximum customars or traffic.

4. Flickr

Domain Authority 91 | Alexa Rank 438 | Monthly Active Users 60 Millions | 1TB Free Storage

Flickr - Image hosting site

Flickr is most oldest photo hosting sites in the world. A perfect photo sharing website for photographs where allow users to upload, store and share there image. Flickr free image hosting provide 1TB storage which you can use to marketing your images and videos to achieve success.

5. Imgur

Domain Authority 92 | Alexa Rank 94 | Monthly Active Users 150 Millions | Unlimited Free Storage

Imgur - Photo hosting site

Imgur is an American online photo sharing and image hosting sites. Anyone can create account and upload high resolution image with this free image upload site. You can share your uploaded photo/image on reddit, facebook, instagram and many more Internet sites.

6. Facebook

Domain Authority 96 | Alexa Rank 7 | Monthly Active Users 2.85 Billions | Unlimited Free Storage

Facebook - Image submission site

Facebook is an social media, social networking and image submission sites with lots of monthly visitors. You can share your image, video and thoughts by make posts. People will share and like your image to make it viral and bring targeted audience to your image or photo post.

7. Smugmug

Domain Authority 77 | Alexa Rank 3974 | Monthly Active Users 5 Millions | $7 Basic Plan for Unlimited Storage

Smugmug - Photo hosting site

SmugMug is a paid image sharing, image hosting service and online video platform on where users can upload photos and videos. The company also facilitates the sale of digital and print media for amateur and professional photographers. Also marketers can use this image tools to share photos on different online social media sites.

8. 500px

Domain Authority 84 | Alexa Rank 2489 | Monthly Active Users 10 Millions | 60 GB Free Storage

500px - Photo sharing platform

500px is an global online photo sharing platform and photography community to upload and share image. This is one of the good free image sharing sites will help you to share your website or business photo in the world. 

9. Dropbox

Domain Authority 95 | Alexa Rank 59 | Registered Users 700 Millions | 2 GB Free Storage

Dropbox - Image hosting service

Dropbox is an file and image hosting service. Its offers cloud storage, file sync, photo sharing, and client software. You can share specific image files and folders, sync files to Dropbox, use it as a desktop app, and even add collaborators. You will get 2GB space with the Basic free account.

10. We Heart It

Domain Authority 78 | Alexa Rank 3607 | Monthly Active Users 30 Millions | Unlimited Free Storage

weheartit - photo submission site

We Heart It is an image-based social network site. User’s can make community and share free image to get targeted audience. Also allow users to share different Internet platforms to increase views. Most useful photo shating site which free to use and can build community as an social media platform.

11. DeviantArt

Domain Authority 87 | Alexa Rank 439 | Monthly Active Users 45 Millions | 2 GB Free Storage


DeviantArt is an largest online art community for artists and photographs. Here allow users to share and store there unique art. You will get 2GB free space to upload your image on this free photo sharing platform.

12. Onedrive

Domain Authority 95 | Alexa Rank 18 | Monthly Active Users 200 Millions+ | 5 GB Free Storage

onedrive - image hosting

OneDrive is a file and photo hosting service operated by Microsoft. Here allow users to upload photo & file with 5GB free personal cloud storage. You can use it in all devices like android, desktop to share your image.

13. Photobucket

Domain Authority 93 | Alexa Rank 3064 | Monthly Active Users 60 Millions | 2.5 GB Free Storage

photobucket - Image hosting website

Photobucket is an video and image hosting website allowing users to upload, edit and share photos. You can create account to get 2.5 free storage to share and upload your image.

14. Unsplash

Domain Authority 92 | Alexa Rank 345 | Monthly Active Users 2 Billions | 10 Image Per Week With Unlimited Storage

unsplash - image sharing

Unsplash is a platform dedicated to sharing copyright-free photography under the unsplash license. Also here users can share there image and can download any image to use in there online purpose like website image, social media post image etc.

15. Image Shack

Domain Authority 93 | Alexa Rank 9171 | Monthly Active Users 8 Millions | 10GB Per Month Free Storage

image shack - photo hosting website

ImageShack is a subscription-based image hosting website. Here providing unlimited space to host images, easy to use image uploader, albums, photo hosting, sharing, dynamic image resizing on web and mobile.

Benefits of Image/Photo Sharing

  • Improve search engine ranking.

  • Increase website domain authority.

  • You will get high quality backlinks.

  • Must increase traffic to your website.

  • Help to build relationship with targeted customers.

  • Should help to promote your business name and brand.

Important Things to Know Before Start Image/Photo Sharing

1. Use Right Photo/Image

Select photo/image that should unique and fresh (don’t use copy image that pick from anywhere). Make high quality informative and eye catching image that people worth to read.

2. Use Right Format & Properly Optimized Image

Use JPEG, GIF or PNG format image to get good result on free image sharing. Also make sure you have properly optimize your image without losing image quality. Optimized photo help to reduce image or website load time.

3. Use Image Alt Text

Image alternative text is most important part to do SEO optimized Image submission/sharing. Make sure you have use image alt text when going to share photo/image on top image submission sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Imgur etc.

4. Write Effective Image Description

Image description is an nessasary part to know details about image. Also this is most important SEO requirement to get effective result on search engine. So, write effective image description by using your targeted keywords.

How to Do Image/Photo Sharing (Step by Step)

Step 1 : Open a high quality photo / image submission sites from our list in your browser.

Step 2 : Then register account with email, password and login to submit or share your image. (some site don’t required registration to share photo).

Step 3 : Now click on upload button to submit your image and select your image from your computer. (In image sharing sites, you will got some social media site where need to make a post to share your image like pinterest, facebook, Twitter, instagram etc).

Step 4 : Then provide your image title, description, website link, alt text etc.

Step 5 : After fill every required image information field, finally click save or submit button.

Best Free Image/Photo Sharing/Submission Sites List in 2022

No.Photo/Image Sharing WebsitesDAAlexa Rank


What is Photo Sharing and Uploading?

Photo sharing – uploading is the transmission of a image file from computer or device to online photo sharing sites, where allow users to upload there image to share with online friends or indeed in the entire web world.

How Does Photo Sharing Work?

Photo sharing offers different features like sharing, uploading, store photo or file to marketing business, sales and personal store.

Which Photo Sharing App is Best?

Here we provided 10 best photo sharing apps

  1. Flickr
  2. Google Photos
  3. Dropbox
  4. SmugMug
  5. 500px
  6. Imgur
  7. Instagram
  8. Pinterest
  9. Onedrive
  10. Photobucket

Final Thoughts

Photo or image sharing is the most easy and crucial SEO techniques to promote a business or website in the Internet.

Above I have shared only high authority photo sharing sites which will help you to promote your business or website to get search engine ranking.

So, Follow above guidelines to share your photo on those top image/photo sharing sites sites. You will definitely see your business growth within some day.

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